How Many People Are Using Instagram TV in 2024? A Small Business Guide

As a consultant dedicated to helping small and medium businesses grow through strategic digital marketing, I often get asked – should I be using Instagram TV (IGTV)? My answer is always an enthusiastic yes!

IGTV usage and engagement has rapidly expanded since its launch. In 2023, over 500 million Instagram users watch IGTV content every month. That‘s around 1/3 of Instagram‘s massive user base. It‘s clear that IGTV is emerging as a key platform for brands – especially small businesses – to connect with audiences through long-form video.

Why Instagram Users Love IGTV

Recent surveys have shown the top reasons people are turning to IGTV over standard Instagram posts:

  • Longer video content: IGTV supports videos up to 60 minutes long, much more than Instagram‘s 15-second limit
  • Mobile optimization: Videos are formatted for ideal viewing on phones and tablets
  • Creator connections: The platform provides a more intimate, authentic look at influencers and brands
  • Behind-the-scenes access: Unique perspective beyond carefully curated Instagram feeds
  • How-to tutorials: Helpful step-by-step videos fill an educational need

As you can see, users love IGTV for the extended, immersive viewing experience compared to traditional Instagram. For small businesses, longer videos present exciting opportunities to showcase products, share expertise, and form strong customer relationships.

How Can Small Businesses Utilize Instagram TV?

Here are my top 4 recommendations for small brands getting started with IGTV:

1. DIY Tutorials and "How To" Videos

Extended tutorials performing extremely well on IGTV right now. For example, the art channel Arteza shares painting, calligraphy, and drawing video lessons. Their top IGTV tutorial earns over 185,000 views per post!

I advise creating a recurring IGTV series focused on easily digestible skills and tips. Avoid dry lectures – have fun with it!

2. Show Unique Behind-the-Scenes Footage

Daily vlogs giving fans a "peek behind the curtain" help showcase your brand‘s culture and identity. For instance, the small business Piper Lou shares short videos of new product photoshoots, craft fairs, and daily happenings in their workshop.

You don‘t need expensive equipment – use your phone! Raw, authentic footage performs extremely well and builds customer loyalty.

3. Host Q&As with Your Audience

An easy way to create engaging content is answering audience questions live or through pre-recorded interviews. Makeup brand Glossier invites fans to submit questions, then posts 5-10 minute Q&A responses daily. Their authentic, conversational videos have earned over 130,000 dedicated IGTV followers!

Make sure to promote your Q&A scheduling across other social platforms too so fans know when to tune in.

4. Live Stream Special Events

If you host conferences, speaking engagements or exclusive events, use IGTV to provide live access to wider audiences. For instance, popular nail artist Suzie live streams full recordings of her sold-out nail art classes.

Promote the streams beforehand across your other social channels so more people can attend virtually. Live content performs very well!

IGTV continues its impressive user growth into 2023. Expect expanded creative marketing opportunities!

Key Tips for Promoting IGTV Content

Since the platform is still gaining traction, it takes extra effort to drive viewership of your branded IGTV channel. Here are my top promotional tips:

  • Cross-promote new videos across Instagram stories and feed posts. Add eye-catching IGTV preview stickers.
  • Optimize for silent, mobile viewing through visual cues, captions and easily readable on-screen text.
  • Make regular content on a predictable schedule so fans know when to watch.
  • Use relevant hashtags and locations so IGTV‘s algorithm surfaces your content wider audiences interested in your niche.

As more brands realize IGTV‘s potential for branded video content, expect platform usage and video creativity to steadily rise. My advice? Take advantage of this key visual medium while competition is still relatively low! Let me know if you have any other questions.

Statistics from Instagram, Hootsuite, Oberlo. Published January 2023.