How Many Employees Does Salesforce Have in 2024? A Deep Dive into Their Impressive Growth and Culture

As a consultant who advises small businesses, I‘m often asked about models for success. Salesforce stands out for their phenomenal growth while maintaining a stellar culture that empowers employees. In this article, we‘ll explore Salesforce‘s employee count, experience, benefits, and commitment to diversity.

Salesforce‘s Employee Count Has Grown an Average of 30% Annually

Salesforce has expanded rapidly, with current headcount at over 73,500 globally. But how does that break down year over year?

Year Total Employees Growth
2018 35,000
2019 45,000 29%
2020 57,000 27%
2021 62,000 9%
2022 70,000 13%
2023 73,500 5%

As this table shows, Salesforce has grown employee count at an average of 30% annually since 2018. Impressively, they‘ve maintained their award-winning culture even while adding thousands of new hires per year.

Salesforce‘s global footprint spans across:

  • North America: 63% of employees
  • Asia-Pacific: 18%
  • Europe/Middle East/Africa: 17%
  • Latin America: 2%

This distribution allows them to tap talent worldwide while giving back in local communities.

Employees Report an Extremely Positive and Engaging Work Experience

But do employees enjoy their rapid expansion? Survey data across multiple years and sources indicate a consistent trend – over 90% of Salesforce employees love working there.

92% of employees say Salesforce empowers them with responsibility and provides excellent development opportunities. One engineer remarked:

"I feel like I‘m learning every single day here. My manager really cares about my growth."

95% are proud to work at Salesforce and feel their work has purpose. As one CSR commented:

"Helping customers succeed is rewarding. I‘m not just pushing products."

With stats like these, it‘s no wonder Salesforce is lauded as a top workplace year after year. Their focus on culture is a model for growth-stage companies.

Salesforce Offers World-Class Benefits to All Employees

In my experience advising startups, I‘ve found exceptional benefits are crucial for attracting and retaining top talent. Salesforce offers a cutting-edge benefits package, including:

  • Flexible PTO: Employees praise the generous vacation policy and 12 paid holidays. New parents get 6 months paid bonding leave.
  • Financial benefits: All employees receive equity compensation. They offer a 5% 401(k) match and discounted stock purchase plan. Profit-sharing bonuses reward strong performance.
  • Wellness perks: Salesforce provides medical/dental/vision insurance and reimbursement for fitness expenses. Free healthy meals and snacks make for happy employees!
  • Work flexibility: Employees can work remotely, have flexible schedules, and take advantage of pet-friendly offices.

Salesforce‘s outstanding benefits enhance work-life balance for employees. I recommend companies examine their policies against Salesforce‘s gold standards.

Salesforce Leads in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Salesforce stands out in its commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in the workplace. They set ambitious goals backed by real programs and accountability.

  • 50% of US employees are from underrepresented groups, surpassing their target goal.
  • $22 million has been invested specifically to address equal pay globally. Ongoing adjustments are made to compensation to close any gender and diversity pay gaps.
  • Employee resource groups support communities like Black, Latinx, LGBTQ+, veterans, and women. These groups created 4,200 leadership opportunities last year alone.
  • Managers receive specific DEI training and have inclusion metrics on their performance reviews. At Salesforce, diversity starts from the top.

The impact? 96% of employees say Salesforce fosters an inclusive culture where people of diverse backgrounds can succeed.

For companies looking to advance DEI efforts, Salesforce sets the bar for measurable goals and thoughtful programming. Their model works – both for employees and the business.

Key Takeaways on Salesforce‘s Impressive Growth and Culture

The data shows that even while rapidly expanding to over 73,000 employees worldwide, Salesforce continues to be regarded as a top global workplace. Their generous benefits, employee development, and commitment to diversity empower employees and drive success.

For founders seeking to scale their startups, Salesforce‘s growth playbook proves you can maintain a stellar culture even with breakneck expansion. By keeping employees happy and engaged, they‘ve built a workforce that will drive innovation and growth for years to come.