Hashtags for Likes Review: An In-Depth Analysis

As a marketing consultant for over 10 years, I‘ve tested my fair share of Instagram growth tools. In this expert review, I‘ll share why Hashtags for Likes falls devastatingly short for businesses looking to expand their reach.

Hollow Promises of Instagram Growth

Hashtags for Likes tempts users with bold claims about "unlocking thousands of followers" and "maximum Instagram exposure." However, my testing revealed major flaws:

  • The hashtag suggestions were generic, irrelevant to my niche
  • Lacking crucial hashtag performance analytics
  • Requires handing over account passwords, posing security risks

Without custom-tailored hashtags and analytics, you can‘t properly target your audience or refine your strategy over time.

Expert Tip: Choose Targeted Hashtags

Generic hashtags like #follow or #likemay get you some minor traction. But tailored hashtags related to your industry, location, products, etc. align much better with your ideal audience. These hashtags help you get discovered by people who will genuinely engage with your brand.

Costly Subscription, Meager Features

For a tool promoting quick follower growth, I was surprised to find limited capabilities:

  • No functionality beyond hashtag suggestions
  • No scheduling or post automation tools
  • Very sparse analytics on performance

With subscription plans starting at $9/week, you‘re spending a hefty premium for features readily available elsewhere for free.

Heads up: You can‘t easily cancel, and their money-back guarantee is nearly impossible to actually claim.

The Risks of Handing Over Account Access

While Hashtags for Likes says they "will keep your account safe," I have data security hesitations:

  • They ask for full login credentials rather than API access tokens which are safer
  • No clarification provided on how they encrypt or store account information
  • Code and infrastructure could have vulnerabilities

Various tools only use short-lived API permissions for more secure integration. I explain social media API authentication in this guide. Handing over your password always opens an unnecessary risk.

Investing in the Right Tools for Growth

As a small business owner myself, I understand how tempting too-good-to-be-true growth hacks can sound. But sustainable success comes from high-quality content and audience targeting rather than superficial vanity metrics.

The good news? Plenty of free and low-cost tools can help you research hashtags, track performance, schedule posts, and manage your accounts without unreasonable security tradeoffs. Here are my top recommendations:

RiteTag: Free hashtag research based on keyword data
Later: Instagram planning with robust analytics for just $9/month
Sprout Social: All-in-one social media management with powerful analytics for $99/month

"Generic hashtags may get you some traction, but tailored hashtags align much better with your ideal audience."

Let me know in the comments if you have any other questions! I‘m always happy to offer advice to help small businesses succeed on social media.