13 Killer Halloween Subscription Boxes Entrepreneurs Should Sell

As an entrepreneur who lives for Halloween, I’ve seen the explosive growth of horror and Halloween-themed subscription boxes over the past few years. The numbers speak for themselves – this is a niche primed for rapid expansion and profits.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the most successful and profitable Halloween subscription boxes on the market right now and why they work. Consider it your insider’s guide to entering the lucrative Halloween box business.

Why Halloween Subscription Boxes Are Hot

Let’s look at a few key factors driving growth:

  • Halloween Spending Continues to Rise: Spending for Halloween is projected to reach $10.6 billion in 2022, up from $10.1 billion in 2021. Consumers are ready to shell out for seasonal items. [Source: NRF]
  • Surging Subscription Box Industry: The subscription box market is expected to grow by 16% CAGR, reaching $87.4 billion globally by 2027. [Source: Fortune Business Insights]
  • Increasing Disposable Incomes: Higher disposable incomes give consumers more discretionary spending for novelty purchases like subscription boxes. The average monthly subscription box price rose to $42 in 2021. [Source: McKinsey]
  • Brand Loyalty: Once acquired, subscription box customers tend to stick around if pleased with the unboxing experience. Build loyalty with consistent value and delight.

For entrepreneurs ready to capitalize on thisscreeping growth, read on for the most profitable Halloween subscription boxes on the market.

13 Killer Halloween Subscription Boxes That Sell

Here are 13 curated Halloween subscription boxes that combine spooky and fun, all delivering recurring revenue streams:

1. UrgeBox

Key Differentiator: Wide variety of horror and paranormal-themed collectibles

With over 100k subscribers, UrgeBox delivers horror merchandise like plushies, home items, accessories, and more. Their diverse range of creepy, kooky products has built a loyal customer base.

Pricing: Starting at $24.99/month

2. Escape the Crate

Key Differentiator: Highly interactive, puzzle-filled experiences

Escape the Crate sends themed crates with puzzles, mysteries, and challenges for recipients to actively engage with. The interactive format breeds loyal followings.

Pricing: Starting at $29.99/month

3. The Horror Club

Key Differentiator: Curated indie horror films on DVD/Blu-ray

For hardcore horror fans, The Horror Club satiates the bloodthirst with 2-4 surprise horror DVDs or Blu-rays each month, many from smaller indie studios. Exclusive extras included.

Pricing: $14.99/month

4. Terror Tea

Key Differentiator: Horror collectibles paired with specialty teas

This unique box pairs 4-6 horror-themed collectibles, like figurines, pins, and apparel, with 2-3 packs of loose leaf tea blends for the ultimate relaxing scare.

Pricing: $34.99/month

5. Creepy Crate

Key Differentiator: Books and merch for horror lit fans

Creepy Crate captures readers and collectors alike by pairing new horror book releases with creepy bookish merch such as candles, coasters, jewelry, and more.

Pricing: Starting at $29.99/month

6. The Kooky Kids Club

Key Differentiator: Halloween crafts & activities for children

Keep kids entertained for hours with spooky DIY crafts and activities. Each box provides materials and step-by-step instructions for foolproof fun.

Pricing: Starting at $14.99/month

7. Fright Cargo

Key Differentiator: High-end, limited edition collectibles

Fright Cargo delivers premium horror merchandise, like detailed statues, intricate tabletop games, and limited edition prints. The rarest finds for collectors.

Pricing: $49.99/month

8. Halloween Lifestyle Box

Key Differentiator: Seasonal home decor and accessories

This subscription box focuses on elevated Halloween-themed home items like scented candles, wreaths, table runners, and more. Decorate in spooky style each month.

Pricing: Starting at $34.99/month

9. Illustrated Horror Stories

Key Differentiator: Hardcover horror storybooks for adults

Horror literature fans will love the chill-inducing short story collections delivered each month, paired with hauntingly beautiful illustrations.

Pricing: $16.99/month

10. The Happy Halloween Box

Key Differentiator: Halloween baking kits and recipes

Take the guesswork out of Halloween baking with monthly themed kits. Each box contains ingredients, recipes, stencils, and tools needed to make Insta-worthy treats.

Pricing: Starting at $29.99/month

11. Halloween Movies & Chill

Key Differentiator: Curated classic Halloween films

Revisit nostalgic Halloween favorites or discover forgotten gems with 2 surprise DVD movie picks each month. Perfect for seasonal movie marathons.

Pricing: $12.99/month

12. The Halloween Sweet Box

Key Differentiator: Artisan Halloween candy

Indulge candy cravings with gourmet trick-or-treat sweets from small batch makers, like vampire-themed chocolates, pumpkin gummies, and more.

Pricing: Starting at $19.99/month

13. Crafting for a Cause

Key Differentiator: DIY craft kits supporting charities

Buyers love boxes that give back. Each kit contains materials for DIY craft projects, with a portion of proceeds supporting selected charities.

Pricing: Starting at $15.99/month

Optimizing Your Halloween Box for Success

As you evaluate entering this market, keep these tips in mind:

  • Laser focus your niche: Target a specific demographic and spooky interest, rather than trying to appeal to everyone.
  • Spotlight exclusivity: Partner with creators or brands to offer limited editions and sneak peeks to boost perceived value.
  • Make unboxing an experience: Pack in “surprise and delight” elements. Include reveals, activities, or interactive components.
  • Leverage video marketing: Showcase your boxes via unboxing videos, demos, or craft tutorials on social media.
  • Consider seasonal sales: Promote bigger one-off boxes or gift memberships around peak Halloween spending periods.
  • Focus on retention: Quality over quantity. Prioritize subscriber lifetime value over acquiring one-time purchases.

The Halloween subscription box industry is only getting bigger and more competitive. But with sharp execution and differentiation, the opportunity is ripe for profits. Use these creepy subscription examples as inspiration to launch your own frightfully successful box.