15 Must-Have Halloween Decor Ideas to Make and Sell in 2023

Homemade Halloween decor is hotter than ever, with demand for unique, artisanal pieces on the rise across e-commerce sites like Etsy. As an entrepreneurial consultant specializing in craft businesses, I put together this list of 15 of the best DIY Halloween decorations that can also earn you a spooky and profitable season of scares.

1. Mysterious Potion Bottles

Glass bottles, available cheaply at craft and dollar stores, make the perfect vessels for magical potion bottles. Paint bottles black or pale purple, then make “witch’s brew” labels to adhere to the vessels. Fill bottles halfway with colored water, glitter, plastic creepy crawlies, or flashing LED lights to conjure an eerie glow. Arrange several together in a cauldron or on shelves to create a spellbinding display.

  • Selling for $12-15 each
  • Low production cost of ~$2 per bottle
  • Custom labels and fillings can command higher prices

2. Glam & Ghoulish Candle Holders

Upcycle glass jars and vases into gothic glam candle holders. Spray paint vessels black and “dip” the bottoms in glitter glue for an ombre effect. Affix eerie silhouettes, like bats, full moons, and ravens using adhesive vinyl. Group candles inside containers, then artfully arrange holders on mantles or entries tables.

  • $20-30 per candle holder
  • Source jars & vases from thrift and dollar stores
  • Glitter dipping technique maximizes perceived value

3. Spider Web Wreaths