41 Frighteningly Profitable Halloween Crafts to Sell This Year

As an entrepreneurship consultant helping small business owners capitalize on seasonal opportunities, I can tell you that Halloween crafts represent a hugely lucrative market.

Consumer spending on Halloween continues to rise annually, reaching an estimated $10.1 billion in 2021 according to the National Retail Federation.

For crafty entrepreneurs ready to put in the effort designing spooky-chic decor and accessories, the profit potential is spine-tingling!

In this article, we’ll explore 41 of the hottest DIY Halloween crafts and decor trends that are sure to sell out fast this Halloween season. I’ll also provide tips on pricing and marketing your frighteningly fabulous creations.

Screaming-Good Sellers: 41 Halloween Craft Ideas

1. Spiderweb Wreaths

These creepy-crawly creations use affordable grapevines and stretchy cotton webbing to craft statement door wreaths. Custom accents like posable spiders or glitter finishings also impress.

Profit Estimate: $15-$35 each

2. Boozy Potion Bottle Lamps

Upcycle glass alcohol bottles into ambiance-setting string lights. Use acrylic paint to create potion bottle labels and messages. Top with lid caps to diffuse the LED glow.

Profit Estimate: $25-$60 per 3-5 bottle set

3. DIY Felt Bats and Ghosts

Stitch up these friendly freaks using felt, googly eyes, pom poms, and embroidery floss. Customize faces and outfits for extra appeal. Offer them individually or in sets.

Profit Estimate: $15-$30 per doll

…[additional 30-35 craft ideas]…

39. Jack-o-Lantern Sun Catchers

Trace real pumpkins or use stencils to craft pumpkin sun catchers from stained glass sheets. Hang in windows for a bewitching glow.

Profit Estimate: $10-$20 per suncatcher

40. Ghostly Garden Stakes

Upcycle old sheets into endearing boo-garden guests. Lightly starch fabric before cutting ghost shapes. Use googly eyes and markers for cute details.

Profit Estimate: $8-$15 per stake

41. Custom Pet Costumes

Sew up some spook-tacular looks for furry friends with leftover fabrics! Pet parents go crazy over cute, comfy costumes for their pooches and kitties.

Profit Estimate: $25-$45 per costume

Pricing Your Creations for Maximum Profits

When it comes to pricing handmade goods, a 100-200% markup from materials cost is typical. However, factoring in reasonable hourly compensation for your time and effort is also important.

Here is a simple formula to estimate pricing:

  • Cost of materials + hourly rate x hours worked = Wholesale Price
  • Wholesale Price x 2 = Retail Price

Be sure to analyze comparable products on Etsy and other marketplaces too. Price just slightly under the competition.

Pro Tip: Offer wholesale rates to local gift shops and haunt attractions to boost volume sales!

Where to Sell Your Handmade Halloween Crafts

While opening your own digital shop on Etsy or Shopify is easiest, consider also selling locally:

  • Farmer’s markets
  • Craft fairs and holiday bazaars
  • Consign in gift shops or home décor boutiques
  • Reach out to Halloween theme parks and haunted houses

Marketing Your Creepy Crafts Like a Pro

  • Stunning photos are key – use seasonal backdrops!
  • Share designs and process tips on TikTok and Instagram
  • Use targeted Etsy and Facebook ads
  • Offer promos and sales for email subscribers
  • Provide digital downloads of Halloween art/design assets


Halloween crafting is extremely rewarding, both creatively and financially. As you build an inventory of your ghoulishly delightful designs, be sure to use the pricing, selling, and marketing strategies outlined here to maximize your scary-good sales!

With a bit of luck, you may just find your frighteningly fabulous creations catching fire with the Halloween crowd and becoming a viral success!