Growing Social Media Reviews 2023: A Deep Dive into User Ratings and Experiences

As a small business consultant with over 10 years of experience, I‘m constantly researching new tools and services to help entrepreneurs amplify their social media marketing. Lately, I‘ve noticed more brands considering companies like Growing Social Media to quickly grow their Instagram follower count and engagement. But are these services legit or will they get your account banned?

In this in-depth review, I‘ll share my expert analysis on Growing Social Media based on detailed research and user experiences. My goal is to help business owners determine if services like this are worth the risk.

Overview of Growing Social Media

Growing Social Media sells Instagram followers, likes, views, and comments to brands looking to quickly inflate their numbers. Their website showcases numerous packages, starting at just $19 for 250 followers.

At first glance, this might seem like an easy shortcut to grow your Instagram. But experienced marketers know that legitimate growth takes time and strategic effort. Immediately gaining thousands of followers from a website like Growing Social Media raises red flags.

My research into their practices and user reviews leads me to strongly advise against using companies like Growing Social Media. Here‘s a deeper look at why:

Warning Signs of Inorganic Growth Tactics

Based on Growing Social Media‘s website and pricing structure, all signs point to them using fake accounts and engagement methods expressly prohibited by Instagram.

  • No verification of new followers
  • Followers from unrelated niches
  • Sudden spikes in followers from countries unrelated to your brand
  • Very low engagement rate on new followers
  • Comments seem generic or out of context

These are all telltale signs Growing Social Media relies on bot networks or sock puppet accounts. The followers you gain will be inactive accounts who don‘t engage with your brand.

The Risks of Using Services Like Growing Social Media

  1. Account Suspension or Ban – Instagram‘s algorithms actively scan for inorganic follower growth and engagement. Getting banned harms your brand reputation.
  2. Loss of Organic Reach – Having lots of fake followers tanks the engagement rates Instagram measures. Your content will reach fewer real people.
  3. Poor Customer Experience – Inflated follower counts set the wrong expectations with customers. Low engagement damages credibility.
  4. Wasted Ad Spend – Advertising to inactive bot accounts leads to abysmal ROI on your Instagram ad campaigns.

According to Social Media Today, over 95 million Instagram accounts were shut down in 2018-2019 due to inorganic growth tactics.

Outside of damaging your account, you also waste money paying for fake engagement. Legitimate influencer marketing platforms like Upfluence report that fake followers can cost brands over $46,000 in losses per year.

User Reviews Show Lackluster Experiences

Looking at legit user review platforms like TrustPilot, Growing Social Media earns very poor ratings:

The most common complaints include:

  • Fake, bot accounts as followers
  • Very low engagement rates
  • Followers dropping off quickly
  • Poor customer service

Many users warn others to avoid services like Growing Social Media at all costs. The short-term vanity metrics aren‘t worth jeopardizing your Instagram account.

How to Grow Instagram Followers the Right Way

For business owners trying to expand their Instagram, I always recommend legitimate growth strategies, including:

  • Captivating content tailored to your niche
  • Using relevant hashtags and tags
  • Optimizing your profile for discovery
  • Engaging followers and influencers in your space
  • Running ethical Instagram ads
  • Providing excellent customer service

While real growth takes more time and work, you build an audience that genuinely cares about your brand. Focus on the quality of your followers, not vanity metrics.

If you need additional help managing your Instagram marketing, use vetted service providers like Kicksta or UseViral. Avoid any company offering 1,000s of followers overnight. Not all growth services are created equal.

The Verdict: Don‘t Use Growing Social Media

After digging into Growing Social Media‘s practices, reputation, and user reviews, I don‘t recommend them as a viable or safe Instagram growth service. The risks of account suspension and wasting money on fake engagement far outweigh any potential short-term vanity metrics.

Brands who use real growth strategies tailored to their audience will find much more success online. Save yourself the headache and avoid companies like Growing Social Media claiming to grow your Instagram overnight. Your account will thank you in the long run.