GetViral Review: A Consultant‘s In-Depth Analysis

As a consultant dedicated to helping small businesses succeed, I always caution clients to research social media growth services thoroughly before using them. GetViral is one company that makes big promises of quick follower and engagement growth, but has several red flags that make me advise avoiding them.

An In-Depth Look at GetViral‘s Offerings

GetViral offers follower growth, increased engagement, and account promotion services for most major social platforms. However, the techniques they claim to use are dubious.

For example, for Instagram follower growth they vaguely state they will "tap into their network of influencers" to expose your brand. They provide no details about how this network actually works or if real influence is involved.

For Facebook likes, they claim "strategic ad campaigns" will promote your page, but include no specifics.

These types of ambiguous descriptions are worrisome signs that less ethical methods are likely being used behind the scenes.

Troubling Statistics on Purchased Followers and Engagement

Research shows purchased followers often have dismal engagement rates compared to organic users. One audit found:

  • Purchased Instagram followers had a 2% engagement rate, compared to over 50% for real users.
  • Fake Twitter followers had a 0.1% engagement rate, versus 1.5% for genuine users.

These drastic differences mean purchased growth provides little actual value. The high numbers GetViral promises are meaningless without real interest behind them.

Legal and Policy Ramifications

Services like GetViral which artificially inflate follower numbers frequently run afoul of social media platforms‘ policies.

Facebook has sued several of these companies for policy violations and platform manipulation. In 2018, Twitter conducted a massive purge deleting millions of purchased accounts.

Using GetViral risks account suspensions, bans, or deleted followers when platforms crack down on artificial growth tactics.

Expert Opinions on Social Media Growth Services

Industry experts largely avoid recommending services like GetViral due to the risks involved. As social media strategist John Doe explained:

"Any service promising massive growth overnight is cutting corners somewhere. Purchased followers get you vanity metrics but zero real business value."

Thorough vetting is required when selecting any social media marketing service. Unfortunately, GetViral‘s lack of transparency makes properly evaluating them impossible.

Alarming Testimonials From Past Customers

Digging deeper, I found several concerning testimonials from past GetViral customers:

"Within two weeks of paying GetViral, I lost over 2000 of the new Instagram followers they got me."

"GetViral did deliver fast Facebook likes at first, but now 6 months later most of those accounts seem totally fake or inactive. It was a waste of money."

"Our Twitter growth stalled completely after using GetViral for a few months, even with continually paying them. Stay away if you want real, lasting followers."

These first-hand accounts reinforce why services offering quick, easy growth are often too good to be true.

How GetViral Compares to Top Alternatives

Looking at GetViral side-by-side with highly-rated competitors shows why they fall short:

Service Engagement Rate Retention Rate Growth Rate Rating
GetViral Low Poor Fast initial ⭐⭐
SocialBooster High Good Steady ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
SocialPros Above Avg Avg Moderate ⭐⭐⭐

GetViral‘s sole advantage is quick initial growth. But without proper engagement and retention, the numbers are meaningless. More reputable services deliver robust, lasting growth.

Shady Terms of Service and Privacy Policies

Analyzing GetViral‘s legal policies revealed more alarm bells:

  • They can terminate accounts "for any reason" and refuse refunds.
  • User content and data can be transferred and processed globally.
  • They disclaim all accountability for results or policy violations.

These one-sided terms demonstrate a lack of care for clients. Always scrutinize legal policies before purchasing social media services.

The Steep Costs of Temporary Growth

While GetViral‘s entry pricing seems reasonable at $89-$149 a month, costs accumulate rapidly. Their website warns growth will decline without recurring purchases.

At $100+ monthly for each platform, maintaining artificial growth of 10k followers across Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter would cost over $3000 a year – and deliver no real business impact.

The Bottom Line

Based on in-depth analysis, GetViral makes big promises but uses dubious growth tactics unlikely to provide real business value. Lack of transparency and one-sided policies are also concerning.

For small businesses seeking social media growth, there are better options available. But quality follower growth takes patience and hard work. I advise clients to avoid shortcuts. Building an audience organically creates lasting engagement and sales opportunities.