Don‘t Be Fooled: Why GetRealBoost is a Scam and What to Do Instead

As a social media consultant for small businesses, I‘ve seen many entrepreneurs get burned by services like GetRealBoost that promise the world but deliver nothing but fake followers and damaged credibility. After closely analyzing GetRealBoost and companies like it, I want to share why you should avoid them at all costs – and what real social media growth takes.

GetRealBoost‘s Offerings Don‘t Stack Up

GetRealBoost claims they can grow followers, likes, and engagement across all major social platforms. But a closer look reveals huge red flags:

  • Suspiciously cheap packages like 500 Instagram followers for $15 or 5000 YouTube views for $39
  • Specific follower and engagement number guarantees – impossible to promise for real users
  • No evidence of real reviews or social proof from credible brands

I researched multiple GetRealBoost packages and the sheer impossibility of the promises for the prices show they aren‘t acquiring real, lasting users.

The Grave Dangers of Fake Growth Tactics

While fake followers and engagement may seem tempting for quick results, they inflict deep damage over time:

  • Hurts Your Reputation: Fake users mean no real interactions, draining account credibility. Engagement-follower ratios way off industry standards signal inauthenticity.
  • Damages Your Discoverability: Social platforms demote accounts with fake engagement with shadowbans and reach limits. You become less visible to real users.
  • Wrecks Your Results: Fake users don‘t engage, share, convert or provide ROI. You waste time and money while actual business goals suffer.

Studies show 59% of marketers say fake growth services produced poor ROI. Riddled with counterfeit activity, your account visibility enters a downward spiral.

Fake Social Media Growth Damages Credibility

Fake engagement tactics create a downward spiral of damaging visibility and credibility.

Warning Signs of Shady Social Media Services

GetRealBoost is far from the only fake growth service out there. Here are some red flags to watch for:

  • Pricing Too Good to Be True – Real growth needs dedicated effort and resources. Very cheap packages (under $250-500/mo) likely mean cutting corners with fakes.
  • Numerical Guarantees – No service can authentically guarantee exact likes or followers. This reveals manipulation.
  • No Security or Payment Info – Unsecured sites that won‘t protect your financial data scream "scam".

Use caution researching services, as many fake paid reviews and testimonials. Scrutinize them like you would any major business purchase.

Invest in Real Relationships, Not Quick Fixes

While genuine social media growth takes time and work, real relationships with engaged users are invaluable. As an entrepreneur, I recommend focusing on:

  • High-Quality Content – Consistently provide value and entertainment for your ideal audience.
  • Interactions and Engagement – Prioritize meaningful conversations over vanity metrics.
  • Community Building – Craft a unique brand identity and nurture your audience.
  • Patience and Persistence – Allow time for organic growth through authentic relationship development.

Avoid the artificial high of a fake follower surge. Earning real fans‘ trust leads to long-term social media success.