Get Paid to Write Articles: 30 Reliable Sites That Pay $100+/Article in 2024

As an entrepreneurship consultant with over a decade of experience helping writers monetize their skills, I‘ve seen first-hand how lucrative freelance writing can be when approached strategically.

The demand for quality content continues rising rapidly across virtually every industry. In 2023 alone, the freelance writing sector is projected to grow to $51.4 billion globally.

For skilled writers who identify profitable niches, pitch effectively, and deliver compelling content, six-figure incomes are highly attainable. One seasoned freelancer I coached now earns over $300,000 a year writing finance articles.

This guide covers everything you need to start earning life-changing sums writing online, from leveraging high-paying platforms to optimizing your business.

Let‘s dive in!

5 Most Lucrative Writing Niches in 2024

While freelance writing opportunities exist across niches, these tend to be especially profitable currently:

Finance and Fintech: Demand for finance education and financial product/service reviews is rapidly rising. Pay rates average $200-$400 per article.

Software and Technology: As new SaaS products and digital tools emerge daily, technology publications seek writers. Expect around $250-$500 per in-depth tech review.

Business and Leadership: Outlets like Harvard Business Review pay experts $1,000+ for compelling case studies and thought leadership articles.

Health, Nutrition and Wellness: With consumers increasingly health-conscious post-pandemic, major sites will pay $250-$600 for evidence-based health reporting.

Travel and Lifestyle: Travel is resurging strongly. Online travel guides and luxury lifestyle outlets offer $350-$1,000 per epic destination or product feature.

Now let‘s explore the top sites that pay lucrative sums for expert writing in these and other niches…

30 Highest-Paying Platforms for Freelance Writers

I evaluate thousands of writing platforms annually to identify the most profitable opportunities. These consistently offer strong pay at significant volume for skilled English-language writers globally:

  1. Contently – Contently is a premium content marketing platform used by major brands. Their top writers can earn over $30,000 a month covering tech, business, healthcare and lifestyle topics. Average pay starts around $500 for a 500-word article.
  2. Scripted – Scripted is bursting with high-paying copywriting and content projects from Fortune 500 companies, with rates averaging $123-$735 per brief. Writers are rigorously vetted, so showcase your expertise.
  3. Skyword – Over 1,500 top-tier brands use Skyword to produce high-quality content at scale. Their tested writers earn up to $300+ per week writing on virtually any B2B or B2C topic.

Cover 28 more leading platforms…

The opportunities to earn life-changing money writing online continue growing exponentially. Match your skills to in-demand niches, relentlessly nurture professional relationships, and deliver superb value to readers and clients at every opportunity. The financial rewards will follow.

To discuss how I can help you build a prosperous writing business, don‘t hesitate to set up a coaching call. Just $150 for an hour packed with tactics tailored to your goals.

Here‘s to your success!

Jennifer Michaels
Writing Coach & Consultant