Building Bonds of Understanding

Loneliness affects people across all walks of life. Feelings of isolation can stem from grief, loss, health struggles, discrimination, and simple lack of community.

Rather than viewing loneliness as a business opportunity, we must approach it with empathy. We all crave belonging.

Volunteering and Outreach

Getting involved with volunteer programs, outreach initiatives, mentorship organizations and support groups can provide rewarding connections. Examples include:

  • Senior center pen pal programs
  • Crisis/suicide prevention hotlines
  • Community meal service and cleanup
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters
  • Hospital, shelter and rehabilitation visitation

These hands-on efforts let us talk with, listen to and uplift others facing loneliness.

Local Communities

Building bonds begins in our everyday communities. We can foster inclusion through:

  • Neighborhood gatherings and potlucks
  • Community gardening groups
  • Book clubs
  • Exercise classes like yoga and dancing
  • Crafting circles
  • Sports teams and recreational clubs
  • Discussion forums

Shared passions and activities lead to meaningful relationships.

Choose Compassion

While technology can connect us across the globe, nothing compares to in-person human interaction. Looking up from our screens to truly see one another is the first step. From there, opening our hearts with small acts of kindness – a smile, asking someone‘s story, a reassuring hand – can work wonders.

Judge less, understand more. Rather than capitalizing on loneliness, let it move us to build each other up.