15 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Get Paid to Lose Weight in 2024

Are you looking to slim down while bringing in some extra income? As an entrepreneur, you can take advantage of surging interest in the weight loss industry by exploring creative ways to monetize your health goals.

From gaming apps to instructor roles, this guide examines 15 methods you can choose from to start earning as you shed pounds:

Bet on Reaching Targets

One exciting option is betting apps like HealthyWage, which has paid out over $150 million to 750,000 participants. Simply set your weight loss goals, place a wager, then collect if successful. Studies show [1] betting apps leverage monetary motivation better than other digital health tools.

DietBet also lets you join weight loss jackpots by vying to drop 4% body fat. Winners take home the pot. Over 200,000 users have played. Potential earnings range from $50 to $500 per game.

Score Rewards for Fitness Activities

On Walgreens Balance Rewards, you earn points for tracking health stats and behaviors. Get $5 gift cards for every 5,000 points accrued. Integrate your routine drugstore purchases into getting rewarded for wellness.

40 million Sweatcoin users collectively walk 15 billion miles per month, earning digital currency redeemable for gear, donations and more. At 10,000 daily steps, you could make $300 annually [2].

Lympo follows a similar model, paying LYM crypto tokens for verified workout data. You can cash out or spend on sports products in its marketplace.

Find Your Niche as an Instructor

Becoming a coach allows you to profit from your passion for fitness. For example, training moms has strong potential. Industry leader FIT4MOM saw 100% growth amidst the pandemic [3], with 3,000 instructors now earning income.

Alternatively, represent diet brands like Isagenix or Team Beachbody selling popular supplements and programs as an influencer. Beachbody‘s network exceeds 450,000 distributors [4].

Get Rewarded for Sharing Your Journey

On Evidation, you earn points for tracking lifestyle habits via wearables and surveys. Documenting health behaviors means gift cards and sweepstake entries. No bets placed, just rewards for consistency.

Sign up is quick, then integrate progress updates into your daily routine. Users average $275 annually [5] across all activities.

The Key is Sustainable, Safe Weight Loss

With fitness gamification apps projected to be a $33 billion market by 2028 [6], opportunities abound to monetize weight loss goals. But ultimately, wellness should take priority over earnings. Set realistic targets, consult your doctor, and use monetary motivation judiciously. Slow and steady is the way to sustainably shed pounds.

As an entrepreneur, consider diversifying across a few different platforms and methods that align with your niche. This way you can profit while making progress at your own pace.

With smart goal-setting and choices suitable for your needs, you can thrive financially and physically.

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