5 Ways To Get Paid To Advertise On Your Car in 2024

Turning your vehicle into a rolling billboard by displaying ads is an increasingly popular side hustle. Companies will actually pay you to drive around promoting brands across your car‘s exterior.

In this comprehensive guide, we‘ll dive into the top ways you can earn money through car advertising gigs in 2024.

Overview of the Car Advertising Industry

The car advertising business is booming. According to Statista, the industry generated $2.8 billion in revenue in 2021 in the United States alone. With projections for continued growth into 2023, ample opportunities exist for drivers.

Brands view car advertising as a highly effective marketing strategy. Adverts displayed on vehicles garner over 53 million impressions daily. That level of exposure and impressions is invaluable.

For drivers, sticking ads on your car provides an easy revenue stream. Most companies require minimal effort while earning you up to $500 per month. Let‘s look at five top ways you can cash in.

1. Full Wrap Advertising with Wrapify

Founded in 2015, Wrapify pioneered full-wrap vehicle advertising. The company partners with major brands like Amazon, Uber, and Pepsi to completely wrap cars in vinyl graphics.

How it Works:

  • Earn between $100 – $500 per month based on miles driven
  • Get paid via PayPal on a weekly basis
  • Campaign durations range from weeks to months
  • Must drive 50-300 miles per week depending on wrap

Wrapify wraps qualify for the full earning potential in this space. However, it does involve a more drastic change to your car‘s appearance, which some drivers dislike.

Driver Experience:

"I averaged $200 per month over 6 months. The wrap held up well. Just expect lots of questions from people about what you‘re advertising!" – Jackie T., Houston

2. Partial Vehicle Wraps with Carvertise

Carvertise, which launched in 2012, offers partial wraps covering 50-80% of the vehicle‘s exterior. This allows for more subtle advertising displays.

How it Works:

  • Earn a set monthly amount, typically $100 – $400
  • Payment is sent via direct deposit on the 15th of each month
  • Minimum 30 miles of driving per day required
  • Campaigns last 4-6 months on average

Partial wraps are a nice medium between full wraps and smaller decals. The partial coverage preserves some of your car‘s original look.

Driver Experience:

"I‘ve done over 10 campaigns with Carvertise. The partial wrap style is perfect for me. I earned $250 a month on average." – James T., Columbus, OH

3. Rear Window Decals with Hypromote

If you want to advertise on your car but don‘t want to wrap the entire exterior, Hypromote offers rear window decals.

How it Works:

  • Earn up to $100 per month
  • Get paid monthly via PayPal
  • Drive at least 200 miles per week
  • Campaigns last 4-6 months

Rear window ads are subtle yet still provide valuable exposure. This is a great option if you want to test out car advertising without a major commitment.

Driver Experience:

After trying full wraps, I preferred rear window ads. The money was good, and I got to keep my car looking normal! It was nice income during the holidays." – Amanda G., Spokane, WA

4. Side Door Decals with StickerRide

StickerRide, founded in 2013, is a pioneering car advertising company based in Europe. They specialize in smaller decals applied to car doors and other areas.

How it Works:

  • Earn based on miles driven and number of stickers
  • Get paid monthly through PayPal
  • More stickers equals higher earnings
  • Simple sign-up process through their mobile app

StickerRide is one of the most flexible programs. You control your income potential by adding more stickers as desired.

Driver Experience:

I started with 2 stickers on each side, then increased to the maximum of 5 per side for $100+ a month. Easy money while commuting to my day job." – Mark J., Nashville, TN

5. Mixed Ad Types with CarBuckler

CarBuckler stands out by offering a variety of ad solutions tailored to your preferences. You can choose from full wraps, partial wraps, stickers, or rear window decals.

How it Works:

  • Earning amounts depend on ad type, location, and miles driven
  • Get paid monthly via PayPal or direct deposit
  • Sign up easily on their website. No app required.
  • Campaign lengths vary from weeks to years

With CarBuckler, you have the flexibility to switch between ad types depending on your needs and preferences.

Driver Experience:

I liked the ability to change my advertising with CarBuckler. Did partial wraps some months and stickers other times to mix up my earnings." – Julia C., Phoenix, AZ

Which Option is Right For You?

With many car advertising options available, assess your preferences before jumping in:

Consider how much visual change to your car you feel comfortable with. Full wraps offer maximum earnings but alter your car‘s look significantly. Rear window ads provide subtle advertising without drastic changes.

Factor in your average weekly mileage. Most programs have minimum mileage requirements. Be sure your routine driving aligns with the thresholds.

Compare locations and demographics. Advertisers target specific customer profiles and locations. Your driving routes must match intended audiences.

Read program reviews and fine print. Vet the companies fully and understand contractual details before signing agreements.

Start Earning Money Through Car Advertising Today

Adding advertisements to your car can generate considerable passive income with minimal effort on your end. As this guide outlines, you have numerous options to choose from depending on your needs and preferences.

To get started, browse the various platforms, assess their offerings, and complete the simple signup process with your top pick. Soon you‘ll be earning cash each month to display ads on your car as you drive!