The 9 Best Sites to Score Free Gas Cards in 2023

As an entrepreneurship consultant who assists small business owners daily, I understand how much of an impact gas prices can have on slim budgets. That‘s why obtaining free gas cards is such an excellent way to save. In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll showcase the 9 top sites for earning and redeeming gas card rewards in 2023.

Overview of Free Gas Card Sites

Before diving into the individual platforms, let me briefly explain how most free gas card sites operate:

  • Earn Points: Accumulate points by completing simple activities like taking surveys, playing games, watching videos, shopping online, etc. Some sites offer more options than others.
  • Redeem Rewards: Cash out your earnings for gift card rewards, including gas cards from major brands. Popular options include Shell, BP, Exxon, Sunoco, Speedway and more.
  • Use Gas Cards: Use your gas gift cards directly at the pump to fill up for free! The cards work just like regular gift certificates.

Now, let‘s explore the top 9 platforms:

1. Swagbucks

With over 20 million members and $500 million in rewards redeemed, Swagbucks is the most popular free gas card site.

How it Works:

  • Earn Swagbucks (SB) points through surveys, games, shopping, searches, offers, and watching videos
  • Score bonuses through promotions and partner offers
  • Redeem SB points for gift cards from Shell, BP, Exxon and more


  • Huge selection of gift card rewards
  • Easy to earn bonuses and maximize earnings
  • Trusted site with strong user base


  • Minimum SB cashout amount
  • Time investment required for earnings

My expert tip: Take advantage of referral bonuses and promotional offers to speed up earnings.
Swagbucks User Interface
Swagbucks offers many options for earning rewards

2. MyPoints

With over 15 million members, MyPoints is another leading option with the following features:

How it Works:

  • Complete activities like online games/puzzles, surveys, browsing web offers, shopping and more
  • Earn points ("mycash") and redeem for gasoline gift cards


  • Easy to use website and mobile app
  • Lots of ways to earn points from your regular online activities


  • Minimum cashout amount
  • Complex point system

Expert tip: Download the mobile app and take advantage of referral bonuses

Based on my experience, I‘d recommend MyPoints to casual users looking to earn rewards from their normal online activities. The ever-growing member base speaks to the platform‘s sustainability as well.

3. Survey Junkie

As the name suggests, Survey Junkie specializes in market research surveys:

How it Works:

  • Share your opinions by taking surveys
  • Receive points for completed surveys
  • Cash out points for gas cards


  • Simple interface focused solely on surveys
  • Quick to accumulate points


  • Limited earning options beyond surveys
  • Screen-out risk with surveys

With over 6 million members already, Survey Junkie demonstrates aligned incentives – researchers get data while consumers earn rewards. I expect continued growth as market research spend increases.

4. PrizeRebel

PrizeRebel offers multiple rewards-earning mechanics:

How it Works:

  • Complete surveys, sign-up for offers, watch videos, shop and more
  • Accumulate points ("coins")
  • Redeem coins for gas gift cards


  • Variety of earning activities
  • Referral program boosts income


  • Support can be slow/inconsistent
  • Minimal quality control on offers

With some fine-tuning of their support, I see significant potential for PrizeRebel to keep gaining market share in the space.

5. InstaGC

True to its name, InstaGC specializes in instant gift card fulfillment:

How it Works:

  • Earn points by taking surveys, playing games, applying for offers, watching videos and more
  • Redeem points instantly for electronic gas gift cards


  • Quick delivery of rewards
  • Huge selection of gift card options


  • Point expiration after 12 months
  • Lower payout rates

InstaGC fills an important niche – their instant delivery model appeals to users focused on quick redemption rather than earnings maximization.

6. Branded Loyalty Apps

In addition to the third-party platforms above, many major gas stations now offer branded mobile apps with loyalty programs and rewards:


  • Exxon Mobil Rewards+ – Earn points on purchases for fuel discounts
  • Shell Fuel Rewards – Save per gallon for loyalty program participation
  • Kroger Fuel Points – Get discounts and fuel points for grocery purchases

The benefit to consumers here is clear – brand loyalty drives increased savings. However, from an entrepreneurial perspective, we can view this as an opportunity to disrupt fuel discounts in innovative ways.

Optimizing Your Earnings

Now that we‘ve surveyed the top platforms, here are my expert tips for maximizing your points and gas card earnings:

  • Take advantage of promotions: Watch for bonus opportunities and special offers to boost income
  • Refer friends: Referral programs give you bonus points for getting others to join
  • Use multiple sites: Combine earning from multiple platforms to increase output
  • Cashout efficiently: Wait to cashout until meeting the minimum for maximum redemption value


With over 50 million combined users and counting, gas rewards platforms demonstrate a win-win exchange of value between consumers and brands. As gas prices remain high, these sites provide much-needed relief to wallets while also benefiting from member participation.

I hope this guide gives you clarity on selecting the right platform based on your preferences and helps you start saving money right away. Quickly earning free gas cards has never been easier. Feel free to reach out with any other questions!