A Consultant‘s In-Depth Guide to FriendlyLikes for Instagram Growth

As a business consultant who assists startups and small companies with their social media marketing, I often get asked about Instagram follower services that promise quick growth. In this review guide, I‘ll provide an expert analysis on one such service – FriendlyLikes – to advise entrepreneurs if it‘s worth using or should be avoided.

An Overview of FriendlyLikes

FriendlyLikes claims to help Instagram accounts grow faster by delivering followers, likes, video views and comments. They market themselves as a "safe and satisfactory service" that leads to "organic" growth. However, looking deeper, there are several concerning issues regarding their legitimacy and quality.


FriendlyLikes allows you to buy Instagram followers, photo/video likes, views, and post comments. For example, options include:

  • 50 Followers for $3.90
  • 100 Photo Likes for $6.90
  • 1000 Video Views for $19.90


While cheap, FriendlyLikes suffers from major drawbacks:

  • Fake engagement from bots & inactive accounts
  • Zero transparency about owners or operations
  • No refunds allowed under any circumstance

These points, along with their suspicious reviews, should raise red flags for any business owner.

Detailed Analysis on Why to Avoid FriendlyLikes

Based on multiple warning signs, I strongly advise against using FriendlyLikes for growing an Instagram account. Here‘s why:

Fake Engagement & Followers

The main issue is that the "followers", "likes" and "views" you buy are 100% fake and provided by bots or inactive accounts. This directly violates Instagram‘s Terms of Service and can jeopardize your account‘s standing.

Data from social media analysts show that the vast majority of growth services [1] rely on artificial engagement, despite their marketing claims.

As a consultant, I‘ve seen businesses harmed first-hand when using these types of questionable third-party sites. The temporary vanity metrics are simply not worth the long-term consequences.

No Transparency About Company

Digging deeper into who owns FriendlyLikes and operates their service reveals…nothing. The company hides behind a generic name and virtual address, with no team or founders listed anywhere.

This lack of transparency about who provides the service further reduces their credibility and trustworthiness.

Reviews Seem Fake & Paid For

The limited reviews on FriendlyLikes‘ website appear suspiciously positive, with odd naming like "Satisfied Customer." These likely fake reviews try to make up for the lack of objective verification of their services.

There are no third-party or verified reviews vouching for FriendlyLikes‘ quality, safety or results. More evidence that they fail to deliver on promises.

No Refund or Guarantee Policy

Unlike reputable Instagram growth companies, FriendlyLikes does not stand behind their product or services. Their website clearly states no refunds whatsoever on any orders.

So if you purchase likes, followers or views and find they are all bots or fakes, too bad. This lack of a guarantee or warranty reflects poorly on them.

Vetted Alternatives for Safely Growing Your Instagram

Instead of risking your Instagram account‘s reputation and reach through companies like FriendlyLikes, I advise exploring legitimate services. Look for the following signs of quality:

  • Published business operating details
  • Real team & founder information
  • Objective 3rd party reviews
  • Refund / satisfaction guarantee
  • Responsive, human-based customer service

Additionally, focus first on producing high-quality, engaging Instagram content and partnering with others in your niche. While slow organic growth takes more effort, you avoid jeopardizing your account while building real relationships in the long run.

There are strategic, ethical ways to get discovered – buying followers with services like FriendlyLikes only provide short-term vanity gains filled with potential risk.

The Bottom Line

Based on my thorough evaluation, extensive case experience and research as a business consultant in the social space, I strongly advise against using or promoting Instagram services like FriendlyLikes.

The combination of deception, fake engagement, lack of accountability and violations of platform terms of service can directly harm your brand‘s account standing and reputation over time.

Focus instead on producing amazing content, collaborating with aligned partners and nurturing real community growth. Once you build authentic value with integrity, increased reach and engagement will follow.