20 Incredibly Easy Free Form Filling Jobs For Extra Cash

As a consultant helping entrepreneurs start and grow their small businesses, I‘m always exploring new ways people can make extra income with minimal time and financial commitment. Form filling jobs check all the boxes, offering a flexible route to bring in cash quickly with very little legwork or upfront investment.

Over the past few years, I‘ve seen interest in these opportunities skyrocketing as more find themselves with financial gaps to fill or time on their hands. The low risk and accessibility provides exactly what many entrepreneurs need to support their ventures during the early stages.

In this comprehensive guide, I’ll share the 20 best free form filling jobs available right now along with insider tips to optimize your efforts.

A Quick Primer: What is Form Filling?

Form filling simply means entering information into online forms and submitting them on behalf of various companies. Common examples include:

  • Customer surveys
  • Consumer panels
  • Website and app testing feedback
  • Data entry
  • Contest registrations

You likely won’t get rich solely from form filling. However, the extra money you earn for quick and simple virtual work can add up substantially over time.

Below I break down 20 of the top opportunities, outlining how each works, what they pay, and how much time you need to invest.

Reviews of the 20 Best Free Form Filling Job Opportunities

1. Swagbucks Surveys and Special Offers

How It Works: Swagbucks offers cash back for online activities including surveys, web searches, games, shopping cash back, watching videos and completing special offers. You can redeem your SB points for gift cards or cash.

Payment Type: Gift cards or cash via PayPal

Earnings Potential: $15-$25 per month

Time Required: 30-60 mins/day

2. InboxDollars Surveys, Games & Emails

How It Works: InboxDollars pays users to read promotional emails, play online games, search the web, sign up for offers, refer friends and complete surveys. You accrue cash for your efforts.

Payment Type: Check, prepaid Visa or gift cards

Earnings Potential: $40-$50 per month

Time Required: 1-2 hours per day

3. Amazon MTurk Data Tasks

How It Works: Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) offers numerous micro tasks requiring human intelligence like data entry, transcription, categorization, survey participation and content moderation.

Payment Type: Cash via bank transfer or gift card credit

Earnings Potential: $10-$20 per hour

Time Required: Flexible; work as little or as much as you want

4. Survey Junkie Market Research Surveys

How It Works: Survey Junkie partners with market research firms to connect users with paid surveys on various topics that support development of new products and services. Surveys pay out via points you accumulate and cash out.

Payment Type: Cash outs via PayPal

Earnings Potential: $50-$100 per month

Time Required: 30 mins per day

5. Ibotta Cash Back & Rewards

How It Works: Ibotta app users earn cash back for things they purchase in addition to bonuses for watching videos, taking surveys referrals and completing partner offers in the app. You simply scan your purchase receipt to get your cash rewards.

Payment Type: Cash via PayPal or gift cards

Earnings Potential: $40-$100 per month

Time Required: 5-10 mins per day plus grocery shopping

6. Pinecone Research Exclusive Surveys

How It Works: Pinecone Research emails you invitations to participate in surveys for major consumer brands and products. These longer surveys pay very well compared to many platforms.

Payment Type: Checks or Prepaid Visa Cards

Earnings Potential: $3-$5 per survey; $50-$75 per month

Time Required: 2-3 surveys per month at 15-20 mins each

7. Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel

How It Works: By installing the Nielsen meter on devices, you passively share your internet browsing behaviors which informs website audience insights and internet trend data.

Payment Type: Cash rewards accrue in your Nielsen account

Earnings Potential: $50-$100 per year

Time Required: Completely passive

8. QuickThoughts Short Surveys

How It Works: QuickThoughts users complete short surveys via mobile app answering basic questions on everyday products and services. Each survey takes just a couple minutes.

Payment Type: Gift cards or cash via PayPal

Earnings Potential: Up to $1-3 per survey; $40-$60 per month

Time Required: 10-15 mins per day

9. Branded Surveys

How It Works: Branded Surveys matches you with paid surveys from major consumer brands tailored to your demographics and interests. This helps companies shape future products and marketing.

Payment Type: Cash out via PayPal

Earnings Potential: $1-$5 per survey; $50+ per month

Time Required: 15-20 mins per survey; 5-10 surveys per month

10. Upvoice Browsing Data Panel

How It Works: Upvoice browser extension tracks your web browsing activity passively to analyze digital behavior patterns and inform industry insights. Data is anonymous.

Payment Type: Gift cards or Cash via PayPal

Earnings Potential: Starts at $5 per month

Time Required: Entirely passive

11. LifePoints Rewards Community

How It Works: LifePoints rewards users for completing surveys, reading emails, watching promotional videos, signing up for offers, referring friends and more. You accumulate LifePoints to redeem rewards.

Payment Type: Gift card rewards

Earnings Potential: $10-$20 per month in rewards

Time Required: 30-60 mins per week

12. PanelPolls App Surveys

How It Works: PanelPoll focuses quick two-minute surveys delivered via web and mobile apps. The more surveys you complete, the more your points add up. Most surveys involve product feedback.

Payment Type: Cash outs via PayPal or Venmo

Earnings Potential: Up to $4 per survey; $30-$50 per month

Time Required: 10-15 mins per day

13. Swagbucks Answers Product Surveys

How It Works: Swagbucks Answers focuses short 1-2 minute product surveys for major brands delivered via web or mobile app. Each pays between .10-.20 cents with bonuses available.

Payment Type: Cash out SB points for gift cards/PayPal

Earnings Potential: $10 per month

Time Required: 10-15 mins per day

14. 1Q Crowdsourced Answers

How It Works: Users anonymously answer one question at a time from the 1Q app for .25 cents each. Brands and businesses submit questions to get the public‘s opinion.

Payment Type: Cash out to PayPal account

Earnings Potential: Approximately $5 per month

Time Required: 5 mins per day

15. Google Opinion Rewards Surveys

How It Works: Answer basic surveys delivered via the Google Opinion Rewards app related to places you visit, videos you watch, etc. to give feedback anonymously.

Payment Type: Google Play credit

Earnings Potential: $5-$10 month

Time Required: Completely passive

16. SurveyMonkey Rewards

How It Works: SurveyMonkey Contribute asks you snap polls, reviews, Q&As and other microtasks to help improve SurveyMonkey’s business solutions.

Payment Type: Sweepstakes entries

Earnings Potential: Prize drawings from $5 up to $100

Time Required: 5 mins per week

17. SurveyMini Crowdsourced Q&A

How It Works: Users submit or answer intriguing questions on SurveyMini and earn points for participation which can be redeemed for cash. The more questions you submit and answer, the more you earn.

Payment Type: Cash via PayPal

Earnings Potential: Around .50 per survey; $10 per month

Time Required: 5-10 mins per day

18. Product Report Card

How It Works: Review products you recently purchased via Product Report Card app providing pros/cons and star ratings to inform others and brands. The more reviews you leave the more entries you gain to win rewards.

Payment Type: Sweepstakes entries

Earnings Potential: Drawings from $5 to $500

Time Required: 10 mins per month

19. Shopkick Cash Back & Rewards

How It Works: Shopkick app pays users to walk into stores, scan item barcodes and make qualifying purchases, along with referrals. You build up “kicks” to redeem for gift cards.

Payment Type: Gift card rewards to popular retailers

Earnings Potential: $2-$5 per store visit; $100 per year

Time Required: Completely passive

20. receipthog Receipt Scans

How It Works: Users earn coins by scanning paper/email receipts via the ReceiptHog app. The app uses receipt data to improve retail analytics. Coins accumulate for redeeming rewards.

Payment Type: Gift card rewards or charity donations

Earnings Potential: $5 per month

Time Required: 2-3 Receipt Scans per Week; 5 mins per week

And there you have it – a detailed overview of 20 of my top picks for legitimately earning extra cash from easy, quick form filling jobs requiring nothing but internet access and spare time.

Optimizing Your Efforts: 5 Pro Tips

Here are a few expert tips to boost your productivity and maximize earnings with form filling:

  • Set a daily time goal for consistency: Block off 30 mins – 1 hour each day
  • Cash out earnings ASAP: Don’t lose track of your earnings – cash out frequently
  • Use multiple platforms: Combining a few choice options diversifies your income
  • Have realistic expectations: Most won’t make you rich, but provide nice side income
  • Take your time: Thoughtful, honest answers get better rewards than rushed responses

The Bottom Line

In closing, I highly recommend form filling jobs to round out income streams for entrepreneurs and small business owners. The extra earnings you pocket from these gigs can really add up over time when consistently invested an hour or less daily.

Plus the ultra flexible, virtual nature of these opportunities makes it possible to fit the work in whenever you have small blocks of spare time without getting in the way of your broader business priorities and commitments.

Give a few of these excellent platforms a try to effortlessly bolster your bank account each month!