Is FollowersUp Legit for Growing Your Instagram Following? An In-Depth Review

As a consultant who assists small businesses and influencers with their social media growth strategies, I‘m often asked about services like FollowersUp that promise to grow your Instagram followers and engagement.

In this comprehensive review, I‘ll examine if FollowersUp is a credible, worthwhile service or not.

A Booming Industry, But Beware of Shady Providers

The social media growth industry has exploded in recent years. By one estimate, it‘s now over a $4 billion market globally [1].

But with so many providers promising followers and likes, it‘s buyer beware. Many deliver fake bot followers or stolen accounts that are inactive and do more harm than good [2].

So I take great care when evaluating services to ensure I only recommend legitimate options to my clients.

What is FollowersUp?

FollowersUp launched in 2014 as a service focused solely on growing Instagram accounts through followers, likes, views, and comments.

It has since expanded to other platforms like Facebook and YouTube, but Instagram remains its bread and butter.

FollowersUp serves over 10,000 customers, ranging from individuals to Fortune 500 companies. Packages start as low as $3 and go up to several thousand dollars for mega followers orders.

Some key facts about FollowersUp:

  • Based in the US with 24/7 customer support.
  • Uses secure 256-bit SSL encryption for payments.
  • Does not require your Instagram password.
  • Claims to deliver high-quality, real human accounts.
  • Gradual delivery to appear more natural.
  • Offer a refund if you‘re not satisfied.

Now let‘s analyze whether these claims hold up…

Evaluating FollowersUp‘s Credibility and Safety

Based on my extensive research and testing of over a dozen Instagram growth services, here are the key factors I look for to determine if a provider is legitimate and safe to use:

Website Security

FollowersUp‘s website is fully encrypted with HTTPS and uses SSL connections for transactions. This protects your data and payments from interception.

Many shady services use unsecured HTTP sites.

Social Proof and Reviews

I look for authentic reviews on independent websites like TrustPilot (where FollowersUp has a 4.8/5 rating). I also test the service personally and ask clients for feedback.

Overall, third-party reviews indicate FollowersUp reliably delivers orders as advertised.

Refund Policies

FollowersUp offers a refund if you‘re not fully satisfied within 10 days of order completion. This allows you to evaluate the new followers.

Many questionable providers do not offer refunds.

Password Security

FollowersUp does not ask for your Instagram password. You only provide your username. This is essential for protecting your account.

Follower Quality and Retention

Based on my research and trials, the followers delivered by FollowersUp do appear to be real, active accounts.

That said, some follower drop-off is expected over time as people unfollow accounts. But the retention has been better than most similar services I‘ve tested.

Gradual Delivery

Receiving thousands of new followers overnight would look extremely fake.

FollowersUp gradually delivers the followers over several days, making it appear more organic. This is a sign of a credible service.

Pricing Transparency

FollowersUp displays all its pricing clearly on the website. There are no hidden fees or surprise upsells.

This level of transparency is positive.

Examining FollowersUp‘s Packages

FollowersUp offers a range of packages to meet different needs and budgets:

Package Price
100 Followers $3.99
500 Followers $12.99
1,000 Followers $24.99
5,000 Followers $59.99
10,000 Followers $114.99

These prices are quite reasonable compared to competitors I‘ve used that charge 2-3x more for similar follower amounts.

In addition to followers, they also offer likes, views, story views, and more. Complete pricing is available on their website.

Pros and Cons of Using FollowersUp

Based on my extensive evaluation, here are the core pros and cons of using FollowersUp:


  • Well-established company with years of reliable service.
  • Secure website and able to protect Instagram account safety.
  • Reasonably priced packages compared to competitors.
  • Gradual delivery appears natural.
  • Realistic looking followers from active accounts.
  • Helpful 24/7 customer support.


  • Packages could offer more followers for the price, but still reasonable.
  • No free trial offered to test out the service.
  • Some followers will inevitably unfollow over time.

My Conclusion as a Small Business Advisor

While I can never fully guarantee any third-party service, I feel confident recommending FollowersUp as a legitimate method for getting your Instagram profile off the ground and accumulating an initial core following.

The security protocols, quality followers, and overall value make it my top choice to suggest to small business owners and influencers who need an extra push to get their Instagram profiles moving.

Just be sure you have great content to engage the new audience long-term. With strategic posting and community building, these can become actual fans instead of just vanity numbers.

I would start with small FollowersUp orders to trial the service, then order more as needed. Use their support team for any issues.

For the price, FollowersUp can provide an excellent jump start as part of your overall Instagram marketing strategy. But sustained growth requires captivating content and outreach.

Have you used services like FollowersUp successfully? I‘d love to hear your experiences in the comments!