Flock Social Reviews 2023 – An In-Depth Look at This Instagram Growth Service

Expanding your reach and gaining followers on Instagram can be a long and frustrating slog. That‘s why so many business owners and creators now turn to growth services like Flock Social.

But how well does Flock Social actually perform? Are the followers and engagement real and sustained? Is it worth the monthly price?

As a consultant who guides small businesses on cost-effective social media growth tactics, I‘ve done extensive research on Instagram automation services. In this detailed Flock Social review, I‘ll share my in-depth analysis as both a digital marketer and small business owner to help you determine if it‘s the right solution.

A Quick Background on Flock Social

First, let‘s look at Flock Social‘s origins to provide helpful context before diving into their services and performance.

Flock Social originally started in 2018 as Stim Social, founded by marketing expert Alex Fedotoff. They initially used automation and bots to deliver fast Instagram follower growth.

But in early 2020, Instagram cracked down on these practices and banned Stim Social. Many customers lost followers or found the growth unsustainable.

Taking this as a learning opportunity, Alex and his team revamped their approach. They relaunched as Flock Social in July 2020 with a new focus on 100% organic growth tactics aligned with Instagram‘s terms.

This quick response and rebound shows Flock‘s dedication to providing real value to clients in the long-term. They easily could have shuttered after the ban but instead chose to double down on compliance and quality.

How Does Flock Social Grow Instagram Followers?

Flock Social‘s service is centered around manual efforts to engage real Instagram users related to your niche in order to build an audience that sticks.

Some of their key organic growth tactics include:

  • Strategic following and unfollowing of accounts likely to follow you back
  • Liking and commenting on posts from your target audience
  • Interacting with Stories to boost visibility
  • Finding and using relevant hashtags to get on the radar of those interested in your content
  • Sharing your posts and messaging potential collaborators
  • Monitoring analytics to refine approaches

According to Flock Social and confirmed by client reviews, this hands-on process tends to deliver gains of 500-1500 real, engaged followers per month on average. But exact growth rates will vary based on your account size, niche, and activity level.

The key is that these are genuine, human-driven actions not bots. So the resulting followers are real people organically discovering your brand.

Why You Want Targeted Human Growth Over Fake Followers

While services that promise 10k instant followers might be tempting, it almost always backfires. These "followers" end up being bots, inactive accounts, or random users unlikely to ever engage.

Not only does this hurt your credibility, but Instagram‘s algorithms actually suppress reach and visibility for accounts with high fake follower ratios. Having 10k fake followers generates no value for your business.

With Flock Social‘s targeted human approach, every new follower represents a real potential customer, client, or engaged audience member. Even 500 of these followers provides far more value than 10x as many disengaged accounts.

Patience and consistent human effort trump shortcuts when building a brand on social platforms designed to reward authentic engagement. Flock focuses on doing this the right way.

Examining Key Flock Social Features

Flock Social offers a core set of organic growth features to help expand your Instagram presence, including:

  • Targeted Following & Unfollowing

    Flock‘s team follows then unfollows accounts likely to follow you back based on relevant interests. This exposes you to new potential followers.

  • Content Liking & Commenting

    They interact with posts from audiences aligned with your brand to spark interest. All actions are manual, not bot-driven.

  • Story Engagement

    Your stories get viewed and responded to by real team members, which signals relevance to Instagram.

  • Geotargeting

    Grow local followers by targeting users in your city, state, or country.

  • Hashtag Research

    They identify and use hashtags optimized for reaching your ideal audience.

  • Competitor Research

    Flock studies influencers and competitors in your space to inform strategy.

  • Account Monitoring

    They watch your growth and activity metrics to refine approaches.

  • Engagement Pods

    Join relevant engagement pods of fellow creators to cross-promote content.

These features cover the core organic growth fundamentals quite well for Flock‘s reasonable monthly price of $49-$99 depending on plan.

While some higher-end services offer more advanced analytics, content planning, and scheduling, Flock Social delivers on the essentials. It‘s a great entry point for small businesses new to outsourced social growth.

What Customers Are Saying in Flock Social Reviews

Looking at first-hand experiences from real Flock Social customers provides the most valuable perspective on their offering.

Flock currently maintains a strong 4 out 5-star overall rating on TrustPilot based on 700+ reviews. Here are some common themes from their customers:

  • Most users are pleased with the quality and engagement of the new followers gained through Flock‘s organic efforts. They find the growth genuine.
  • Multiple reviews highlight great customer support from Flock‘s team. They are responsive to questions and concerns.
  • Some users complain about slower than expected follower growth. This is simply the tradeoff for Flock‘s manual approach vs automation.
  • Few issues reported around fake followers, growth drops, or other problems indicative of shady practices. Flock seems to stay compliance-focused.
  • Users appreciate Flock‘s transparency and accountability. They follow-up if goals aren‘t met and make adjustments.

Overall, customer sentiment skews positive from those who entered with realistic expectations around the timeline for organic growth. Flock Social satisfies most who diligently work with their team.

Evaluating the Safety of Using Flock Social

Whenever handing your Instagram login details to a third-party, it‘s reasonable to have safety concerns.

Based on my research, there are a few key signs Flock Social can be considered a safe and compliant Instagram growth service:

  • They shifted fully to organic growth tactics after their ban experience, suggesting dedication to following Instagram‘s terms.
  • Flock only asks for your username and password to get started. This limits security risks compared to services that request personal info.
  • They use two-factor authentication and other privacy best practices to secure accounts under management.
  • Flock Social has a public business listing and US corporate address, unlike shady fly-by-night operators. This instills confidence in their legitimacy.
  • I found no major red flags in reviews around fake followers or compromises after vetting them extensively.

However, there are never absolute guarantees when using third-party services. Make sure to start slowly and monitor your profile daily for any suspicious activity. Stop immediately if you have any concerns.

Choosing the Right Flock Social Plan

Flock Social offers two straightforward paid plans and a free trial:

  • Rising Star – $49/mo

    Best for newer accounts. Includes core organic growth features.

  • Business – $99/mo

    Additional outreach and targeting options for established brands.

  • Free 3-Day Trial

    Test drive the service before paying. No credit card required.

Based on their reputation and customer reviews, I suggest starting with the Rising Star plan. It delivers strong value for the price.

Be sure to use the 3-day trial to gauge early results and get a feel for Flock‘s team. Then you can always upgrade later if needed.

For context, here‘s how Flock‘s plans compare to some competitors I often recommend:

Service Rising Star Business
Flock Social $49/mo $99/mo
Nitreo $99/mo $149/mo
Successional $99/mo $149/mo
Skweezer $97/mo $147/mo

Flock remains very reasonably priced, especially for small businesses on tighter marketing budgets.

The Pros and Cons of Using Flock Social

Based on my extensive research and consulting experience, here are the core pros and cons of using Flock Social for Instagram growth:


  • 100% organic growth aligned with Instagram‘s terms
  • Cost-effective pricing, especially for entry-level plan
  • Strong customer support responsiveness
  • Positive reputation with few issues reported
  • Free trial available to test service


  • Slower follower growth pace than bots/automation
  • Relatively limited analytics compared to some competitors
  • No long-term guarantees (typical of growth services)
  • Granting an external service access to your profile is inherently risky

Overall, the pros seem to outweigh the cons, assuming you approach with reasonable expectations. But every business‘ needs are unique.

My Professional Take: A Safe Starter Option for Organic Growth

In my opinion as a business consultant focused on efficient social media growth, Flock Social provides a legitimate starting point for brands new to outsourced Instagram management.

The organic-only approach means follower growth takes patience and consistency over time. But followers gained through human engagement retain much better than fake or bot-driven growth.

I suggest trying the free trial first, then starting with the reasonably priced Rising Star plan to assess results. Monitor your activity daily and stop using immediately if you notice anything suspicious.

For small businesses on tight budgets, Flock Social provides solid value. As you scale, consider upgrading to their Business plan or a premium service that includes more analytics and content features.

The key is setting realistic expectations. Consistency and high-quality content will drive organic growth over time better than any "get big quick" tactic.

Let me know in the comments if you have any other questions about maximizing a service like Flock as part of your small business Instagram strategy! I‘m happy to offer my insight as a consultant focused on efficient social media growth for entrepreneurs and startups.