A Small Business Owner‘s In-Depth Guide to Falcon Social

As an entrepreneurship consultant with over 10 years of experience helping small businesses expand through digital marketing, I often get asked about tools to manage social media more effectively. One platform that comes up again and again is Falcon Social.

In this comprehensive review, I‘ll analyze if Falcon Social is worth the investment for small and medium-sized business owners looking to step up their social media game.

The Promise and Perils of Social Media Marketing

Over 4.5 billion people now use social media worldwide. For small businesses, platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter offer an unparalleled opportunity to cost-effectively connect with target audiences.

However, many entrepreneurs struggle to balance the time needed to create captivating content and strategically engage followers daily across multiple channels. This often leads to sporadic, ineffective posting that fails to drive meaningful business results.

An In-Depth Analysis of Falcon Social‘s Features

Falcon Social offers a suite of social media marketing tools to address these small business challenges, including:

Post Scheduling and Queueing

The platform‘s scheduling features allow users to plan posts and engagement in advance across accounts. This saves the hassle of manual daily logins. You can also create post queues for an entire week or month with just a few clicks.

Audience Targeting and Growth Tools

Falcon Social makes it easy to target content and engagement towards your ideal follower demographics including location, gender, interests, and more. For growth, they offer follow/unfollow automation to strategically expand your reach.

Analytics and Insight Dashboards

Users get access to in-depth analytics on post performance, top-engaging followers, hashtag usage, and more. These insights help you continually refine your approach for better results.

Sample monthly pricing tiers:

Package Cost Ideal For
Starter $47/mo Early stage accounts looking for initial growth
Professional $97/mo Established brands aiming to expand reach
Enterprise $197+/mo Large company accounts with multiple handles

Examining the Up and Downsides

Based on my experience and reviewing Falcon Social firsthand, here are some notable pros and cons:


  • Comprehensive features to systemize cross-channel posting
  • Scales from early stage brands to large multi-account companies
  • Very affordable compared to hiring in-house social staff
  • Intuitive UX and thorough onboarding resources

"Posting 10x more content now thanks to Falcon‘s automation. My engagement is way up across Instagram and Facebook!" [- Sarah C., Ecommerce Store Owner]


  • Can take some time to optimize automation for each account
  • Advanced analytics lacking compared to standalone tools like Sprout Social
  • Risk of too much robotic activity if automation isn‘t configured properly

"It took nearly a month to tweak my target audiences and posting cadence. But now I‘m seeing great consistent growth." [- Mark K., Marketing Consultant]

So while Falcon isn‘t a flawless "set and forget" solution, with some patience during onboarding, it can effectively systemize cross-channel posting at an affordable price.

Final Recommendation: A Value-Packed Option for Small Business Owners

For solopreneurs, boutiques, agencies and other small operations lacking dedicated marketing staff, Falcon Social brings automation and insights that are typically only accessible to large corporations.

The platform scales from early stage accounts to those managing multiple handles with social media managers, community leaders and more. So you can keep leveraging Falcon even as your business and online presence grows.

While the tool isn‘t without some ramp-up effort and limitations, the vast majority of small business owners will find immense value from Falcon Social for the monthly price.

I happily recommend test-driving their two week free trial. Evaluate if the platform is a fit before committing any marketing budget. Falcon‘s customer service team is also very responsive if you have any other questions.

Disclosure: This review is meant for informational purposes only. The author has no affiliation with Falcon Social.