10 NEW Facebook Video Statistics Every Small Business Owner Needs to Know in 2024

Video content has exploded on Facebook in recent years. As a small business owner, staying up to date on the latest viewing trends and engagement data is crucial for developing an effective video marketing strategy.

I‘ve explored the most insightful Facebook video statistics as a small business consultant to help entrepreneurs succeed with video content in 2024 and beyond.

Over 100 Million Hours of Video Watched Daily

The scale of video consumption on Facebook is staggering – over 100 million hours of video are watched every day. For context, that‘s more than 11,000 years of video viewed daily!

As a small business, capturing even a sliver of this huge viewership can lead to major dividends in brand awareness and engagement.

Strategically optimizing your video content for Facebook can help grab share of voice. Consider experimenting with different video formats, lengths and captions to boost view duration. Shorter videos often thrive on Facebook – try starting with 1-2 minute video ads and monitor engagement.

60% of Views Driven By Influencers

Influencers dominate the Facebook video landscape, driving 60% of total video views. The remaining views come from media companies (30%) and brands/aggregators (10%).

Collaborating with relevant influencers provides small businesses with a major opportunity to reach highly engaged audiences. Make sure to do your research to find influencers that authentically align with your brand.

Micro and nano influencers are often more affordable options with highly engaged niches. I‘ve seen great success from brands partnering creatively with both major and minor influencers. Don‘t be afraid to think outside the box!

Facebook Watch Exceeds 1.25 Billion Monthly Viewers

Facebook Watch has become a juggernaut since launching in 2018, garnering over 1.25 billion monthly viewers. The dedicated video hub allows endless content discovery.

Getting your business‘ video content featured on Watch can provide great exposure. Facebook‘s algorithm favors videos that entertain and inspire emotions. Useful DIY projects and behind-the-scenes company culture videos tend to resonate well.

I recommend reviewing Facebook Watch‘s content submission guidelines and fine-tuning videos to align with its criteria. Participating in Watch represents a major opportunity for small businesses.

Most Popular Video Pages Offer Emotional Resonance

In early 2020, The Dodo reigned as the most engaging video page on Facebook thanks to its feel-good animal stories. Funniest Family Moments also ranked highly by sharing laugh-out-loud moments.

This shows the power of emotion-evoking video content. As a small business, aim to spark an emotional connection with your audience. Showcase company culture, community impact or founder stories.

Branded entertainment can help you resonate with viewers. For example, an ice cream shop could partner with an animator to produce a cute animated series. Get creative!

LADbible Rules Facebook Video Views

With over 1.6 billion Facebook video views, LADbible leads as the platform‘s most viewed video publisher. Following closely are UNILAD, Viral TRND and 5-Minute Crafts.

These top publishers produce video content tailored expertly for the Facebook audience and ecosystem. For example, 5-Minute Crafts makes snackable DIY videos perfectly suited for in-feed mobile viewing.

Analyze what makes these successful publishers‘ videos work and apply similar strategies to your own content. Study video length, hooks and captions that capture attention fast.

Daily Watch Time Reflects Video‘s Hold on Viewers

On average, Facebook users spend 26 minutes daily consuming videos. With users dedicating over a quarter of an hour to video daily, it clearly offers major engagement potential.

To increase view duration for your business‘ videos, ensure you quickly hook the viewer. Appealing thumbnails, strong openings and concise messaging help capture interest.

Consider adding Facebook Video polls or asks viewers questions in captions to further drive engagement. Gamify your videos by incorporating interactive elements when possible.

Viral Pranks Prove the Power of Shareability

Paramount Pictures achieved unprecedented virality with "Rings Prank", amassing over 200 million Facebook views in just 24 hours. The video capitalized perfectly on viewers‘ appetite for creepy, shocking content related to the horror franchise.

While pranks may not fit your brand, this statistic demonstrates the immense potential of creating highly shareable video content. Identify what would delight your audience and get them buzzing.

Show behind-the-scenes footage of how products are made or spotlight fun employee events. Shareability stems from content that elicits emotions.

Video Outperforms Other Post Types

Videos significantly outperform other post types on Facebook, driving 59% higher engagement. This makes video central to succeeding on the platform.

Yet simply posting any video won‘t cut it. You must capture attention quickly while conveying your branding and messaging clearly.

Hook viewers in the first 3 seconds with compelling visuals. Use captions effectively to communicate key information. Choose a consistent video style that becomes recognizable as your brand.

Mobile and Square Videos Are Ideal for In-Feed

Here‘s why video format matters: Square videos require 7.5% less investment to achieve engagement versus landscape videos on Facebook.

This indicates that mobile-focused, square videos thrive on the platform. Over 75% of video views happen on mobile devices. Landscape orientation doesn‘t work as well for in-feed viewing.

Design your video content to be viewed in-feed on smartphones and tablets. Use square or vertical orientations. Avoid letterboxing that can frustrate viewers.

Additional Stats to Inform Your Facebook Video Strategy

  • 85% of Facebook video views are with sound on
  • Video captions boost view time by 12% on average
  • Friday is the highest traffic day for video
  • Videos under 2 minutes long see the most engagement
  • 1 in 5 Facebook videos are live broadcasts
  • 18-34 year olds watch the most Facebook video

Let data guide your video strategy. Analyze engagement metrics to optimize video length, formats, captions, release days and more. Continue monitoring latest Facebook video statistics to remain agile and impactful.

Key Takeaways for Small Business Video Marketing

With Facebook video continuing its meteoric rise, incorporating video content centrally into your marketing strategy is essential for success. But simply posting any videos won‘t suffice.

Leverage data and emotional storytelling. Craft mobile-friendly videos optimized for how today‘s audiences consume content. Collaborate with influencers and content publishers to expand reach.

Stay on top of the latest video statistics to position your business for sustainable growth and profits in 2024.