How Many Emails Are Sent Per Day in 2023? (UPDATED)

Do you want to know how many emails are sent per day and other exciting information about emails? As an entrepreneurship consultant dedicated to starting, assisting, and expanding small and medium-sized businesses, this article is for you!

Email Volume Continues Climbing

Email is not dead! An estimated 347 billion emails are sent globally every single day as of 2023 based on recent research. This number is expected to grow to over 390 billion by 2026.

To put into perspective how ingrained email is in our work and personal communication:

  • The average office employee sends 40 emails daily
  • And receives around 121 emails per day
  • 60% of people check email multiple times daily

Email‘s convenience and efficiency continues driving these staggering numbers upwards despite messaging apps gaining popularity.

💡 Takeaway: Far from declining, email usage has absolutely exploded in volume in recent years. Businesses must continue leveraging email while being mindful of spam.

Spam at Epidemic Levels

Perhaps surprisingly, over 85% of emails sent globally qualify as spam based on Kaspersky research.

  • That equates to over 300 billion spam emails daily
  • Share of spam peaked at 45% of all emails in 2021

This includes scam emails, hoaxes, malware, and unwanted marketing emails from unauthorized senders. Managing spam remains a headache for both individuals and businesses.

Spam directly threatens productivity and security for email users large and small. Implementing protections needs to be a top priority.

United States Leads the Pack

Analyzing by country, the United States generates the most email traffic.

  • Over 9 billion emails are sent daily from the US
  • 8 billion of those are spam showing the scale of the problem

Germany and China also hit email volumes of approximately 9 billion per day each. Other countries sending over 8 billion emails daily include the UK, France, Brazil, and Russia.

Generally more developed countries with greater Internet and technology penetration see much higher email usage.

emails sent per country

😃 The United States presents a prime market for email campaigns given its 270+ million addressable inboxes!

Tuesday Through Thursday Prime Time

Extensive research on engagement data shows particular times see much higher open and response rates compared to others.

The peak days and times:

  • Tuesday to Thursday from 8 AM – 3 PM
  • Avoid evenings, nights, weekends

With 124 million Americans starting their day by checking email, focusing outgoing campaigns during typical working hours allows your messages to catch recipients during a prime engagement period.

Understanding the incredible scale of email and trends lies at the foundation of running an effective digital marketing strategy for any modern small business.

While messaging apps come and go, the 347 billion emails rocketing across networks daily are evidence email is going nowhere. My over 15 years advising startups has shown me email remains one of the most cost-effective ways to reach customers new and old.

Yet unchecked spam degrades the user experience while bombers and malicious actors threaten security. There is no simple solution, but a multifaceted defense-in-depth approach can help businesses mitigate risks.

Timing genuine email campaigns around engagement data also optimizes traction. Let me know in the comments if you have any other questions!