EazyViral Review 2023: An In-Depth Look at Its Services, Legitimacy and Alternatives

As an entrepreneurship consultant with over a decade of experience, I often caution clients against promises of quick social media growth. While services like EazyViral may seem tempting, in my expert opinion, the risks outweigh any potential rewards. In this comprehensive review, I‘ll analyze EazyViral‘s offerings in-depth, assess their legitimacy, and offer safer alternatives. My aim is to provide fellow entrepreneurs the information needed to make smart decisions and avoid pitfalls.

A Summary of EazyViral‘s Offerings

EazyViral markets itself as a way to quickly grow your YouTube channel by purchasing monetized channels and watch time hours. But does the reality live up to the promises? Let‘s look at what they offer:

  • Monetized Channels: EazyViral sells channels with 1,000+ subscribers and 4,000+ watch hours from the past year, claiming to fully transfer ownership. However, channels start at a steep $249.
  • YouTube Watch Time Hours: Packages of 100, 500, 1000, or 5000 watch time hours are available to help channels get approved for monetization faster. At $0.90 per 100 hours, costs add up quickly.

Unfortunately, EazyViral does not provide key details about the sources of the channels and watch time hours. There is no verification on content quality, audience authenticity, or ongoing ad revenue potential. This lack of transparency is a major red flag.

Warning Signs: What Makes EazyViral Risky

In my experience advising clients on social media growth strategies, several factors stand out that indicate EazyViral is likely unsafe and illegitimate:

  • No Seller Verification: EazyViral does not explain any vetting process for validating sellers actually own the channels. This raises concerns about legal channel ownership.
  • No Audience Verification: There are no details provided on processes for checking subscribers and views for fake or bot accounts. Low-quality audiences lead to poor retention and monetization rates.
  • Overpriced Services: Based on my expertise in social media marketing costs, EazyViral‘s pricing for channels and views are excessively high and out of line with industry rates. This signals profiteering off desperate buyers.
  • Lack of Customer Support: Shockingly, EazyViral provides no live chat, phone, email or other customer support. For purchases involving account ownership, this lack of support is unacceptable from a legitimate business.

Scam Risk: Across scam monitoring websites, numerous buyers report issues like failing to receive purchased products and channels getting deactivated after purchase. These issues point to likely fraud.

On SiteJabber, EazyViral has a 1 out of 5 star rating based on 15 reviews, with 93% giving just 1 star for terrible experiences.

YouTube Policy Violations: Selling channels and watch time hours violates YouTube‘s Terms of Service. My clients could face penalties for involvement in these prohibited growth tactics.

With over a decade of social media marketing experience, I am confident EazyViral shows multiple red flags of an unsafe, scam operation. The risks of account bans, fraudulent products, and wasted money make it a company to avoid.

Vetted Alternatives for Safer YouTube Growth

While EazyViral appears untrustworthy, there are safer options for purchasing YouTube channels and authority that I recommend after thorough vetting:

  • UseViral has stringent processes for verifying sellers own channels and checking audience quality. Their support team is available to handle any issues with purchases and transfers.
  • SidesMedia emphasizes transparency in their safety and verification processes. Their rigor gives confidence in the legitimacy of their offered growth services.
  • MediaMister has been a trusted provider in this space for years due to their focus on delivering real views and subscribers safely. Their experience makes them reliable.

The best services utilize robust processes to ensure buying channels and views won‘t put your account at risk. Based on my in-depth evaluations, these alternatives provide the safety and legitimacy my clients need.

My Expert Verdict: Avoid EazyViral Due to Serious Red Flags

In summary, based on examining the services, pricing, legitimacy, safeness, and alternatives, I cannot recommend entrepreneurs risk their channels with EazyViral. Too many warning signs point to potential policy violations, fraud risks, and wasted money.

My advice is to always thoroughly research companies promising quick YouTube growth and carefully weigh risks. As an experienced consultant, I urge fellow entrepreneurs to consider safer alternatives for growing your channel and protecting your hard work. Don‘t let tempting-but-risky offers derail the channel you‘ve invested in building.