21 Fun and Profitable Dog Business Ideas for Pet Lovers to Fetch Good Money

The pet industry has been growing at a healthy clip, with over $103 billion in sales in 2021 in the US alone [1]. As pet ownership increases, so does spending – the American Pet Products Association found that dog owners spent an average of $1,480 on their pets in 2021 [2]. For dog lovers looking to turn their passion into a business, there‘s huge potential to tap into this highly engaged market.

As a small business consultant who has helped dozens of entrepreneurs start pet-related ventures, I‘ve seen firsthand how rewarding and profitable these businesses can be when executed strategically. Based on my experience, here are 21 creative, fun and lucrative dog business ideas for fellow pet enthusiasts to consider.

1. Dog Trainer

The dog training industry rakes in over $330 million annually in the US [3]. With countless dogs needing obedience training, behavioral modification, tricks and more, skilled trainers are in high demand.

Startup costs: Approximately $1,000-$5,000 for training certifications, training space rental, equipment like treats and toys.

Top tips: Get certified through organizations like the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers. Offer specialty classes like aggression management or therapy dog training.

Potential earnings: Dog trainers charge $30-120 per hour, with annual salaries ranging from $26,000 for entry-level to $60,600 for experienced trainers [4].

2. Dog Walker

For busy pet owners, hiring a dog walker provides exercise and companionship for their pooch. Build a client base in your neighborhood for this relatively low-cost business.

Startup costs: Around $500 for leashes, waste bags, first aid kit, website.

Top tips: Offer additional services like pet sitting and overnight boarding. Join the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters.

Potential earnings: Dog walkers earn $15-25 per 30-minute walk and $20-50 per day of pet sitting, resulting in annual salaries from $20,000-$40,000 [5].

3. Mobile Pet Groomer

One creative service that provides convenience for clients is a mobile grooming business. Equip a van to provide professional grooming at homes and offices.

Startup costs: Approximately $50,000 to buy, retrofit and stock a van.

Top tips: Partner with veterinarians, trainers and boarding facilities to promote your services. Offer online booking and loyalty programs.

Potential earnings: Pet groomers earn an average of $22.34 per hour, with mobile groomers charging a premium for travel convenience [6]. Top performers can earn over $100,000 annually [7].

4. Doggie Daycare

Combining care and play, doggie daycares meet pet owners‘ needs for supervised care while working. Staff supervise groups, walk dogs, and feed meals.

Startup costs: Around $35,000 for training, licensing, play equipment, staffing.

Top tips: Consider boarding and grooming upsells. 24/7 webcams and photo updates provide owner peace of mind.

Potential earnings: The average doggie daycare owner makes $65,000 annually. High-traffic facilities in metro areas can earn over $150,000 [8].

5. Pet Bakery

Indulge pets with homemade treats like cupcakes, cookies, frozen yogurt and birthday cakes. Sell online or via markets before opening a storefront.

Startup costs: Around $1,000-$3,000 for baking supplies, packaging, website.

Top tips: Focus on specialty diets like grain-free and organic. Partner with groomers, vets, shelters for custom orders.

Potential earnings: Pet bakeries generate over $50,000 on average, with revenues increasing through multiple locations [9].

6. Pet Photographer

Capture adorable pet portraits, holiday cards, senior photos and more as a pet photographer. Attend expos, host events or rent studio space.

Startup costs: Around $2,000-$5,000 for a quality camera, lenses, props, backdrops, website.

Top tips: Offer packages like holiday mini-sessions, "Puppy‘s First Year" milestone photos. Share work on social media.

Potential earnings: Pet photographers earn $30-$175 per hour or session. Successful portrait photographers can earn $40,000-$60,000 annually [10].

7. Dog Waste Removal Service

For pet owners without yards, dog waste removal offers convenient potty break visits. Schedule cleanups on recurring days.

Startup costs: Around $1,000 for supplies like scoopers, disinfectant, signage and website.

Top tips: Offer discounts for multiple dog households. Upsell waste bin cleaning and dog walking.

Potential earnings: Dog waste removal services earn $10-$20 per visit, resulting in annual earnings of $40,000 on average [11].

8. In-Home Pet Boarding

Offer pet sitting and overnight boarding in your own (pet friendly) home. Appealing for anxious pets needing more 1-on-1 care.

Startup costs: Approximately $500 for pet supplies, inspection fees, permits, website.

Top tips: Get licensed and insured. Highlight your home amenities like fenced yards. Share pet guest photos and videos.

Potential earnings: In-home boarders earn $20-$50+ per night, with top earners making up to $80,000 annually [12].

9. Pet Product Manufacturer

Create and sell specialized pet products online or wholesale. Focus on a niche like toys, apparel, leashes or feeding accessories.

Startup costs: Around $2,000-$5,000 for product design, prototyping, website.

Top tips: Use quality materials and smart designs. Reach retailers through pet trade shows.

Potential earnings: Pet product manufacturers can earn over $150,000 in annual revenue on top-selling products [13].

10. Pet Business Consultant

Help fellow entrepreneurs start and grow pet businesses by offering your expertise in planning, marketing, customer service, staffing, policies and more.

Startup costs: Around $2,000 for website, legal setup, marketing materials, training.

Top tips: Continually expand your knowledge of the pet industry. Offer personalized guidance packages.

Potential earnings: Pet business consultants earn from $500-$5,000+ per client. Successful consultants can earn over $150,000 annually [14].

If you have a deep understanding of pets and a passion for business, consider turning your love for dogs into a money-making venture. Research licensing requirements, create a business plan, and leverage social media and community connections to spread the word. With proper planning and effort, you can build a fun, fulfilling and lucrative career around your favorite furry companions.


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