Does Instagram Notify You if Someone Screenshots Your Story or Post in 2024?

As a small business owner marketing yourself or your brand on Instagram, you may have questions around how much control you have over your content once it‘s posted. Can someone freely screenshot your Instagram stories, reels, or feed posts without your knowledge?

I‘m here to provide a detailed, up-to-date guide on Instagram‘s screenshot notification rules and features as they stand in 2024.

A Brief History of Instagram Screenshot Notifications

Instagram has experimented with screenshot notifications in the past, but not for feed posts or stories. Here‘s an overview:

  • In February 2018, Instagram rolled out screenshot notifications for disappearing photo and video messages in Instagram Direct messaging. This continues to be a feature today.
  • Shortly after that, in February 2018, they began testing a separate screenshot notification feature specifically for Instagram Stories.
  • However, this was met with strong user backlash and the company pulled the Instagram Story screenshot notification test by June 2018.

The reasoning behind the user complaints was that Instagram Stories were intended to be transient, not archived, so implementing permanent notifications when someone saved a copy went against the ethos Stories were built upon.

Current Screenshot Behavior on Instagram Stories & Posts

As of 2023, here is Instagram‘s current screenshot notification functionality:

  • You can screenshot any user‘s public feed posts, Instagram Stories, Reels videos, and IGTV videos without them being notified. This is unlikely to change anytime soon after the 2018 user complaints.
  • If you screenshot a disappearing photo or video message sent over Instagram Direct, the sender will be notified via a small star icon next to your name in their messages thread.

So in short – Instagram has no plans to ever show users when you screenshot their non-disappearing content.

The Pros and Cons for Brands if Post Screenshots Were Public

As an entrepreneur active on Instagram, you may have mixed feelings about screenshot notifications. On one hand, a lack of control over your content can be concerning. But increased privacy restrictions could also limit your marketing and analytics capabilities.

Here‘s an overview of some potential pros and cons if Instagram did add feed post or Story screenshot notifications:


  • More brand control over your owned content
  • Ability to track when competitors are mimicking your content
  • Drive more profile visits if followers want to save content


  • Content less likely to be organically reshared
  • Harder to achieve viral distribution
  • Less Instagram Story views if followers feel less comfortable tapping in

Overall, public screenshot notifications do not seem to align with Instagram‘s ethos around viral, visual content distribution. But I‘d keep an eye out as privacy concerns continue to shape social media platforms‘ policies.

Final Thoughts

I hope this guide gave you clarity around Instagram‘s current screenshot notification functionality in 2024. While screenshotting does allow your content to be saved and shared without your knowledge, the overall viral benefits likely outweigh the costs for brands using Instagram.

No update notifications? No problem! Just keep being your amazing visual storytelling self on those Instagram feeds. Your followers clearly love what you‘re posting already if they want to screenshot it!

Let me know in the comments if you have any other questions around marketing yourself or your business on Instagram. I‘m always happy to chat!