How Many People Use Depop? A Deep Dive into the Fashion App‘s Expanding User Base

Interested to learn more about Depop and its immense growth? As an avid Depop user and small business expert, I‘ve closely followed the app‘s rising popularity across the globe. Come along as we explore the statistics revealing just how many people now use Depop annually in 2023 and what‘s driving this momentum.

Steady Climb in Active Users Since 2019

Depop has experienced impressive user growth since 2019:

Year Active Users
2019 3.1 million
2020 4 million
2021 3.3 million
2022 3.1 million

While Depop saw a slight dip from 2020 to 2021, likely due to post-pandemic shifts, the user base quickly rebounded. In 2022, Depop maintained 3.1 million active annual users – evidence of an increasingly strong retention rate.

And with over 35 million users registered on the platform in total now, Depop sits in a strong position for converting registered members into active buyers and sellers.

Why is Depop Gaining Popularity?

Several factors are driving Depop‘s expanding user base:

Gen Z Appeal

Over 90% of Depop‘s users are under the age of 26. The app resonates strongly with Gen Z and younger Millennials seeking unique vintage and streetwear pieces. Depop empowers youth to creatively express themselves through style.

Influencer & Social Media Marketing

Influencers sharing Depop finds with their followers drives interest and sign-ups. The app also utilizes social media incredibly effectively to foster its community.


Buying and selling pre-loved fashion aligns with eco-conscious values appealing to younger generations. Depop‘s emphasis on sustainability gives it a strong edge.

Entrepreneurship Opportunities

By enabling sellers to launch their own small businesses, Depop attracts those eager to monetize their passions. Over 1.8 million users are selling actively on the platform.

Benchmarking Against Top Competitors

How does Depop compare against fashion marketplace rivals like Poshmark and Etsy?

Poshmark reported 75 million registered users in 2022 compared to Depop‘s 35 million. However, Poshmark has a much lower percentage of active users at just 7.5 million annually.

Etsy garnered roughly 90 million buyers in 2022, though many use the platform to purchase non-fashion items like crafts and home goods.

So while competitors may edge out Depop‘s total user base right now, Depop retains an incredibly high percentage of deeply engaged, highly active Gen Z users that outrivals its peers.

The Forecast Calls for Continued Expansion

I believe Depop is still in its early days of growth. As more youth shift towards buying secondhand fashion, Depop will likely expand its user base rapidly in coming years.

Additionally, savvy influencer collaborations and social media marketing will expose Depop to fresh audiences. And the app‘s recent acquisition by Etsy will provide greater resources and exposure.

In summary, Depop is clearly resonating powerfully with millions globally. Expect its popularity to grow exponentially as youth drive momentum towards sustainable, unique fashion and creative entrepreneurship.