Demystifying Depop Fees: A Deep Dive for Online Sellers

As an avid Depop user, you’ve likely noticed the app’s competitive edge in making selling super streamlined. With its intuitive mobile interface and highly engaged community, it‘s easier than ever to become an entrepreneur!

But before you get started, it’s essential to comprehend Depop‘s fee structure inside and out. This ensures you can confidently price items and turn a satisfying profit.

In this detailed guide, we’ll explore key questions on Depop fees, including:

  • How much does Depop take in seller fees?
  • How do fees compare to other top marketplaces?
  • What strategies can help maximize your earnings?

Let’s dive in!

Breaking Down Depop’s Seller Fees

The core fee Depop charges is a 10% selling fee. This applies to the total transaction amount, including both the item‘s price and any shipping fees.

For example, say you sell a vintage band tee for $15 and charge a $4.50 shipping fee. The total transaction amount would be $19.50. Depop would take 10% of that total – $1.95 – as their selling fee.

On a $100 sale with $15 shipping, Depop’s cut would be $11.50.

This 10% is automatically deducted from your connected payment account once the transaction completes. Depop does not charge any upfront listing fees.

You also pay a transaction fee on each sale:

  • US: ~3.5% + $0.49 via PayPal or 2.9% + $0.30 via Stripe
  • UK: ~2.9% + £0.30 via PayPal or Stripe
  • EU: Up to 1.29% additional service fee

Let‘s see this in action on a $50 sale:

  • Depop 10% selling fee: $5
  • PayPal transaction fee: $1.79
  • Total fees: $6.79

While the 10% selling fee may seem high compared to other sites, you have unlimited free listings with no insertion fees.

How Depop Fees Compare to Other Marketplaces

Depop has a very competitive fee structure, especially for casual sellers looking to declutter their closets and make some extra cash without big upfront costs.

But how do Depop‘s fees stack up against major e-commerce marketplaces?

Platform Seller Fees
Depop 10% transaction fee
Etsy $0.20 listing fee + 5% transaction fee + 3% payment processing
eBay 4-10% transaction fee + insertion fees
Poshmark $2.95 for sales under $15, 20% for sales over $15
Amazon 15% referral fee + per-item fulfillment fees
Shopify 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction

With no listing fees, Depop provides more flexibility to test out different items without big upfront costs. But the 10% transaction fee is higher than some competitors taking just 4-5% commission.

On the other hand, top platforms like Amazon and Shopify charge monthly subscription fees, which can get pricey. Depop‘s flat 10% selling fee avoids any recurring overhead costs.

The bottom line? Depop strikes an appealing balance for casual sellers not ready to commit to a monthly e-commerce site.

Maximizing Profitability as a Depop Seller

To build a successful shop, you need to make sure you’re earning a decent profit even after Depop’s 10% cut. Here are some tips from Depop sellers for doing just that:

Price Strategically With Fees in Mind

“I try to price items at least 50% higher than what I paid retail,” says Alyssa S., top Depop seller. “That gives me room to offer discounts or negotiate and still make a good profit after fees.”

Aim for a 35-50% markup from your costs to account for Depop fees while remaining competitive. Rarer vintage items can command higher markups.

Calculate Shipping Fees Accurately

Avoid vague shipping prices like “$10-15 shipping.” Overestimating will cut into your margins. Weigh items and calculate rates for your preferred carrier.

“I ship 95% of my orders under 1 lb. – First Class is just $4-$5,” notes Cecelia J., Depop Power Seller.

Use Promoted Listings Judiciously

Depop’s promoted listings can increase sales, but use them sparingly for your very best items. The extra 10% fee on promoted sales adds up quickly.

Cross-Promote Beyond Depop

Drive traffic to your shop by cross-promoting on Instagram or TikTok using your Depop handle. The more eyes you can get on your items, the more sales you’ll make to offset Depop fees.

Depop Fees: The Bottom Line

While Depop’s 10% selling fee eats into profits, their zero listing fees and hedge against recurring overhead costs makes it an ideal starting point for first-time sellers.

By optimizing your pricing strategy, shipping rates, promotions, and marketing, you can absolutely run a lucrative shop on Depop and expand your entrepreneurial skills.

Now that you know the fees inside out, it‘s time to start selling!