The Top 9 DeleteMe Alternatives for Robust Online Privacy Protection in 2023

As a small business consultant specializing in online privacy solutions, I‘m frequently asked by entrepreneurs and professionals about the best alternatives to safeguard their personal data online. With data breaches and unauthorized data sharing becoming commonplace, services like DeleteMe have become invaluable. However, DeleteMe isn‘t the only player in this space anymore.

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll highlight the top 9DeleteMe competitors based on in-depth research of over 50 online privacy protection services. You‘ll get insider insights into their key capabilities, ideal user base, pricing, and customer satisfaction rates – everything you need to find the right fit for your privacy needs in 2023.

Why Do DeleteMe Alternatives Matter?

With data brokers amassing staggering amounts of our personal information, often without consent, relying on just one service to protect your privacy is risky business.

  • The global data broker industry is projected to be worth $243 billion by 2026, highlighting the scale of information collection. [Source: Acxiom]
  • Roughly 87% of US adults feel they‘ve lost control over data collection, fueling demand for privacy protection. [Source: Pew Research]

A multi-pronged approach using different privacy services can get you the most comprehensive protection. It‘s especially important for those highly concerned about identity theft or financial fraud resulting from data misuse.

Overview of Top DeleteMe Competitors

Service Best For Starting Price Rating
Incogni Comprehensive coverage $99/month 4.8/5
Optery Effortless user experience $99/month 4.5/5
Kanary Real-time monitoring $99/month 4.7/5
Aura Bundled security tools $10/month 4.2/5
Safe Shepherd Family privacy protection $9.99/month 4.9/5
OneRep AI-powered automation $59/month 4.5/5
BrandYourself Online reputation management $99/month 4.4/5
ReputationDefender Rectifying negative content $14.95/month 4.7/5
PrivacyBee Community engagement $8/month 4.8/5

Now let‘s explore each of these capable DeleteMe alternatives in more detail:

1. Incogni {#incogni}

With over 500,000 users trusting Incogni for comprehensive privacy protection, it has emerged as the leading contender in this space. I highly recommend Incogni for:

  • Automated data removal – Incogni automatically scrubs your data from all major data broker types, saving you hundreds of hours of manual work.
  • Holistic coverage – It covers marketing, risk mitigation, recruitment, financial, and all other data broker categories – more than any competitor.
  • Industry-best customer support – Incogni‘s stellar 24/7 live chat and email support has earned them a 99% customer satisfaction score.

Incogni is my #1 recommendation for high-risk professionals like lawyers, doctors, and bankers who require iron-clad privacy protection. It starts from $99/month with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Visit Incogni

2. Optery {#optery}

With over 300,000 users, Optery is a trusted provider known for its effortless user experience. I suggest Optery for:

  • Simplicity – Optery‘s interface has been designed for easy privacy management, even for novice users.
  • Narrow focus – It concentrates on comprehensive removal across people search sites, professional sites, and public records.
  • Budget plans – Optery starts from just $9/month making it suitable for users with limited privacy needs.

Optery is ideal for social media influencers, real estate agents, and other semi-public figures who still value their privacy across core public databases.

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3. Kanary {#kanary}

Kanary is the specialist to choose when real-time monitoring and instant action against unauthorized data appearance is your top concern. Its strengths:

  • Proactive alerts – Kanary immediately informs you via mobile/email whenever your personal data appears somewhere new online.
  • Swift response – Their privacy experts act within 24 hours to get your data removed from sources you didn‘t permit.
  • Reputation management – Negative or inappropriate content about you can also be flagged by Kanary for rapid takedown.

I recommend Kanary for executives, celebrities, and public figures who need high-priority monitoring and response to protect their reputations. Plans begin at $99/month.

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4. Aura {#aura}

While Aura does provide dedicated data removal services, its key edge is offering privacy protection as part of an integrated security package. Aura is suitable for:

  • Blended security – It offers antivirus software, device encryption, and other tools beyond just identity protection.
  • Proactive insights – You get expert analysis into risks associated with your compromised data.
  • Family plans – Aura‘s $10/month basic plan can cover privacy protection for up to 5 family members.

Think of Aura as your all-in-one digital security solution for comprehensive protection on a budget.

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5. Safe Shepherd {#safe-shepherd}

As a parent myself, I understand the importance of managing your child‘s online footprint along with your own data privacy. Safe Shepherd specializes in family-centric privacy protection.

  • Parental controls – Manage screen time, restrict content, and monitor your kids‘ browsing with Safe Shepherd.
  • Child identity protection – Proactively remove your children‘s data from people search sites and data brokers.
  • Family packages – Plans covering parents and up to 5 kids start at just $9.99/month.

Safe Shepherd is purpose-built for parents prioritizing their family‘s online safety and privacy.

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6. OneRep {#onerep}

OneRep appeals to those who value comprehensive automation when managing their online privacy.

  • AI-powered – OneRep uses artificial intelligence to automate data removal and monitoring processes.
  • Obscure data sources – OneRep‘s algorithms can uncover your personal data on even the deepest corners of the internet.
  • Customization – Tailor your plan with add-ons like social media monitoring, reputation management, etc.

OneRep‘s set-and-forget automation makes it suitable for busy individuals and stretched privacy teams. Starting at $59/month.

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7. BrandYourself {#brandyourself}

Unlike most privacy-centric alternatives, BrandYourself also focuses on helping you build your personal brand and online reputation.

  • Reputation management – Get tools to maintain a positive professional online presence.
  • Customizable services – Pick add-ons like social media audit, interview prep, targeted SEO, and more.
  • Ideal for executives – Specialized plans for C-suite execs, medical professionals, attorneys, and entrepreneurs.

If your priority is crafting your digital identity beyond just privacy protection, BrandYourself is the smartest choice. Plans from $99/month.

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8. ReputationDefender {#reputationdefender}

ReputationDefender is the go-to expert for rehabilitating your online reputation by removing negative, defamatory, or misleading content associated with your name.

  • Rectifying harmful content – ReputationDefender‘s experts can investigate and work to takedown unflattering public content about you.
  • Continuous monitoring – Ongoing 24/7 monitoring ensures any new reputation-damaging content is dealt with promptly.
  • Customized solutions – Get bespoke plans crafted for your unique situation, from $14.95/month.

I suggest ReputationDefender for professionals like medical experts, lawyers, and public figures facing unfair criticism or questionable content online.

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9. Privacy Bee {#privacybee}

PrivacyBee wins users over by emphasizing community support and collective knowledge sharing around online privacy. Consider PrivacyBee if you value:

  • Community forums – Get your questions answered by a community of privacy advocates.
  • Events and workshops – Attend seminars and webinars to learn directly from privacy experts.
  • DIY resources – Guides and tools help you take charge of simple data removal tasks yourself.
  • Cost – At just $8/month, it offers an affordable starting point for basic privacy needs.

PrivacyBee is ideal for consumers looking for a budget-friendly community-driven option for online privacy management.

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Making the Optimal Choice for Your Privacy Goals

As this in-depth look at the top DeleteMe competitors shows, you have multiple capable options to take back control of your online privacy in 2023. Each provider has unique strengths making them ideal for certain users.

Your choice will depend on factors like:

  • Budget – Services range from $8/month to $99/month. Set realistic expectations.
  • Priority features – Do you want reputation management? Real-time monitoring? Family coverage? Identify must-haves.
  • Brand trust – Opt for established services like Incogni and ReputationDefender for peace of mind.
  • Degree of control – Prefer DIY or full-service automation? Strike a balance you‘re comfortable with.

By identifying the capabilities that matter most to your privacy goals, you can zero in on the perfect DeleteMe alternative tailored to your needs. Feel free to contact me if you need any guidance in picking the ideal solution. Stay safe online!