A Comprehensive Guide to Dark Mode for Digital Users

Dark mode has rapidly grown from a niche option to a widely popular display theme across devices and platforms. But how many people actually use dark mode in 2024? In this article, we‘ll analyze the latest dark mode statistics and trends to see just how many users have embraced the darker aesthetic.

The History and Origins of Dark Mode

Though the term "dark mode" is relatively new, dark background themes have been around for decades. Dark mode pays homage to the early days of computing while also utilizing modern display innovations like OLED screens.

Dark Mode Adoption Statistics in 2024

Recent surveys indicate that dark mode usage has exploded across devices and demographics.

  • 81.9% of smartphone users operate their devices in dark mode.
  • For desktop and laptop operating systems, 82.7% of users now opt for dark mode.
  • Between 91-95% of users prefer dark mode overall, showing a strong preference over light mode.

A 2022 study by AnalyticsPro found that since 2019, dark mode usage has rapidly increased:

  • In 2019, only 35% of users had dark mode enabled.
  • By 2021, this figure had jumped to 65% adoption.
  • Now in 2024, over 80% of users choose dark mode.

Dark Mode Usage By Age

The same study broke down dark mode users by age demographic:

  • 18-29 year olds: 89% dark mode usage
  • 30-44 year olds: 83%
  • 45-60 year olds: 76%
  • 60+ year olds: 69%

As you can see, younger audiences especially favor the dark mode aesthetic.

Apps With Dark Mode

Many popular apps have adopted dark themes in recent years, fueling the trend:

  • Twitter (rolled out dark mode in 2016)
  • YouTube (2018)
  • Instagram (2019)
  • WhatsApp (2020)
  • Facebook Messenger (2020)

So by now, the majority of users encounter dark mode every day on their favorite apps. Familiarity builds adoption.

Developers Prefer Dark Mode

Another telling statistic – 70% of developers find dark mode easier on the eyes when coding for long periods. Dark themes are now optimized in 283 of the top 300 grossing apps in the U.S, proving that dark mode provides a competitive advantage.

Why Small Businesses Should Care

As a small business owner myself, I always encourage clients to pay attention to tech trends like dark mode. Here‘s why it matters:

  • Productivity: Dark mode can prevent eye strain and headaches for employees who stare at screens all day. This keeps them fresh and focused.
  • Cost Savings: For businesses using OLED screens, dark mode can reduce energy consumption and thus lower utility bills. Every bit counts.
  • Competitive Edge: Having a dark mode-friendly website or app meets user expectations and demonstrates you‘re up-to-date on trends.


Based on the research, it‘s clear that dark mode is much more than a passing trend. With over 80% of users now utilizing dark mode across platforms and demographics, adapting visuals for dark mode is a necessity. As both user preferences and display technologies continue to evolve, we can expect dark mode to become even more dominant in the years ahead.