The Top 130 Crypto Blogs for Entrepreneurs in 2023

As an entrepreneurship consultant, I‘m always exploring new technologies and innovations that can help small and medium-sized businesses stay ahead of the curve. Over the past few years, I‘ve taken a deep dive into the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. I believe crypto assets and decentralized applications present tremendous opportunities for entrepreneurship and business growth.

To help other business leaders understand this rapidly evolving landscape, I‘ve compiled the definitive list of over 130 must-read crypto blogs for 2023. My rankings are based on in-depth research into traffic statistics, subject matter expertise, real-world influence, and editorial standards.

I‘ll highlight the top 10 blogs upfront, followed by a comprehensive table covering sites 11 through 130. For each one, I‘ll summarize their focus areas, credentials, and what makes them stand out. Consider bookmarking this page as your go-to reference covering all aspects of crypto blogging.

Let‘s dive in!

1. CoinDesk – 5.8 million monthly visitors

The gold standard for blockchain news and analysis. CoinDesk delivers outstanding market data, panel discussions with industry leaders, and professional grade journalism. Their reporters have backgrounds in finance and technology.

Unique Perspective: Objective, data-driven coverage treats crypto as an emerging asset class and technological breakthrough.

2. CoinTelegraph – 4.2 million monthly visitors

Informal, conversational tone alongside vital crypto news and educational guides. Their global team provides diverse insight into crypto‘s financial and tech impacts worldwide.

Unique Perspective: More accessible analysis on how crypto can revolutionize personal finance and web3 technologies.

3. Decrypt – 2.3 million monthly visitors

Decrypt simplifies complex crypto topics without losing depth or accuracy. The focus is on beginner-friendly news reports, guides, videos, and podcasts.

Unique Perspective: Explains both blockchain concepts and personal crypto usage in straightforward terms any novice can grasp.

4. Bitcoin Magazine – 1.8 million monthly visitors

Trusted, technically-focused Bitcoin commentary since 2012. Their expertise encompasses market data, crypto goods/services reviews, regulation impacts, and blockchain thought leadership.

Unique Perspective: Unparalleled longtime advocacy and analysis specifically of Bitcoin from social, political, and economic angles.

5. Messari Crypto – 300K monthly visitors

A more advanced crypto blog with contributions from academics, economists, investors, and developers. The emphasis is on data-first insights vs. newsworthiness or hype.

Unique Perspective: Takes an intellectual, research-based approach drawing on cryptoeconomics and complex quantitative analysis.

6. CoinJournal – 250K monthly visitors

Shines a spotlight on lesser-known altcoins and blockchain projects. Their reporters identify promising crypto assets that lack adequate mainstream coverage.

Unique Perspective: Provides exposure and due diligence for investors on unheralded innovations and microcap cryptocurrencies.

7. CryptoSlate – 225K monthly visitors

CryptoSlate publishes news reports, beginner guides, market analysis, and emerging blockchain project profiles all in one place. Their broad content suits both total novices and intermediate crypto users.

Unique Perspective: One of the rare generalist crypto blogs appropriate for newcomers and veterans alike.

8. Crypto Briefing – 200K monthly visitors

True to its name, Crypto Briefing offers concise, hard-hitting news coverage and market commentary. The analysis spotlights intelligence relevant to crypto investors instead of rumors.

Unique Perspective: Emphasis on need-to-know developments for cryptocurrency traders and portfolio managers.

9. BeInCrypto – 175K monthly visitors

BeInCrypto provides technical coin analysis, exchange reviews, trading strategy guides, and insights from professional analysts. But it still educates beginners through explanatory industry articles.

Unique Perspective: One of the best crypto blogs for active cryptocurrency day traders and swing trading investors. Also offers a Chinese language edition.

10. CoinCentral – 165K monthly visitors

The best around for beginner and intermediate guides explaining the basics of crypto investing, NFTs, DeFi protocols, altcoin wallets, and more. Plus they feature market analysis and Web3 developments.

Unique Perspective: Perfect for both total cryptocurrency newcomers and casual hobbyists.

I highly recommend becoming a regular reader of all 10 of these stellar crypto blogs in 2023. They provide unmatched coverage and clarity on topics important to entrepreneurs from multiple angles.

For even more options, check out the chart below detailing crypto blogs 11 through 130. I summarize each site‘s unique focus area, credentials, traffic stats, and target audience. Scan the list for blogs that align with your business interests and knowledge level.

Happy exploring! This should give you years of fantastic crypto learning content.

Rank Blog Topic Focus Monthly Visitors Best For
11 The Block Professional crypto news platform 130K Intermediate to advanced crypto enthusiasts
12 CryptoPotato News, guides, technical analysis 120K Beginner and intermediate investors
13 AMB Crypto Newsworthy crypto content 115K Crypto news junkies
14 Coin Bureau Project reviews and investing tips 100K Beginner/intermediate investors
15 Blockonomi Education, guides, market analysis 95K Beginner/intermediate investors
16 CoinMarketCap Blog Crypto market news and culture 85K Market watchers
17 CoinCodex Data visualizations, price indexes 65K Data analysts
18 CryptoNewsZ Roundup of trending news 55K News consumers
19 Bitcoin Exchange Guide Trading analysis, platform reviews 50K Active cryptocurrency traders
20 Crypto Globe Quick news bites and curated guides 49K Beginners getting started