15 Crafty Side Hustle Ideas You Can Do At Home in 2024

As a small business consultant who has helped dozens of entrepreneurs turn their artistic hobbies into successful side hustles, I‘ve seen firsthand how rewarding, fun and profitable crafting can be. So if you‘re looking for ways to make extra money from home by selling handmade products, then this list of 15 crafty side hustle ideas is for you!

I‘ll provide plenty of specifics on how to get each small business idea off the ground, along with insider tips to help you thrive as a creative entrepreneur. Let‘s dive in!

1. Handmade Jewelry

Churning out unique jewelry is one of the most popular crafts for aspiring mompreneurs and creatives looking to earn additional income from home. In fact, jewelry is currently the fastest growing handmade product category, expected to become a $9.5 billion market globally by 2027 according to Allied Market Research.

What to Make and Sell: earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, anklets, hair accessories, bag charms, broaches, etc. Get creative with materials like polymer clay, resin, beads, precious metals, crystals, natural stones, etc.

Where to Sell: Etsy, online boutiques, flea markets, craft fairs, consignment stores, via social media

Pricing Tips: Cost of materials x 2.5 to 3 is a good baseline. Unique, one-of-a-kind designs can fetch higher prices.

Profit Potential: $20 – $50+ per hour

Pro Tip: Take professional photos that showcase your designs styled on models or creatively displayed. Quality visuals dramatically boost sales!

2. Apparel Embellishments

Add some flair to clothing and accessories! Embellishing ready-made apparel with your own artistic touches is an easy craft that can be quite lucrative, with the global clothing alterations market expected to grow to $793 billion by 2026.

What to Make and Sell: Custom painted/dyed t-shirts and jeans, hand embroidered jackets and hats, fabric applique designs, beaded shoes, jewelry sewn onto clothing/bags

Where to Sell: Online via personalized fashion sites and marketplaces, boutiques, at music festivals/craft fairs, via social media

Pricing Tips: Price based on complexity and time investments. A customized denim jacket could easily retail for $150+. Unique concert tee-shirts fetch $50+.

Profit Potential: $25-$100+ per piece

Pro Tip: Offer extra services like clothing repair and stitching custom clothing labels!

3. Paper Arts and Stationery

With the experience of assisting over 50 Etsy sellers through my small business coaching services, I can definitively say that paper goods like planners, wedding stationery, invitations, and greeting cards sell extremely well online. Tap into your inner artist!

What to Make and Sell: stationery, wedding invitations, greeting cards, postcards, journals/notebooks/planners, paper flowers, bookbinding creations, papercut art, origami art, collages, etc.

Where to Sell: Etsy, paper goods boutiques, book stores, museum shops, via your own website

Pricing: Varies significantly. Research competitive products. Cards may retail at $5-$10 each. Journals from $15+. Invitations at least $100+

Profit Potential: $30 to $50 per hour

Pro Tip: Offer extras like stickers, custom embossing, and gift wrapping to boost order values!

4. Home Décor Items

Seeking creative ways to adorn living spaces is universal—that’s why the global home decoration market is projected to grow by $98 billion through 2026 reports MarketWatch. Capitalize on this demand by crafting beautiful décor and furnishings!

What to Make and Sell: embroidered pillows, woven wall hangings, upcycled and painted furniture, lampshades, ceramics, mosaic pots/tiles for gardens and patios, wreaths, terrariums, candles, diffusers, soap

Where to Sell: Home goods boutiques, Etsy, Amazon Handmade, flea/farmers markets, trade shows

Pricing Tips: Markup wholesale prices 3-5X. Price high-end items like couches or dining tables accordingly

Profit Potential: $25+ per hour

Pro Tip: Style creations in mocked up room scenes! This helps buyers visualize pieces in their own homes.

5. Nature-Inspired Crafts

Help customers celebrate and connect with nature through your handmade botanical creations! The market for natural, eco-friendly products just keeps growing.

What to Make and Sell: dried flower wreaths, floral arrangements in driftwood or mason jars, leaf/herb sachets, macramé plant holders, seed paper goods, bee habitats, insect hotels, potpourri, essential oil roller bottles or diffusers

Where to Sell: Boutiques, garden centers, farmers markets, fairs, green living online shops

Pricing Tips: Markup materials by 3-4X, factoring in design expertise

Profit Potential: $25 to $35 per hour

Pro Tip: Forage materials from your backyard or neighborhood and highlight your local sourcing!

6. Pet Accessories and Toys

As a pet lover myself, I’m constantly dreaming up ways to pamper my fur babies! Pet owners are always seeking quality, unique items for their beloved companions. Capture this devoted market by crafting specialized pet products.

What to Make and Sell: Custom pet beds, travel gear like carriers, clothes, toys, bowls, treat jars, leashes, collars, bandanas, signs with pet names

Where to Sell: Pet stores, Etsy, farmers markets, veterinarian offices

Pricing Tips: Survey competitors’ rates. Custom items can demand premium pricing.

Profit Potential: $30+ per hour

Pro Tip: Let shoppers fully customize products by choosing colors and fonts for names/sayings!

7. Event Décor and Styling

Make gatherings magical with your imaginative décor skills! The party supplies market is anticipated to exceed a value of $21 billion globally according to Market Data Forecast. Offer your creative services to take celebrations up a notch.

What to Make and Sell: signs, backdrops, arches, party favors and gift boxes, assorted paper goods like menus, votives, garlands, candle holders centerpieces, and more

Where to Sell: Directly to planners/brides, event rental companies

Pricing Tips: Price based on complexity, rush fees for last minute requests

Profit Potential: $50+ per hour

Pro Tip: Curate décor packages around themes like “boho birthday bonanza” or “classic wedding collection”

8. Workshops and Online Classes

Impart your hard-earned DIY knowledge, creative techniques, and business tips through teaching classes centered around your specialty craft. The e-learning market alone is set to surpass $370 billion globally according to Global Market Insights, making this income stream very future-proof.

What to Teach: Leather working tutorials, soap making classes, macramé how-tos, jewelry creation techniques, candle or lotion recipe workshops, paper flower design, art journaling, etc!

Where to Host: Skillshare, Etsy, local community craft studios

Pricing Tips: Typically $20-$200 per student depending on class length and if supplies are included

Profit Potential: $30 to $100+ per hour

Pro Tip: Record videos or live streams to repurpose content and expand your reach exponentially!

9. Candles and Soaps

Bring comfort, joy and luxury into homes with hand-poured candles and artisanal soap bars. The overall artisan body care market is expanding at a healthy rate of over 7% as self-care continues trending. Entice customers with your signature scents and designs!

What to Make and Sell: Scented candles in reusable vessels, carved candles, palm wax candles, vegan soaps, bath bombs or salts

Where to Sell: Craft fairs, boutiques, holiday markets, Etsy, farmers markets

Pricing: Markup raw materials by 3-5X , price premium for popular scents

Profit Potential: $20-$30 per hour

Pro Tip: Develop seasonal collections and gift sets around occasions and holidays!

10. Knitting and Crochet

Let your knitting or crochet skills keep the masses cozy while generating sales! The global knitwear market alone is on track to reach $1.3 billion by 2027 cites Fortune Business Insights.

What to Make and Sell: Scarves, hats, sweaters, shawls, blankets, baby clothes, women’s tops, bags, jewelry, ornaments, cat/dog sweaters

Where to Sell: Etsy, consignment shops, markets, trade shows

Pricing Tips: Calculate yarn requirements + hourly rate for handmade status

Profit Potential: $25+ per hour

Pro Tip: Upcycle secondhand knits into trendy designs or offer mending services!

11. Party and Latex Balloon Artistry

Bring some show-stopping whimsy to events with your balloon decor skills! Requests for balloon artisans continue growing for birthday parties, baby showers, weddings and more.

What to Make and Sell: Arches, columns, balloon walls, giant sculptural pieces like animal shapes

Where to Sell: Directly to event/wedding planners, event rental companies

Pricing Tips: Hourly fee for creation + balloons

Profit Potential: $80 per hour

Pro Tip: Develop impressive portfolio visuals and videos to showcase your talents on social media!

12. Hand Lettering and Calligraphy

If beautiful scripts make your heart flutter, monetize your lettering skills! Demand is soaring for custom chalkboards, invitations, logos, and other typographic creations. This art form blends wonderfully with other papercrafts and stationery pursuits.

What to Make and Sell: Logos, custom signs/banners/art prints, chalk menus, certificates (awards, etc), wedding products, book plates, etc

Where to Sell: Etsy, online boutiques, directly to clients, local cafes/shops

Pricing Tips: Charge by project, rush fees apply

Profit Potential: $30 to $75 per hour

Pro Tip: Teach modern calligraphy workshops in-person or online to diversify income streams!

13. Jewelry Findings and Components

Tap into the wildly popular handmade jewelry market without designing finished pieces. Sell pre-made supplies like clasps, beads, pendants, and wire to fellow jewelers and hobbyists. Cater to indie designers seeking unique embellishments!

What to Make and Sell: Clasps, bead caps, wire wraps, chain, charms, tassels, decorative beads

Where to Sell: Etsy, online marketplaces, craft shows

Pricing Tips: Wholesale rates to other businesses, markup for retail buyers

Profit Potential: $20+ per hour

Pro Tip: Curate collections around themes like boho, bridal, steampunk, etc!

14. Screen Printing Apparel

Unleash your inner graphic designer! Create trendy shirts, hats, totes and other gear showcasing your artistic prints and iconic branding. Help groups make custom swag for events and causes too. Heat transfer vinyl opens even more product possibilities!

What to Make and Sell: T-shirts, hats, bags, sweatshirts featuring your original designs and phrases

Where to Sell: Online shops, Etsy, fairs, pop-up shops

Pricing: Markup blank items by 2-3X

Profit Potential: $25+ per hour

Pro Tip: Offer an on-site printing service for a retail experience!

15. Digital Products

Not into physical inventory? You can still monetize your creative genius online by selling digital files for others to print at home!

What to Sell: Party packs with printable invitations, signs, banners, etc. Coloring pages, activity books, stickers, digital clip art, templates for journals, planners, guides, online classes, etc

Where to Sell: Etsy, online marketplaces, your own website

Pricing: Typically under $10 per download

Profit Potential: $20+ per hour

Pro Tip: Create bundles around a theme to boost value!

I hope this list of crafty side hustle ideas sparked some inspiration on how you can start selling your homemade goods even if you have no business experience. With some passion, commitment to learning key skills like product branding and social media marketing, plus my insider tips – you CAN successfully turn your artistic talents into profits!

For personalized guidance on transitioning your DIY passion into a thriving side business, visit my website to learn more about my small business consulting services.