The Complete Guide to Dominating Holiday Sales with Print-on-Demand

As an entrepreneurship consultant who has spent years in the trenches advising small business owners, I‘ve seen firsthand the massive sales potential seasonal offerings hold. And when it comes to making merry, few retail categories shine brighter than customized and personalized holiday products.

In this comprehensive guide, we‘ll explore the top Christmas print-on-demand products poised to drive major revenue. From bestselling evergreens to fresh opportunities, our insights will help you sleigh this holiday season!

Evergreen Bestsellers

Certain product categories earn spots on the print-on-demand nice list year after year. Let‘s review this season‘s opportunties:


The market for personalized ornaments is projected to grow at an annualized rate of over 7% through 2025, reaching a value of $284 million in the US alone [1]. Metal, acrylic, wood, and ceramic varieties draw consumers seeking to commemorate family, friends, pets, hobbies, and milestone events.

2021 Sales Data

Product Units Sold Avg. Price Est. Revenue
Custom Ornaments 1.2 million $9.99 $12 million


  • Offer personalization like names, photos, dates, and phrases
  • Enable bulk orders for corporate gifting
  • Introduce ornament subscription services


The total addressable market for print-on-demand apparel is enormous at over $31 billion globally [2]. Come Christmas, shoppers clamor for holiday sweaters, tees, and loungewear they can customize with cheeky designs, family photos, and more.

2021 Sales Data

Product Units Sold Avg. Price Est. Revenue
Christmas Sweaters 800,000 $29.99 $24 million


  • Curate tongue-in-cheek phrases and punny graphics
  • Develop coordinating family sets for additional purchases
  • Offer seasonal staples like Santa hats and pajamas


Much like ornaments, stockings invite sentiment. From classic green and red designs to modern buffalo check or pet iterations, personalized elements help them fly off shelves.

2021 Sales Data

Product Units Sold Avg. Price Est. Revenue
Custom Stockings 1.5 million $19.99 $30 million


  • Incorporate monograms, names, photos
  • Develop oversized "family stockings"
  • Offer personalization add-ons like patches and charms

Fresh Opportunities

In addition to bestselling basics, talented merchants can capitalize on budding trends. Here are some emerging categories exhibiting momentum:

Holiday Wall Décor

Between 2021-2026, the entire seasonal décor market is poised to grow at a CAGR of over 5% [3]. Wall signs, wood rounds, and family rules boards invite personal phrases, dates, and photos.

2021 Sales Data

Product Units Sold Avg. Price Est. Revenue
Personalized Wall Signs 750,000 $29.99 $22.5 million


  • Incorporate burlap, jute, wood, metal materials
  • Design coordinating seasonal sets
  • Offer personalization add-ons

Custom Pet Products

Surging pet ownership, especially among millennials, couples with holiday generosity towards furbabies. Expect demand for products like pet stockings, bandanas, toys, and treats to skyrocket.

2021 Sales Data

Product Units Sold Avg. Price Est. Revenue
Pet Stockings 1 million $12.99 $13 million


  • Develop pet-specific quotas like "Santa Paws is coming!"
  • Strategically place water bowls, leashes, and beds nearby
  • Incorporate pet names and photos

The holiday hustle promises major rewards for merchants able to tap into seasonal spending. By offering customized, creative takes on both time-tested and emerging print-on-demand products, small businesses can jingle all the way to the bank.

Let this guide illuminate possibilities and provide actionable recommendations as you sleigh your holiday sales goals. Feel free to reach out with any other questions – sharing insights is the most wonderful time of the year for me!

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