Unlocking the Secrets of Facebook Video Views for Your Business

As a small business owner trying to connect with your audience, you may be wondering: can I see who views my Facebook videos?

Unfortunately, the short answer is no. Facebook doesn‘t give you access to the names of individual viewers. However, with the right analytics tools and strategy, you can still gain valuable insights into your Facebook video performance.

A Closer Look at Facebook Video Metrics

Facebook provides metrics to help you understand how your videos are performing and who they‘re reaching. Let‘s explore some of the most useful video insights:

Total Views

This shows how many times your video has been viewed for at least 3 seconds. Aim for at least 100 views per video for a good sample size. Compare views across your videos to see which resonate most.

Average % Viewed

The percentage of your video viewers watched on average before dropping off. A high percentage indicates your video held viewer attention. Short videos tend to have higher averages.

Top Retained Audiences

This demographic data shows who your videos reached most effectively. Compare across videos to optimize targeting. For example, if Females 25-34 have a high retained audience %, create more content tailored to them.

Traffic Sources

See where viewers are finding your videos – directly on Facebook, shares, ads, etc. This helps you double down on high-performing discovery methods.

When Viewers Drop Off

View the playback graph to see at what points you lose viewer attention. Refine your videos based on this feedback. Shorten intros, highlight key moments, etc.


Likes, comments and shares show who your video resonated with. Ask viewers questions to boost engagement.

Link Clicks

If you include links in video descriptions, you can see how many viewers clicked through to your site or sales pages.

Tips for Unlocking More Video Insights

Here are some additional tactics I recommend small business clients use:

  • A/B test thumbnails – Try different images and see which garners more views.
  • Experiment with captions – Add captions to inform viewers and improve accessibility.
  • Prompt comments – Ask viewers questions to spark discussion.
  • Share natively – Post videos directly on Facebook instead of linking out. This provides more data.
  • Use UTM parameters – When linking to your website, add UTM tags to track conversions.

Aligning Your Video Strategy With Business Goals

As you analyze your Facebook video metrics, consider how video helps you meet core business objectives like:

  • Brand awareness – Views, reach and shares signal brand visibility.
  • Lead generation – Link videos to landing pages to capture leads.
  • Sales – Drive product interest by showcasing offerings in videos. Track click-throughs.
  • Customer engagement – Use videos to connect personally and build relationships.

With some strategic testing and measurement, you can gain a clear picture of how your target audience responds to videos. Let these insights guide you in creating engaging video content that converts viewers into valuable customers.