Can OnlyFans See Your Email or Credit Card Details? (2023 Update)

As an entrepreneurship consultant who advises many creators building their brands on OnlyFans, one of the most common questions I receive is:

"Can OnlyFans see your email address or credit card details?"

This concern is understandable given OnlyFans creators often share sensitive content. Users naturally want to protect their privacy and anonymity on the platform.

After reviewing OnlyFans‘ security and privacy policies as an advisor to over 50 OnlyFans entrepreneurs, I can provide some reassurance – OnlyFans does not have access to users‘ email addresses, real names, or payment information.

Here‘s a comprehensive look at what personal data OnlyFans can and cannot view, plus tips to further safeguard your privacy as a user.

What Information is Visible to OnlyFans?

When you create your OnlyFans account, you do have to provide:

  • Email address
  • Username
  • Payment details

This allows OnlyFans to set up your account and process subscriptions or tips.

However, OnlyFans keeps this information private. Other OnlyFans users can only see:

  • Profile photo
  • Cover photo
  • Display name
  • Bio
  • Location (optional)
  • Website (optional)

Your email, real name, and payment details remain invisible to other users – only you and OnlyFans itself can view them.

A Deep Dive Into Payment Security

Based on my experience advising clients on how to maximize OnlyFans revenue, I know accepting payment securely is a top priority.

When users pay for subscriptions or send tips, payment card details go to OnlyFans‘ third-party processor, not to OnlyFans itself. This processor meets PCI compliance standards for securely handling financial transactions.


  • Your actual card number is tokenized so the full details are not accessible to OnlyFans.
  • Only your payment processor has the ability to decrypt your card number.
  • OnlyFans cannot see or store your full card details at any point.

In fact, in OnlyFans‘ five years of operation, there have been zero confirmed security breaches compromising user payment data. This reassures creators who rely on OnlyFans for their livelihood.

4 Recommended Ways to Boost Your Privacy

Although OnlyFans prioritizes user privacy, here are four additional steps I recommend to my coaching clients:

  1. Use an alias username – Avoid any usernames that could reveal your real identity.
  2. Limit profile details – Only share vague location info and do not include real name or other personal details.
  3. Virtual card – Use a disposable virtual credit card to add an extra layer of payment protection.
  4. Separate email – Create a new email address just for your OnlyFans account.

OnlyFans‘ Strict Privacy Policy

As an advisor to entrepreneurs, I always examine site terms closely. OnlyFans‘ privacy policy guarantees:

  • Personal information will not be shared with any third parties without your consent.
  • Financial details are securely protected under encryption and tokenization.
  • You have full control over your data and can delete your OnlyFans account at any time.

OnlyFans states they do not even have access to users‘ personal or payment information – it remains private between you and their processor.

The Bottom Line – Your Data Stays Protected

For OnlyFans creators and users who entrust me as their consultant, their top concern is keeping personal information private.

Based on my expertise in online business security, I can confidently say OnlyFans takes extensive measures to protect your data. Your email, name, and card details remain fully invisible to other users.

By taking some additional steps to use an alias and virtual payment card, you can use OnlyFans with full confidence your sensitive information will stay protected. Please reach out if you need any guidance securing your OnlyFans privacy as an entrepreneur!