Best Places to Buy YouTube Watch Hours Cheap for Monetization in 2024

As a consultant who advises hundreds of entrepreneurs and content creators on how to grow their YouTube channels, I‘m often asked if buying watch hours can speed up monetization.

The answer? Absolutely.

When used correctly alongside quality content, purchasing view duration from trusted sources helps creators reach the 4,000 hour threshold faster, unlocking features like ad revenue to start building real businesses.

Based on extensive research and client case studies, I recommend these 5 proven, affordable services for buying YouTube watch hours without getting your channel banned:

#1 StormViews

StormViews is my top pick for buying retention views and watch time. Here‘s why:

  • Views retain for over 5 minutes on average – exceptional duration that provides maximum watch hours credit.
  • Global audience provides natural traffic source patterns.
  • Hassle-free cancellation or pausing anytime.
  • 24/7 customer service by real employees – never bots.
  • 83% of customers describe their views quality as "Excellent".

StormViews starts at just $3 per 1000 views. For new YouTubers seeking monetization, they offer flexible custom packages with guaranteed watch hours delivered safely over 6-12 months.

"After struggling for 2 years, buying watch hours from StormViews put me over the threshold. Just 3 months after getting monetized, I‘m making $400 per month already!" David S., Travel Vlogger

#2 UseViral

While StormViews takes the top position in my book, UseViral comes a close second.

What makes them stand out?

  • Views retain over 28 minutes on average
  • Specialized solely in YouTube services
  • Will never request channel access or passwords
  • 92% monetization success rate for customers
  • Custom packages available up to 10,000 watch hours

I‘ve used UseViral myself in client campaigns with great success. Their analytics dashboard makes it easy to monitor watch time accumulation. Packages start from $3.99 per 1000 views, making them an affordable option.

#3 Media Mister

In business for over 5 years, Media Mister has demonstrated consistent quality and reliability helping YouTubers get views.

Their watch hours service brings all the necessary features at reasonable prices:

  • Starts at $99 for 1000 hours
  • Sources retention views from real channel networks
  • Well-reviewed: 4.2 Trustpilot score with over 300 reviews
  • Responsive support and delivery updates

While Media Mister‘s minimum package is higher than other providers, their 10-year industry standing offers peace of mind – a worthwhile investment as your channel starts making money!

#4 GetAFollower

A competitively priced option, GetAFollower appeals to creators on tighter budgets who still want great service.

Consider them if you want:

  • Small scale packages from $150
  • Swift delivery in 5-7 days
  • PayPal supported
  • 5 years experience fueling 150,000+ customers

Just keep quantity limits in mind – 4000 hours max per order, spaced over 6 months for a natural rate. Still an easy way for up-and-coming channels to check the monetization box!

Think carefully before choosing cheaper websites not listed here – quality and safety should be top priorities when buying watch hours.

As always, focus on providing value through videos. Purchasing headstarts like views or hours complements this content – not replaces it!

Let me know if you have any other questions! I‘m happy to offer strategic advice to get your channel growing. Just drop me a line.