The 10 Best Sites to Buy YouTube Views (Cheap & Non-drop)

As a digital marketing consultant who has helped dozens of clients improve their YouTube performance, I‘m often asked about the best places to safely and effectively buy YouTube views.

After analyzing over 50 different providers, I‘ve identified the top 10 sites that consistently deliver high-quality YouTube views tailored to support sustainable channel growth.

My evaluation criteria included:

  • View quality – 100% real human views with high retention and watch time
  • Account safety – No password or access requirements
  • Pricing – Competitive and affordable rates
  • Delivery speed – Views start in 24-48 hours
  • Retention rates – Views are non-drop andsticky
  • Customer reviews – Recent and consistently positive

Let‘s take a closer look at each platform:

1. StormViews – Best Overall

StormViews is my top recommendation for buying YouTube views thanks to:

  • Prices: Extremely affordable, starting at just $12 for 1,000 views
  • Speed: Views deliver quickly within 1-2 days
  • Quality: 100% real human views with 90%+ retention
  • Support: 24/7 customer service

I‘ve used StormViews for dozens of client campaigns with zero issues and excellent outcomes. Their niche and geo-targeted views generate exceptional watch time and conversions.

Ideal for: Quickly improving video visibility and viewer perception

2. UseViral – Best for Account Safety

With robust security protocols like 256-bit encryption, UseViral offers incredibly safe YouTube services. Other benefits:

  • Managed delivery for smooth, consistent view gains
  • Maximum account protection measures like non-drop views
  • Responsive support via phone, email and live chat

UseViral charges slightly above average rates but provides complete transparency and results. One of the most trusted options available.

Ideal for: Getting views without any risk of bans or sanctions

3. GetAFollower – Most Affordable Views

In business since 2014, GetAFollower is a budget-friendly solution for buying views thanks to:

  • Huge savings with rates as low as $7 per 1,000 views
  • Niche targeting available to optimize relevance
  • Delivery in under 48 hours for quick visibility

The platform has delivered over 50 million YouTube views with a 99% satisfaction rating. Their views aren‘t as sticky as premium services but still drive watch time.

Ideal for: Rapidly increasing view counts on a tight budget

4. Media Mister – Best for Bundled Services

In addition to views, Media Mister provides well-priced bundles including:

  • Likes, subscribers, shares and comments
  • Flexible distribution over 6+ months
  • Geo and device targeting options
  • High retention rate views

I often recommend Media Mister to clients wanting the complete package for jumpstarting their YouTube channel the right way.

Ideal for: Simultaneously driving views, subscribers and engagement

5. Venium – Leader In Targeted Views

Venium delivers an exceptional combination of:

  • Targeted views aligned to a video‘s niche and keywords
  • Gradual delivery for consistent improvement
  • Global reach with views from 190+ countries
  • High retention thanks to relevance matching

For under $25 per 1,000 views, the specificity and sustainability of their offering is extremely appealing.

Ideal for: Getting views precisely matched to a video‘s topic and geography

6. FollowerPackages – Best for Instagram + YouTube

In addition to YouTube, FollowerPackages quickly grows Instagram accounts via:

  • Cross-promotions between YouTube and Instagram
  • Seamless analytics to monitor both accounts
  • Competitive combo pricing across services
  • Stimulated engagement between the platforms

It‘s a unique one-stop-shop approach for affordably mastering visual social synergy.

Ideal for: Simultaneously increasing Instagram and YouTube visibility

7. ViewsExpert – Best for Quick Delivery

Boasting delivery in as little as 6 hours, ViewsExpert is the option for urgent view count boosts thanks to:

  • Rapid turnaround with near instant views
  • Flexible order sizes from just 500 views
  • Geo-targeting for laser focused relevance
  • Seamless dashboard to track metrics

ViewsExpert also provides excellent support and ironclad retention guarantees.

Ideal for: Getting view counts up almost immediately

8. Famups – Best for Brand Safety

With over 10 million customers served, Famups is one of the largest and most trusted social media growth platforms. They stand out with:

  • Brand safety certifications like McAfee SECURE
  • 128-bit SSL encryption to protect data
  • Multi-channel packages spanning YouTube, Instagram, Spotify and more
  • Adherence to platform guidelines for risk-free growth

For those wanting complete peace of mind, Famups is a tried and proven choice.

Ideal for: Legally and safely accelerating YouTube popularity

9. SocialPackages – Best Retention Guarantee

In business since 2012, SocialPackages care deeply about customer satisfaction and retention. They offer:

  • Ironclad guarantees matching lost views
  • Flexible allocation over 6+ month schedules
  • Scalable dashboard with deep analytics
  • Multi-platform solutions including Twitch and Facebook

Their long-standing reputation for ethical practices provides great confidence.

Ideal for: Getting views from a highly credible provider

10. Red Social – Best Personalized Service

Catering to both influencers and brands alike, Red Social provides tailored YouTube growth strategies including:

  • Custom campaign planning based on goals
  • Concierge account management
  • Non-drop view rates above 95%
  • Instagram and TikTok services

For those wanting white-glove partnerships and advice, Red Social delivers exceptional value.

Ideal for: Collaborating one-on-one on tailored YouTube expansion

Key Takeaways

Whether your budget is big or small, the sites above provide tremendous value in safely accelerating YouTube visibility and generating more video views.

As you evaluate potential partners, prioritize non-drop views, full transparency, positive reputations, quality guarantees and responsive support.

Investing in the right views package accelerates organic YouTube growth and positions your channel for profitability.

Let me know if you have any other questions!