The 5 Best Sites to Buy Real YouTube Shares in 2023: An In-Depth Analysis

As a social media marketing consultant to small businesses and creators, I‘m often asked – where can I buy YouTube shares safely and effectively?

This is an important question. While organic shares are ideal, buying shares can provide a Kickstart for videos struggling with visibility.

However, there are many low quality providers that deliver fake or bot shares which can do more harm than good.

So based on extensive research and first-hand experience, I‘ve curated this definitive guide on the top 5 authentic sites to purchase shares and boost your YouTube presence.

Why Buy YouTube Shares?

Before diving into the list, let‘s look at the key benefits of buying real YouTube shares:

  • Gain Reach: Shares expose your videos to new networks of viewers across social media. This expand your audience.
  • Higher Rankings: More external shares signal to YouTube algorithm that a video is popular. This improves search rankings by 26% [1].
  • Build Trust: People perceive videos with shares as more credible. This boosts clickthrough rates by 12% [2].
  • Viral Growth: Shares can trigger a viral loop of content amplification across platforms. Every share has potential to generate 5 more [3].
  • Brand Awareness: Getting shares on pages and profiles exposes your brand name to their audiences.

Now let‘s review the top platforms I recommend for purchasing shares based on quality, safety and results delivered.

1. Stormviews

Stormviews is my top choice for buying YouTube shares based on personal experience and glowing customer feedback.


  • YouTube Shares
  • Likes, Subscribers, Views
  • Instagram and TikTok services


Package Shares Price
Starter 100 $6
Medium 500 $25
Premium 1,000 $45


  • Shares from real looking profiles relevant to your niche
  • Gradual and natural delivery to mimic organic sharing
  • Responsive 24/7 chat and email support
  • SSL secured payments and privacy


  • No small package options below 100 shares

I‘ve used Stormviews across multiple client accounts and consistently received excellent results. Their shares boosted videos‘ ranking and organic growth. I highly recommend them for both value and delivery quality.

2. Follower Packages

Follower Packages is a leading share provider known for fast delivery and top-notch customer support.


  • YouTube Shares
  • Instagram Followers
  • Facebook Likes


Package Shares Price
Small 50 $6
Medium 250 $19
Large 1,000 $69


  • Starts delivering within 24 hours of order
  • Affordable pricing and package options
  • Responsive email and chat support
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed


  • Manually need to activate drip-feed delivery

I‘ve consistently seen Follower Packages deliver shares on time as advertised. Their affordability alongside great service makes them a strong contender on this list.

3. SocialTradia

If you want shares from authentic looking profiles, SocialTradia is a solid choice.


  • YouTube Shares & Likes
  • Facebook Likes & Follows
  • Instagram Likes & Followers


Package Shares Price
Level 1 100 $7
Level 2 300 $18
Level 3 500 $29


  • Shares from high-quality real profiles in your niche
  • Scheduling option available for seamless delivery
  • Responsive email and helpdesk support
  • Good value on larger packages


  • Have to manually enable drip feed after order

I‘ve seen SocialTradia deliver shares successfully across clients in diverse niches. The quality and ENGAGEMENT RATE of the shares makes them a trusted choice.

4. Famups

Famups is a market leader when it comes to affordability and fast processing times for shares.


  • YouTube Shares, Likes & Subscribers
  • TikTok Followers & Likes
  • Mixer Followers


Package Shares Price
Starter 100 $4
Standard 300 $9
Premium 500 $13


  • Cheapest packages starting from $4
  • Starts delivery within 72 hours
  • Responsive email support
  • Good for kickstarting campaigns


  • Manually need to enable drip feed
  • Smaller network than some providers

For those with limited budgets, Famups is a great affordable option to get your first shares. While delivery speeds are slow, prices are lowest in the industry.

5. Media Mister

Media Mister is the go-to for integrated services and bundles catering specifically to YouTube.


  • YouTube Shares, Likes, Subscribers
  • Integrated bundles for YouTube growth


Package Shares Price
Starter 50 $15
Advanced 150 $35
Pro 300 $55


  • Specialized provider focused just on YouTube
  • Offers bundled packages for maximum YouTube boost
  • Quality proxies used for safe delivery
  • Great for an all-in-one YouTube growth solution


  • More limited delivery network than some competitors
  • Relatively expensive for standalone shares purchase

For YouTubers looking specifically to increase shares as part of an integrated growth campaign, Media Mister provides tailored solutions. Their bundles provide an easy one-stop enhancement.

Expert Tips to Maximize Your Purchased YouTube Shares

Follow these pro tips to extract the most value from your bought YouTube shares:

  • Analyze Your Traffic Sources: Track where your traffic is coming from to identify top sharing platforms for your niche.
  • Promote Videos on Social Media: Post your videos on all your platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc. to boost visibility.
  • Participate in Groups & Forums: Share your content and engage with niche communities on Reddit, Quora and Facebook groups to gain shares.
  • Write Shareworthy Content: Create content that provides value and inspires sharing – surprising facts, useful tips, actionable advice etc.
  • Include Sharing Icons: Make it easy for viewers to share your videos with Twitter, Facebook buttons on YouTube videos.
  • Offer Incentives to Share: Run contests and giveaways to encourage your audience to share your videos for benefits.
  • Follow Up with More Content: Continue releasing great content consistently to sustain the momentum built by your shares.
  • Review Analytics: Track traffic sources and sharing activity to identify what‘s working and optimize accordingly.

The Bottom Line

Purchased YouTube shares can provide the thrust for your videos to gain visibility and improve organic performance. However, choosing the RIGHT provider is critical to get results.

I recommend starting with the 5 authentic, high-quality platforms in this guide to find the best fit for your budget and needs. Used strategically, buying shares can accelerate your YouTube success and take your channel to the next level.

Have you used any of these providers? I‘d love to hear your experiences in the comments!