The 5 Best Sites to Buy YouTube Comment Likes for Business Growth in 2023

As a small business consultant who has helped entrepreneurs boost their online visibility, I often recommend buying YouTube comment likes as an effective growth strategy. However, not all providers of paid engagement are equal when it comes to quality, reliability and value.

Through extensive testing and research, I have identified and reviewed the top 5 services to give your channel an instant credibility boost while maintaining integrity:

1. Media Mister – Best for Gradual Growth

Key Benefits:

  • drip-feed delivery for gradual, natural pattern
  • 90% satisfaction rate based on over 5,000 client reviews
  • responsive 24/7 customer service
  • "Within 2 weeks of using Media Mister, my weekly views doubled. Their drip-feed delivery created steady, believable growth" – Marissa K, Lifestyle Vlogger

Media Mister provides the highest quality bought engagement designed for long-term, scalable success on YouTube. With packages starting at just $39 for 100 likes, it‘s perfect for new channels with limited budgets.

2. UseViral – Best for Niche Markets

Key Benefits:

  • network of over 1.5 million active YouTube accounts
  • targeting options for niche demographics
  • money-back guarantee

I often recommend UseViral for clients catering to underserved or specialized audiences. With strong verticals in categories like crypto, gaming and tech, you can boost visibility rapidly within your market.

"As a startup founder, I needed to laser focus my content. Being able to buy likes within my niche helped me gain relevancy quickly." – Ryan F., Fintech Entrepreneur

3. GetAFollower – Lowest Price Per Like

Key Benefits:

  • starting at $9 for 50 likes, extremely budget friendly entry point
  • transparent engagement metrics dashboard
  • random comment selection for natural distribution

For cash-strapped small business owners or anyone wary of buying engagement, GetAFollower‘s affordable pricing can help test the waters. Remember – you can always scale up packages as your channel grows!

4. SidesMedia – Most Reliable Delivery

Key Benefits:

  • 99% success rate across 3+ million clients
  • schedule bulk orders up to 2 months ahead
  • exclusive focus on social media marketing services

With an industry-low 1% delivery failure rate, SidesMedia is the choice for anyone wanting guaranteed metrics. Plan purchased likes in advance and integrate seamlessly into your content calendar for results you can count on.

5. BuyRealMedia – Best Retargeting

Key Benefits:

  • automatically delivers likes from viewers of your past videos
  • retargeted users drive higher engagement
  • get up to 100 free likes with custom content orders

BuyRealMedia stands out by tapping previous video viewers to like your newest comments. This builds loyalty through familiar faces while keeping your metrics looking natural.

I recommend most clients start with Media Mister or GetAFollower for best overall value. For larger channels, UseViral provides great targeting capabilities. SidesMedia and BuyRealMedia also offer unique benefits to retain customers.

No matter which provider you choose, integrate purchased metrics as a launch pad, not a long-term strategy. Focus on quality content and genuine community engagement to sustain organic growth long-term.

With the right expectations and game plan, buying YouTube comment likes can be incredibly effective. Trust me – I‘ve helped dozens of startups increase their organic traction and ROI through services above.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

Martin Lewis
Small Business Growth Consultant
[email protected]