The Ultimate Guide to Buying Yellow Pages Reviews for Small Businesses in 2023

Positive online reviews are crucial for small businesses trying to make their mark and attract customers in their local area. According to BrightLocal‘s Local Consumer Review Survey, 91% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses and 88% trust them as much as personal recommendations. This makes standing out with credible and positive reviews on directories like Yellow Pages all the more important.

This comprehensive guide will explore the top sites to buy genuine Yellow Pages reviews that can help establish your small business‘s reputation and visibility in 2023.

Why Invest in Yellow Pages Reviews?

Here are some of the main benefits and importance of building up positive Yellow Pages reviews for small/local businesses:

  • 87% of consumers use online reviews to determine whether to purchase from a local business or not, as per Podium.
  • Positive local reviews can improve website traffic and conversions. According to BrightLocal, each 5-star review can boost traffic by 5.7%.
  • Yellow Pages reviews directly impact visibility and local SEO by signaling relevance for local searches.
  • Users perceive businesses with more 4 and 5 star reviews as more trustworthy.
  • Directories play a powerful role in local search. 50% of respondents in BrightLocal‘s survey started their search for local businesses on directories like Yellow Pages.

Clearly, tapping into genuine Yellow Pages reviews provides small and local businesses an effective way to boost their credibility, increase trust, reach more customers, and ultimately drive more sales and revenue. But gathering reviews organically can be challenging. This makes buying reviews from reputable providers a smart strategy.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Provider

With so many options in the marketplace, it‘s crucial to thoroughly vet any potential provider using these criteria before buying Yellow Pages reviews:

Authenticity of Reviews

The #1 priority is choosing a provider that offers completely genuine reviews from real users. Fake or low-quality reviews could damage rather than help your reputation. Prioritize providers that can verify review authenticity.

Industry Experience

Look for an established provider with extensive experience generating local directory reviews. They are more likely to deliver quality results. For instance, Media Mister has over 10 years of proven success.

Reviewer Network Reach

Opt for a provider with a large base of active reviewers. This expands the diversity of reviewers that can authentically interact with and review your business listing.


Some customization options allow you to guide the tone and messaging while still keeping reviews genuine. Look for providers that offer this capability.

Delivery Speed

While expedited posting is desired, quality should not be sacrificed for speed. Aim for reasonably fast fulfilment like 7-14 days turnaround.


Compare pricing between providers to find one that delivers maximum value aligned with your small business budget. Be wary of cheap offers.

Customer Service

The provider should be responsive in answering any questions and guiding you through the process of buying Yellow Pages reviews.

Top 5 Recommended Providers

Based on extensive analysis, these five providers stand out for buying genuine and impactful Yellow Pages reviews for small/local businesses in 2023:

1. Media Mister

As an industry leader since 2012, Media Mister is the top choice for fully customizable reviews thanks to their team of marketing experts and network of over 1.2 million reviewers.


  • Completely customized reviews
  • Fast 10-14 day turnaround
  • Excellent customer service


  • On the pricier side
  • High demand can limit availability

Price Range

  • $349-$899 per 10 reviews

2. UseViral

With packages starting at just $69 for 5 reviews, UseViral makes buying Yellow Pages reviews affordable for small businesses through their network of over 87,000 reviewers.


  • Most budget-friendly pricing
  • Quick 14-day turnaround
  • Real reviews


  • Limited customization
  • Orders can take up to 30 days

Price Range

  • $69-$199 per 10 reviews

3. SidesMedia

Leveraging a reviewer base of 65,000+, SidesMedia delivers detailed Yellow Pages reviews while allowing for some helpful customization.


  • Genuine well-written reviews
  • Customization available
  • 7-14 day turnaround


  • On the pricier side
  • Customization is limited

Price Range

  • $299-$799 per 10 reviews

4. BuyRealMedia

With over 20,000 active reviewers, BuyRealMedia offers 100% real Yellow Pages reviews to boost your local authority and reputation.


  • Completely authentic reviews
  • Reasonable 10-14 day delivery
  • Mid-range pricing


  • Minimal customization
  • Slower turnaround than some

Price Range

  • $199-$499 per 10 reviews

5. GetAFollower

An affordable option for small business budgets, GetAFollower provides real Yellow Pages reviews sourced from their 19,000+ member network.


  • Very affordable pricing
  • Genuine real reviews
  • Starts at $49 for 5 reviews


  • Slow delivery times (up to 30 days)
  • No customization

Price Range

  • $49-$149 per 10 reviews

Best Practices for Buying Yellow Pages Reviews

Follow these guidelines to ensure your investment into purchased Yellow Pages reviews pays off:

  • Focus on quality over quantity – 5 well-written reviews are better than 50 generic ones.
  • Spread out review delivery for a natural boost over time versus all at once.
  • Respond professionally to any reviews interactively to boost engagement.
  • Monitor regularly and address any negative reviews promptly.
  • Refresh reviews annually to maintain your presence and reputation on Yellow Pages.
  • Follow Yellow Pages terms of service to avoid penalties.

Complementary Tactics to Consider

While buying reviews is impactful, also consider these additional strategies to maximize your Yellow Pages presence:

  • Optimize your business listing with complete details, professional photos, categorized correctly, etc.
  • Promote your listing by providing the URL on your website, emails, ads, and other materials.
  • Claim and verify your listing through Yellow Pages for increased legitimacy.
  • Encourage organic reviews by engaging happy customers.
  • Monitor and respond to reviews to boost positive impact.

The Bottom Line

Investing in genuine Yellow Pages reviews from trusted providers gives small and local businesses a short-cut to boosting their credibility, reputation and visibility in their community. With a sound strategy and reputable partner, purchased reviews provide an invaluable competitive edge for SMBs in the crucial battle for local customers.