The 5 Best Sites to Buy Real Twitter Accounts in 2023

As a social media consultant who advises businesses on growth strategies, I‘m often asked – where is the best place to buy Twitter accounts?

Purchasing established accounts with engaged followers can be a game-changer for expanding your reach on Twitter. But not all sites offering followers provide the same quality and value.

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll compare the top 5 platforms to buy Twitter accounts based on extensive research and first-hand experience as a customer.

Why Should You Consider Buying Twitter Accounts?

Before we dive into the options, let‘s look at the key reasons businesses buy accounts:

  • Jumpstart your presence – Starting from scratch is tough. Buying accounts gives you an instant audience.
  • Save time – Getting thousands of engaged followers can take ages organically. Purchasing accounts accelerates growth.
  • Access wider audiences – Established accounts let you tap into their existing engaged follower base.
  • Boost credibility – Accounts with lots of niche followers appear more authoritative and influential.
  • Drive engagement – Accounts with real followers generate higher likes, retweets and clicks.

According to Twitter‘s Q3 2022 earnings, there are 237.8 million monetizable daily active users. Tapping into even a fraction of this audience can significantly boost your growth.

Factors to Evaluate When Comparing Sites

When researching sites, I assessed them based on:

  • Pricing – Packages for different goals and budgets
  • Account quality – Follower authenticity and engagement
  • Audience targeting – Niche specificity of accounts
  • Account sizes – Range of follower counts available
  • Customization – Ability to edit key account info
  • Delivery speed – How soon you get accounts
  • Customer service – Responsiveness and support

Keep these factors in mind when choosing a platform tailored to your needs.

Overview of the Top Sites to Buy Twitter Accounts

After extensively evaluating numerous sites against the above criteria, these 5 platforms stand out for providing quality accounts.

1. TwitterBoost

TwitterBoost is a leading site focused on helping brands strategically grow their audience on Twitter. Some key details:

  • Pricing: Mid-range. Accounts start from $99 for 1k followers.
  • Account sizes: From 1k to 100k+ followers available.
  • Account quality: Verified accounts with 80%+ real, active followers.
  • Audience targeting: Good niche targeting with options like fitness, travel, tech accounts.
  • Customization: Name, bio, links and branding can be changed.
  • Delivery: Accounts delivered instantly or within 1-2 days.
  • Support: Responsive customer service.


  • Accounts have high engagement rates
  • Established accounts with good history
  • Different niches and audience sizes


  • Cannot change username after purchase
  • Limited payment options

2. UseViral

UseViral is one of the most popular sites providing high-quality, relevant followers across platforms.

  • Pricing: Slightly higher starting from $149 for 5k followers.
  • Account sizes: From 5k up to 100k+ followers available.
  • Account quality: Strict vetting ensures over 80% real followers.
  • Audience targeting: Specialize in targeted, niche-specific accounts.
  • Customization: Full account styling and branding customization.
  • Delivery: Accounts delivered within 12-48 hours.
  • Support: Quick and highly responsive support.


  • Guaranteed 80% real followers
  • Great for building niche communities
  • Full account customization


  • More expensive for smaller accounts
  • Slow delivery during peak demand

3. Media Mister

Media Mister is a social media marketing agency that‘s been providing Twitter services for over 8 years.

  • Pricing: Very affordable starting from $69 for 2k followers.
  • Account sizes: From 2k up to 150k followers available.
  • Account quality: Focus on engagement over huge follower counts.
  • Audience targeting: Topical niches like business, travel, and tech.
  • Customization: Change display name, bio, brand visuals.
  • Delivery: Accounts delivered within 12 hours.
  • Support: Quick email and chat support.


  • Excellent pricing for starter accounts
  • Niche audience accounts available
  • Prompt delivery times


  • Limited larger account options
  • Changing username not available

4. SocialFuse

SocialFuse specializes in selling niche-targeted Twitter accounts to brands.

  • Pricing: Very affordable starting from $39 for 1k followers.
  • Account sizes: From 1k up to 30k followers available.
  • Account quality: Niche-specific followers with excellent engagement.
  • Audience targeting: Specialize in micro-niches and targeted accounts.
  • Customization: Can change name, bio, links, and branding.
  • Delivery: Accounts delivered instantly.
  • Support: Extremely quick customer support.


  • The best for micro-niche accounts
  • Highly engaged followers in specific interests
  • Instant account delivery


  • Maximum 30k follower accounts
  • Changing username not allowed

5. SocialPlus

SocialPlus provides a managed service model for brands wanting to scale their Twitter presence.

  • Pricing: Very reasonable starting from $80 for 5k followers.
  • Account sizes: From 2.5k up to 75k followers available.
  • Account quality: Real looking accounts with good engagement.
  • Audience targeting: Topical and industry relevant followers.
  • Customization: Ability to rebrand account aesthetics.
  • Delivery: Near instant account access.
  • Support: Email and chat support options.


  • Cost-effective managed packages
  • Quick account creation and delivery
  • Simple buying process


  • Followers not 100% real-looking
  • Limiting branding customization

Comparing Starter Account Pricing

To make it easier to compare, here is an overview of the price range for starter accounts from each service:

Site Followers Price
TwitterBoost 1k $99
UseViral 5k $149
Media Mister 2k $69
SocialFuse 1k $39
SocialPlus 5k $80

Key Takeaways on Where to Buy Twitter Accounts

  • Conduct in-depth research into sites before purchasing
  • Vet accounts carefully – analyze followers, engagement, history
  • Check customization options match your needs
  • Match account niche and audience to your industry
  • Start small to test quality before scaling up
  • Avoid “too good to be true” offers with fake engagement

The sites reviewed above have proven track records for providing authentic, niche Twitter accounts to give your brand the best chance of engaging new audiences on this powerful platform!