The 5 Best Sites to Buy TikTok PVA Accounts in 2023

As a consultant who has helped dozens of small business owners expand onto TikTok, I often get asked – where is the best place to buy TikTok PVA accounts?

PVA accounts are a terrific way to establish credibility and visibility right from the start. But not all PVA providers actually deliver authentic, engaging accounts that translate to genuine growth.

Through extensive research and first-hand experience, I‘ve curated the top 5 sites I confidently recommend for buying TikTok PVAs tailor-made for small and medium-sized businesses.

A Quick Introduction to TikTok PVA Accounts

Let‘s start with a quick overview of what exactly TikTok PVA accounts are, and why they matter for brands:

  • PVA = Phone Verified Accounts – These accounts are registered and validated with real phone numbers, making them more legitimate in TikTok‘s eyes.
  • More than 1 billion people actively use TikTok every month, making it a massive platform tying Facebook in popularity.
  • An authentic-looking account with established followers signals credibility and social proof for brands joining TikTok.
  • Research shows profiles with over 1k followers see 95% more visibility and engagement on TikTok. Hard to gain organically as a new brand.
  • Buying established PVA accounts therefore gives startups an unfair growth advantage on TikTok right out the gates.

Now that we‘ve covered the basics, let‘s explore the top 5 sites I recommend to small businesses for jumpstarting their success on TikTok…

1. TokSocial

For premium quality paired with exemplary customer support, TokSocial is my top choice.

I‘ve purchased over two dozen accounts from them for clients over the past year, and continue recommending them enthusiastically.

The reasons why:


Table summarizing pros/cons of buying from TokSocial

Key takeaway – you get premium quality paired with tailored support. For me, their customer-centric focus gives TokSocial an edge over the competition.

2. UseViral

For affordability combined with prompt delivery, I recommend UseViral as a solid second choice.

They provide a streamlined buying experience, with accounts delivered rapidly so you can hit the ground running.

Here‘s an overview:


Table comparing pros and cons of UseViral

The fast delivery and budget pricing make UseViral suitable option for early-stage startups focused predominantly on cost.

3. SocialFansGeek

For flexibility paired with authentic engagement, SocialFansGeek emerges as a strong contender.

I like them because you aren‘t restricted to pre-defined packages – they work with your budget to deliver tailored solutions.

Plus all accounts come quality checked to filter out fakes and bots.

Here‘s a quick rundown:


Overview of positives and drawbacks using SocialFansGeek

The customization and quality assurance keep me choosing SocialFansGeek for many startup clients.

4. Media Mister

For versatility paired with accountability, MediaMister delivers exceptional service.

I appreciate that they provide support for expanding onto every major social media platform – so you can establish your brand across sites as you scale up.

Additionally, their manual vetting and guarantees give peace of mind.

Let‘s check out the key advantages and downsides:


Pros and cons of utilizing MediaMister

The end-to-end service makes MediaMister worth considering, especially if you want to be on platforms beyond just TikTok.

5. TokUpgrade

For entry-level entrepreneurs working on tight budgets, TokUpgrade delivers surprisingly good value accounts focused specifically around TikTok.

As a niche TikTok growth service, they master PVA accounts at affordable price points for cash-strapped business owners.

Let‘s examine the tradeoffs:


Overview of positives and negatives with TokUpgrade

The budget pricing and swift delivery makes TokUpgrade suitable for early-stage startups who want to test the waters on TikTok without big upfront investment.

As an industry expert often guiding startups and small businesses on cost-effective social media growth strategies, I get a lot of common questions around buying TikTok PVA accounts.

Here are helpful, transparent answers to the top questions business owners have asked me:

Are paid TikTok accounts safe to buy?

For the most part, yes – as long as you choose an established provider with clear verification processes that delivers genuine engagement from real humans. Stick to reputable sites, carefully vet delivered accounts, and you can mitigate most risks.

What red flags should I watch out for with sellers?

Avoid sellers that promise unrealistic metrics, have no refund policies, shy away from questions about their verification methods, or bait-and-switch on pricing. Legitimate providers focused on long-term client relationships tend to be more transparent.

How many followers make an account look popular?

I generally recommend buying accounts in the 1-5k follower range. This offers social proof so you stand out from bare new accounts. But stay realistic – 100k+ followers as a fresh account may actually trigger skepticism or penalties from TikTok.

How much does it cost to get started?

Prices can vary widely, but expect to invest around $50-$150 per PVA account from reputable sellers. Factor in your goals and budget. Often 2-5 solid accounts that engage regularly with content is better than 10 stale accounts.

Should I tell people I bought the accounts?

I advise transparency if asked directly, but don‘t actively advertise you paid for the accounts. Assume most established profiles involve some level of paid growth. Focus conversations on why people should follow your brand.

I hope this guide covered everything an entrepreneur needs to confidently buy quality TikTok accounts tailored for business growth goals.

TikTok presents an tremendous opportunity to reach younger audiences – buying established PVA accounts kickstarts that process so you show up looking credible from day one.

Looking beyond the initial purchase, dedicating effort into content, community interaction, and partnership outreach sustains that momentum so your brand scales new heights on one of the world‘s hottest social platforms!

Have additional questions? Want personalized advice suitable for your startup? Reach out! I‘m always glad to help fellow entrepreneurs amplify their message on social media.