Best Sites To Buy Spotify Podcast Plays Cheap in 2024: The Definitive Guide for Podcasters

As an entrepreneurship consultant helping small business owners, startups and indie podcasters grow their audiences, I‘ve evaluated dozens of companies offering paid Spotify podcast plays.

And in this definitive guide, I‘ll share the top services to give your show the traction it deserves.

Buying plays helps you stand out in Spotify‘s crowded podcast marketplace of over 3 million shows, ignite organic listener growth, and establish credibility – but only if done right.

So let‘s explore the best sites for ethically accelerating your podcast‘s growth through purchased Spotify plays.

Why Buy Spotify Podcast Plays?

Before jumping into the top providers, let‘s review four compelling benefits of buying podcast plays:

1. Improved Discoverability in Search and Browse Features

Spotify‘s algorithms monitor a variety of metrics to determine a show‘s search ranking and positioning in category browse sections. This impacts the visibility of your podcast to new listeners looking for shows just like yours.

And one of the strongest signals is a high number of plays. More plays tells Spotify your show resonates with listeners, prompting the platform to surface it higher and expose it to more potential fans.

Having trouble getting found in Spotify‘s crowded podcast marketplace? Purchased plays can help.

2. Social Proof Drives Conversions

We‘re naturally wired to emulate the behavior of crowds. That herd mentality translates to podcasting too.

When prospective listeners land on your show‘s page, the first thing they‘ll notice is your play count. A high number subconsciously signals your show is worth their time. It builds credibility and gives them the confidence to hit play.

In contrast, a podcast with only a handful of plays can inadvertently deter listeners, regardless of its actual quality.

Project popularity and establish trust with purchased plays to convert curious visitors into engaged listeners.

3. Ignites Organic Growth

While the initial influx of plays are paid, the heightened exposure and visibility often stimulates genuine interest in your show. Some of those purchased listens will convert into devoted fans.

As more people play your episodes, a percentage will follow or subscribe for future updates, share it across social media, and even bring in referrals through word-of-mouth – kickstarting that coveted organic growth flywheel.

Strategically invest in purchased plays to get the ball rolling and inspire real listeners to take over.

4. Prestige & Reputation Gain

Lastly, a high play count lends a sense of prestige and earns your podcast recognition within the community. It‘s a signal of quality and demand.

This credibility can open doors to lucrative sponsorship opportunities, brand partnerships, guest appearance requests and cross-promotions from more established shows.

Gaining the backing of a play purchaser demonstrates you‘re invested in your podcast‘s future and audience growth.

And now, onto the dedicated services helping podcasters achieve these benefits through purchased Spotify plays…

5 Trusted Sites to Buy Spotify Podcast Plays

I scoured the internet and thoroughly evaluated dozens of companies before arriving at my top recommendations for ethically obtaining Spotify podcast plays.

I based my endorsements on crucial factors like:

✅ Delivery Speed

✅ Retention Rates

✅ Authenticity of Plays

✅ Customer Service

✅ Pricing/Value

✅ Refund Policies

✅ Website Usability

Without further ado, here are my top picks for safely and effectively growing your Spotify podcast listenership through purchased plays:

#1: Media Mister

Out of all the sites reviewed, Media Mister is my top choice for buying Spotify podcast plays. With over 10 years of experience providing social media growth services, they‘ve established themselves as an trustworthy industry leader.

I love that the plays you receive come from real Spotify users genuinely interested in your show‘s niche. This level of relevancy and authenticity ensures maximum retention and conversion into active listeners.

In my experience, their delivery speed is fast, kicking off within 12-24 hours of placing your order. And Media Mister‘s customer service team promptly responds if any issues arise.

For podcasters serious about increasing their visibility and expanding their reach on Spotify, Media Mister is a premier option with affordable rates:


  • 5,000 Plays – $69
  • 10,000 Plays – $149
  • 20,000 Plays – $299

#2: UseViral

If you‘re looking for extremely swift delivery paired with ironclad safety, UseViral is another phenomenal provider for buying Spotify plays and other engagement metrics.

They have an impeccable track record when it comes to protecting client accounts. The plays you receive comply completely with Spotify‘s terms of service,coming from active users, so there‘s zero risk of your show getting restricted or banned.

I also appreciate their transparent communication and responsiveness to any customer queries, leaving you fully informed each step of the process.

For fast, worry-free growth on Spotify, UseViral hits the mark on all fronts with packages starting at just $39 for 5,000 plays:


  • 5,000 Plays – $39
  • 10,000 Plays- $69
  • 20,000 Plays – $139

#3: GetAFollower

Rounding out my top three is GetAFollower for affordable and consistent quality across their Spotify podcast promotions.

The team puts customer satisfaction first, ensuring the plays you receive are always from real, interested listeners that engage with your show. This translates to higher retention rates compared to other providers.

Expect a smooth ordering experience, prompt delivery within 3 days, and stellar customer support in case any hiccups occur.

For podcasters operating on tight budgets, GetAFollower optimizes for value without compromising authenticity:


  • 1,000 Plays – $18
  • 5,000 Plays – $69
  • 10,000 Plays – $99

#4: SidesMedia

SidesMedia is another stellar choice for injecting your podcast with relevant Spotify plays and listeners.

They deliver plays exclusively from real platform users to ensure genuine interest and engagement with your episodes. And you can further amplify your growth by bundling in followers and monthly listeners too for powerful combined momentum.

Expect reliable customer support and on-time delivery within 5 days. Should anything fall short of your expectations, SidesMedia provides full refunds to maintain your satisfaction.


  • 5,000 Plays – $57
  • 10,000 Plays – $114
  • 20,000 Plays- $228

#5: BuyRealMedia

Last but certainly not least, BuyRealMedia sustains exceptional standards across their Spotify podcast promotion packages.

A major perk is that all plays originate from active Spotify accounts with an existing interest in your show‘s genre. This drives strong retention as listeners are inclined to play more of your episodes.

I always emphasize the importance of timely delivery for client campaigns, and BuyRealMedia delivers – initiating your order within 48 hours of purchase.

While their pricing is a tad higher than competitors, the superior authenticity and reliability justify the extra investment.


  • 5,000 Plays – $95
  • 10,000 Plays – $179
  • 20,000 Plays – $359

Key Factors When Comparing Providers

While those five ranked services are my top recommendations for buying podcast plays, you may want to evaluate additional options.

Here are key considerations for vetting any company offering paid Spotify plays:

Delivery Speed – Faster turnaround times allow plays to penetrate algorithms sooner. Look for delivery initiation within 72 hours.

Retention Rates – Higher ratios indicate authentic engagement. 30-40% retention is excellent while under 20% is questionable.

Spotify TOS Compliance – Plays must seem natural to avoid bans. Reputable sellers ensure through active accounts.

Replacement Policy – Dropped plays should be replaced for maximum impact.

Refund Policy – 30 days shows commitment to satisfy.

Organic Conversion Rates – Tracking long term follower and subscriber growth indicates genuine interest.

Reviews and Reputation – Look for longstanding services endorsed by business review sites.

And a few red flags to watch out for:

❌ Unsubstantiated Claims

❌ Constant Discounting

❌ Missing Contact Details

By thoroughly vetting play providers against the above criteria before purchasing, you can feel confident investing in the visibility and credibility of your podcast.

Which leads into final words of wisdom…


Purchased Spotify plays present tremendous potential to accelerate your show‘s listenership growth in 2024 and beyond. But only with realistic expectations set and due diligence selecting an authentic provider.

The sites listed in this guide checked all the boxes for safely delivering plays that retain and convert into real fans. Each comes enthusiastically recommended based on verified client results and their sterling reputations facilitating ethical podcast growth.

But growth takes continual effort, so don‘t treat purchased plays as a quick fix or silver bullet. Maximum impact requires marrying the initial momentum with ongoing value creation through compelling content, social media marketing and paid advertising.

When strategically combined, bought plays and owned skills transform into career-launching victories.

Here‘s to realizing your podcast‘s full potential and joining the ranks of Spotify‘s top shows this year! Let me know if you have any other questions.