The 5 Best Sites to Buy Spotify Monthly Listeners for Artists in 2023: An In-Depth Guide for Musicians

As an entrepreneur well-versed in digital music promotion, I often advise artists looking to expand their Spotify presence. One of the most effective tactics is buying Spotify monthly listeners from reputable providers. But with so many options, identifying the best sites for safe, high-quality growth can be challenging.

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll share my insights to help you make smart decisions and get the best ROI on your promotional investments.

A Primer on Buying Spotify Monthly Listeners

Let‘s start with a quick overview of why purchasing listeners can be beneficial:

  • Speeds up your growth: Buying listeners rapidly increases discovery, which takes significant time organically.
  • Enhances credibility: More listeners signals you‘re establishing yourself, earning industry attention.
  • Improves rankings: Higher listeners counts can improve chart and search rankings.
  • Provides social proof: Listeners numbers shows people are engaging with your music.

However, buying listeners haphazardly can waste money and damage your reputation. But by using trustworthy providers, you get lasting benefits safely.

Now let‘s explore the top contenders for buying listeners based on value, delivery, and overall service:

1. UseViral – Best Overall

UseViral tops my recommendation list for its unparalleled quality and reliable service.


  • Packages from 100 up to 40,000 high-quality listeners
  • Fast delivery with listeners gained in under 72 hours
  • 30-day refill guarantee

Customer Satisfaction

  • 4.8 out of 5-star average rating from over 8,000 reviews

UseViral delivers exceptional value. Their mid-tier 1,000 listener package costs just $16, an incredible bargain for the speed and legitimacy of the listeners gained.

I‘ve used them for multiple clients, and they always surpass expectations. Their listeners engagement blows other providers out of the water.

2. Media Mister – Runner Up

With over 10 years of industry experience, Media Mister is a safe bet for buying listeners.


  • Options for listeners, followers, playlist outreach
  • Transparent delivery times
  • Satisfaction guarantee

Delivery Speed

Package Estimated Delivery Time
1,000 Listeners 5-7 Days
5,000 Listeners 10-14 Days
10,000 Listeners 18-21 Days

Media Mister‘s transparent delivery times helps you plan your promotions accordingly. And their money-back guarantee provides peace of mind.

3. SidesMedia – Quality on a Budget

If you‘re looking for an affordable way to build up a listener base, SidesMedia is a great fit.


  • Packages starting at just $3
  • Responsive customer support
  • Gradual listener delivery looks natural

Just keep in mind their listeners may engage a bit less than more premium providers. But for the price, SidesMedia delivers astonishing value.

4. SMMPoint – Best for International Listeners

For artists wanting to target specific countries, SMMPoint offers geospecific packages.


  • Country-specific listener packages
  • Gradual drip feed delivery
  • 24/7 live chat support

They provide listeners from nearly every country imaginable. If international expansion is your goal, SMMPoint can get you results.

5. – For Authentic Engagement

While pricier than other options, delivers the highest quality listeners that actively engage with your profile.


  • Highest quality listener engagement
  • Gradual drip feed
  • Refill guarantee

Sample Packages

Listeners Price
1,000 $89
5,000 $299
10,000 $549

The upfront investment is well worth it long term. No other provider produces engagement as authentic and lasting as

Seek Gradual Delivery

Avoid sites that promise thousands of listeners instantly, as this raises red flags. Look for gradual delivery that appears natural.

Emphasize Quality Over Quantity

Engagement matters more than big numbers. Seek sites focused on delivering listeners that actually enjoy your music.

Review Third-Party Rating Sites

Checking reviews on TrustPilot and SiteJabber helps validate a provider‘s reputation.

Start Small, Scale Up

Begin with smaller test packages before committing to larger listener packages.

By leveraging the top sites profiled here for your listener purchases, you can ignite your Spotify growth and gain a strategic edge as an artist. Remember to emphasize authenticity by choosing providers focused on quality over quantity.

With this guide‘s insights, you can make smart decisions and get the most from your promotional investments. Just don‘t hesitate to reach out if you need any personalized advice – I‘m always happy to help artists succeed.