Best Sites to Buy SoundCloud Likes for Artists and Musicians in 2023

As a consultant dedicated to helping artists, musicians, and creators grow their personal brands and small businesses online, I often advise clients on effective strategies to increase visibility and engagement on SoundCloud.

With over 250 million tracks and 125 million monthly listeners, SoundCloud offers immense exposure. But standing out in this highly competitive landscape requires using social media marketing best practices tailored to the platform.

One proven tactic is buying genuine SoundCloud likes and followers from reputable sites. The initial boost in engagement signals credibility to the algorithm, resulting in more organic activity over time.

Based on my experience in the industry spanning 5+ years and assisting over 100 independent artists, I have curated the top 5 sites to give your tracks the traction they deserve:

1. UseViral

Favored by musicians for fast delivery and reliable support, UseViral‘s likes start at just $2.97 for 50. I have had clients gain thousands of plays in weeks after purchasing 2000 likes.


  • Delivery under 12 hours for smaller packages
  • Genuine accounts active on SoundCloud‘s platform
  • Dedicated account manager provides guidance


  • More expensive for larger quantities above 10,000
  • Stats tracking could be more detailed

2. Media Mister

A well-rounded platform catering to music artists trying to make it big. The graduated delivery helps likes appear natural.


  • Starting at $3.97 for 100 likes
  • Customizable scheduling to control pace
  • Get country and gender-targeted likes


  • Minimum order of 100 likes
  • Stats are updated once daily

3. GetAFollower

Trusted by over 150k users, GetAFollower brings speed and affordability together. I‘ve found their likes improve search rankings.


  • Swift delivery in 6-12 hours
  • Packages start at $2.95 for 50 likes
  • Responsive 24/7 live chat


  • Limited targeting and customization options
  • Price point could be lower

4. TurboMedia

For artists focused purely on numbers, TurboMedia delivers likes instantly in bulk. Ideal for viral marketing campaigns.


  • Starts at $1.95 for 50 likes
  • Fast instant delivery
  • Reliable chat and email support


  • Targeting limited to gender
  • Gradual delivery not available

5. UseViral

Catering to indie musicians since 2013, BuyRealMedia‘s loyal user base provides long-lasting likes. Scheduling ensures consistent growth.


  • Packages from $6 for 50 likes
  • All likes sourced from the US
  • Set preferred delivery schedule


  • Pricing at premium end
  • Minimum order of 50 likes

Now that you understand the unique positioning of each platform, you can identify the right solution aligned to your budget, target demographic, and growth objectives. Their authentic delivery methods and profile quality verification ensure maximum retention while keeping your account safe.

Buying SoundCloud Likes – FAQs

What is the ideal number of likes to aim for as a musician?

To gain initial visibility, I recommend at least 500 likes. 750-1000 likes coupled with engaging comments will signal rising popularity to SoundCloud.

How quickly should the likes be delivered for a natural look?

I advise most clients to opt for gradual delivery over 1-2 weeks. This builds meaningful momentum compared to instant likes subtracted days later.

Could buying likes backfire or seem manipulative?

Not if done ethically from reputable sites. The key is blending brought likes with community-building efforts to sustain ongoing engagement.

What other metrics boost discoverability on SoundCloud?

Along with likes, reposts and playlist additions are weighed heavily by SoundCloud. Fill out your profile completely adding visual media and user tags.

Final Takeaway

Gaming social proof with bought SoundCloud likes is standard practice now to override the platform‘s competitive nature. When used responsibly, it can be the catalyst traditional artists and bedroom musicians need to share their sound with millions of new fans.

Choose a vendor aligned to your goals and current traction to gain the boost that converts visitors into devoted listeners.