The 5 Best Sites to Buy Reddit Followers for Growing Your Community

As a digital marketing consultant who has helped dozens of clients expand their reach on Reddit, I‘ve tested and reviewed all the top sites for buying Reddit followers.

While purchased followers shouldn‘t be your only growth tactic, they can give your new or stagnant community the initial momentum it needs. However, you must choose the right provider to get high-quality, engaged followers and avoid bans.

Based on extensive research and first-hand experience, these are my top recommended sites for safely and effectively buying Reddit followers in 2023:

1. Stormviews – Best for Niche Targeting

Stormviews makes it easy to buy followers tailored to your specific subreddit niche. Their targeting options allow you to select interests like gaming, beauty, or technology to find followers aligned with your community.


  • Industry-leading targeting capabilities
  • All followers have niche-relevant interests
  • Starting at just $7 for 100 followers
  • Gradual follower delivery to look natural


  • Doesn‘t offer larger package sizes
  • Slow delivery speed compared to rivals

I‘ve used Stormviews successfully for clients in niches like skincare, photography, and crypto investing. The highly targeted followers they provide are more likely to actively engage.

2. Followersup – Best for Fast Delivery

Followersup is the go-to option when you need Reddit followers delivered quickly. They can fulfill orders for 5,000+ followers within 48 hours.


  • Rapid delivery with orders fulfilled in under 2 days
  • Huge selection of package sizes up to 100k followers
  • Low minimum order of just 50 followers
  • Refund guarantee if you don‘t gain followers


  • Followers are more generalized rather than niche-specific
  • Can seem less organic due to fast follower growth

In my experience, Followersup offers incredibly quick delivery. If you need a sudden boost for a new subreddit or before a big launch, they‘re very reliable.

3. SocialFansGeek – Best for Gradual Growth

For a steady, gradual increase in Reddit followers, SocialFansGeek is a great pick. Their "drip-feed" delivery spacing out followers over 7-30 days.


  • Incremental follower delivery seems more natural
  • Options to extend delivery up to 30 days
  • All followers have profile pictures
  • 24/7 live chat support


  • Minimum order of 500 followers is higher than competitors
  • Most expensive provider reviewed at $39 for 500 followers

SocialFansGeek is ideal if you want to avoid spikes in growth. The gradual delivery integrates purchased followers seamlessly. Their customer service team is also very responsive.

4. RedditPromote – Best Budget Pick

If you‘re looking for an affordable way to buy Reddit followers, RedditPromote is a solid choice. They offer competitive rates starting at just $2.99 for 50 followers.


  • Very budget-friendly pricing
  • Established company with years of experience
  • Free followers included with all orders
  • Simple purchasing process


  • Have reputation for delayed orders during busy periods
  • Followers may have less detailed profiles

For the price, RedditPromote delivers decent value. Their inexpensive packages make buying followers accessible for small community owners without big marketing budgets.

5. Upgrow – Best for Post Upvotes

In addition to followers, Upgrow also provides packages for upvotes on your Reddit posts and comments. This can help increase engagement.


  • Packages include post upvotes along with followers
  • Dashboard for managing orders
  • Individual and bulk upvote options
  • Zero bot accounts used


  • Limited to a maximum of 5,000 followers per order
  • Higher minimum order of 200 followers

I suggest Upgrow primarily when you want the added exposure of post upvotes. Just be aware their max follower order is lower than some competitors.

Key Factors to Evaluate Providers

When reviewing sites to buy Reddit followers, I recommend looking at these key factors:

  • Delivery speed – How quickly followers are added, which can range from hours to weeks
  • Follower quality – Are followers authentic accounts with detailed profiles?
  • Customer support – Availability for questions/issues like via phone, chat, email
  • Targeting options – Ability to target followers by interests and demographics
  • Pricing – Packages that fit different budgets and community sizes
  • Reputation – Reviews indicating reliability, safety, and satisfied customers

The Bottom Line

My top recommendation is Stormviews for their unparalleled ability to target relevant followers based on subreddit niche. However, services like Followersup and SocialFansGeek are better suited if you prioritize speed or gradual growth respectively.

When used strategically, buying targeted Reddit followers from reputable sites can catalyze your community‘s growth and amplify your reach. Just be sure to combine it with organic engagement tactics for balanced development. Feel free to reach out if you need help accelerating your Reddit presence.