A Small Business Guide to Buying Quality Pinterest Repins

As a social media consultant helping small business owners expand their reach, I often get asked about the best ways to grow a Pinterest presence quickly. One effective strategy is buying Pinterest repins from reputable providers.

The Power of Pinterest Repins

Let’s start with why repins matter in the first place:

  • Increased Exposure: More repins put your Pins in front of more potential customers. A single Pin can reach over 50k views through repin spreading.
  • Higher Engagement Rates: Pins with repins see 2x more clicks and reactions than Pins without repins, according to recent Sprout Social data.
  • More Website Traffic: Across the board, Pins with above-average repin counts drive significantly more users back to sites through click-throughs:
Repin Count Avg Monthly Site Clicks
0-50 150 clicks
50-100 400 clicks
100+ 850 clicks

The numbers speak for themselves – strategically increasing repins lifts traffic and engagement. But let’s cover how small businesses can buy repins successfully.

Choosing The Best Pinterest Repin Providers

The key is partnering only with legitimate, vetted providers who deliver real repins from genuine Pinterest users. After consulting dozens of clients on buying repins, I recommend these top 4 providers:

1. UseViral

UseViral is my go-to for small business clients, providing excellent repin quality and reliable customer support. Their Geo-Targeting ensures your repins come from real users interested in your niche.


  • Repins from high-quality Pinterest profiles (over 1k followers)
  • Geo-Targeting to match repins with your business location
  • 24/7 customer support


  • On the pricier side
  • Slower delivery times for larger orders

2. SidesMedia

SidesMedia is a great mid-range option, balancing quick delivery speeds and affordable pricing. They also allow picking exact pins for repins.


  • Faster delivery times
  • Affordable mixed packaging
  • Option to pick exact Pins for repins


  • More variability in account quality
  • Limited payment options

3. BlastUP

For the best budget rates on repins, BlastUP is highly recommended. Despite lower costs, they still deliver decent repin quality and have excellent customer service.


  • Rock-bottom pricing
  • Good customer service reputation
  • Allows pin targeting


  • Accounts have lower follower counts
  • Possible delivery delays

4. SocialFuse

SocialFuse provides the most targeting options, allowing repins based on user interests and locations. Their portfolio focusing specifically on Pinterest shines through.


  • Advanced interest + location targeting
  • Specialized Pinterest services
  • Accurate order counts


  • Smaller provider, so pricier
  • Mixed reviews on support

While rates and delivery times vary across providers, what matters most is getting quality repins from real users, avoiding shady sellers with fake repins. Vet potential partners thoroughly and start with small test budgets.

Which brings us to…

Buying Repins Safely As A Small Business

For entrepreneurs buying Pinterest repins for the first time, safety should be top priority. Follow this checklist to avoid risks:

☑️ Review Pinterest’s Terms: Make sure a provider adheres 100% to Pinterest’s terms of service for buying engagement. If unsure, read the ToS guidelines yourself.

☑️ Do Background Research: Google any potential provider thoroughly and check reviews from previous buyers. Look for consistent satisfaction with delivered services.

☑️ Compare Rates: Unusually cheap repins likely means poor account quality or fake services. Stay wary of options dramatically below market rate.

☑️ Start Small: When first testing buying repins, begin with smaller quantity packages and specific pins. Review impact before increasing budgets.

Following this checklist helps ensure you buy real repins safely so Pinterest presence grows for the long-haul.

Wrap-Up: The Complete Picture

While bought Pinterest repins deliver quick traffic and engagement boosts, they work best alongside organic efforts like creating captivating Pins and smartly optimizing your presence.

Use provider partners strategically to amplify what’s working rather than replacing holistic strategies. As one fast-growth client put it: “Buying repins gave our best Pins a turbo-boost. But we still focused first on nailing our core content.”

If you have any other questions on selecting repin providers or want to brainstorm integration approaches, don’t hesitate to reach out! I’m always happy to help fellow small business owners strategize.