The 5 Best Sites for Small Businesses to Ethically Buy Pinterest Followers

As a small business owner trying to drive traffic and boost visibility, buying followers on Pinterest can be a cost-effective shortcut to growth. However, it‘s crucial to avoid "fake follower" sites or unethical practices that could jeopardize your account.

Through first-hand experience growing my boutique social media consultancy to over 12k followers, I‘ve learned how to safely and strategically buy followers to amplify our content and brand presence.

In this article tailored specifically to fellow small business owners and solopreneurs, I‘ll share the 5 most reliable sites I recommend for buying real, high-quality Pinterest followers along with pro tips to maximize your investment.

Why Buying Followers Works for Small Businesses

Promoting a small business with a limited marketing budget can be an uphill battle on Pinterest. While organic growth is ideal long-term, strategic follower purchases to kickstart visibility offer advantages like:

  • Saving hours of manual outreach & growth: Buying 1,000+ engaged followers would likely take years to cultivate organically. Purchasing accelerates growth fast.
  • Enhancing perceptions of credibility & social proof: More followers signals to potential customers that others support your brand. Consumer trust grows.
  • Increasing content visibility to earn organic followers: New followers drive more impressions and saves for your pins, leading real users to follow you.
  • Driving more site traffic: Expanded reach exposes your website content, offers and services to more potential customers. Site visits and leads can surge.

But dangerously, many sites offering instant followers provide fake or robotic accounts that could get you banned by Pinterest. As a small business, staying compliant is critical.

That‘s why I recommend the following 5 legitimate, ethical sites for buying real Pinterest followers:

1. SocialFuse

I‘ve used SocialFuse across 3 different business accounts to great success. For starter businesses, their affordable pricing provides outstanding value:

  • Cost: Starts at just 100 followers for $2.95
  • Speed: Begins delivery within hours, completes within 5 days
  • Support: Responsive customer service via email

While you can‘t specify demographics, I‘ve been impressed with SocialFuse‘s followers legitimate engagement with my content and brand. It‘s an ideal entry-level option for any small business ready to begin outsourcing growth.

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2. UseViral

For small businesses ready to invest more upfront at scale, UseViral balances fast delivery with quality assurance:

  • Cost: Starts at 250 followers for $14.99
  • Speed: Claims delivery in under 72 hours
  • Support: 24/7 live chat and email

I suggest UseViral for established small businesses with some marketing budget looking to expand existing organic growth. Their larger minimum order size nets bigger growth faster when you need it.

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3. Followersup

Used by over 720,000 customers, Followersup makes buying followers simple for novice marketers on a budget:

  • Cost: Only $1.99 per 100 followers
  • Speed: Gradual drip-feed delivery within weeks
  • Support: Email (slower response times)

With easy checkout and transparent about delivery speeds, Followersup does the trick for solopreneurs focused purely on increasing followers. Just set and forget it!

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4. Trollishly

Ranking as Pinterest‘s top source of followers since 2017, Trollishly balances cost and reliability:

  • Cost: Starts around $12 for 500 followers
  • Speed: Claims "fast delivery" within weeks
  • Support: Email and Live chat

I suggest them for promoting new pins and ideas to a broader audience. While pricier than some options, their years of reputation offer peace of mind.

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5. Social Boss

With tailored packages beyond just followers, Social Boss takes an engaging approach:

  • Cost: Around $14 for 100 followers
  • Speed: Gradual delivery to avoid spikes
  • Support: 10 options including WhatsApp & Snapchat

I like them for their creativity in not just inertly growing numbers, but actively encouraging genuine user interactions with your content for visibility lifts.

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6 Crucial Tips for Buying Followers as a Small Business

As you evaluate options, keep these pro tips in mind to avoid missteps as a small business owner:

Stick to Trusted Providers

Vet any site thoroughly before buying followers by checking for indicators of credibility like years in business, positive customer reviews, and reasonable delivery promises. This avoids shady resellers.

Start Small to Test

When trying a new provider, purchase smaller 100 or 250 follower packages before committing to 1,000+. Analyze the quality of followers and actual growth before investing more.

Don‘t Rely on Followers Alone

Combining purchased followers with strong visual content, valuable pins, and engagement remains key for sustainable success. Think of buying as a supplement only.

Review Reporting Regularly

Measure your follower quality by assessing website clicks, repins and saves from new followers. If they don‘t engage over a few weeks, reconsider the provider.

Don‘t Cut Legal Corners

Avoid anything explicitly banned by Pinterest‘s terms around buying followers to stay compliant. For example, don‘t buy fake accounts.

Be Realistic About Investment

temper expectations around buying followers as a silver bullet. While it helps, true influence and conversion still stems from providing value and connecting with audiences.

So there you have it – my top picks and tips for legally, ethically and effectively buying Pinterest followers to expand your small businesses reach. Let me know if you have any other questions!