The Complete Guide to Buying Monetized YouTube Channels in 2024

As a small business consultant, I‘ve helped dozens of entrepreneurs grow their influence and revenue on YouTube. One proven strategy is buying an existing monetized YouTube channel to skip the hard work of building an audience and qualifying for the YouTube Partner Program.

But finding the right channel to purchase can be tricky. In this guide, I‘ll share my research on the top 3 platforms for buying monetized YouTube channels based on reputation, offerings, and value.

Overview of Top 3 YouTube Channel Marketplaces


UseViral is currently the most popular marketplace for buying monetized YouTube channels. They pre-vet and list channels with:

  • 1,000+ subscribers
  • 4,000+ watch hours
  • Verified IDs
  • No copyright strikes

This meets the minimum YouTube monetization requirements, allowing you to start earning ad revenue faster. UseViral performs full audits on seller channels before listing them for sale.


  • Huge catalog of channels across niches
  • Monetization "ready" channels to earn quickly
  • Highly rated customer support


  • No trial period offered
  • Premium pricing

Cost: Starts around $5,000+


Originally a social media growth service, SidesMedia is a reputable player that recently expanded into selling monetized YouTube channels.

They connect clients with pre-vetted channels, emphasizing affordable pricing and financing options. All payments are securely processed via credit card.


  • Established trust and credibility
  • Lower cost of entry
  • Financing available
  • Responsive support


  • Smaller channel selection
  • Mostly "starter" channels

Cost: Starts around $1,500+


FameSwap offers a large marketplace connecting buyers and sellers directly. They feature high-authority channels with:

  • 10,000+ subscribers
  • Strong viewer engagement
  • Consistent uploading

FameSwap has an escrow payment system and facilitates background checks to ensure channel legitimacy.


  • Direct marketplace model
  • High-authority channels
  • Escrow payments for security


  • Less broker support
  • High commission fees

Cost: Starts around $15,000+

Key Factors to Evaluate When Buying a YouTube Channel

When assessing channels to purchase, keep these criteria in mind:

  • Niche match – Ensure the channel topic aligns with your skills and interests
  • Production quality – Assess if video/audio quality will need upgraded
  • Engagement metrics – Favor channels with higher views, comments, and watch time
  • Revenue history – Review earnings screenshots to estimate monetization potential
  • Content consistency – Pick channels with regular uploading schedules

Channels with 100,000+ subscribers can cost $50,000 or more. However, using marketplaces like UseViral and SidesMedia allow you to acquire channels ready to monetize in the $5,000-$15,000 range.

Risks and Downsides to Buying YouTube Channels

While buying a monetized channel can provide a big head start, there are some risks to consider:

  • Changing audience expectations – Taking over an established channel means inheriting the existing audience. Any shifts in content style or quality may result in losing subscribers.
  • Loss of momentum – Lulls in uploading or drops in engagement during the ownership transfer can be hard to recover from.
  • Production costs – Buying a channel still requires an investment in high-quality equipment and software for creating content.
  • Niche mismatch – Attempting to run a channel in a niche you lack expertise in usually ends poorly.

Wrapping Up

For entrepreneurs and creators, purchasing a monetized YouTube channel can greatly accelerate your growth. Options like UseViral, SidesMedia, and FameSwap allow you to inherit an audience, earn revenue faster, and focus on creating great content. Yet conducting due diligence is crucial to get a return on your investment.

As a business advisor, my key tips are to thoroughly vet channels, align with your niche, and keep audience expectations in mind during ownership transfers. Done right, buying a YouTube channel could take your business to the next level.