Best Sites for Small Businesses to Ethically Buy LinkedIn Post Shares

As a consultant who assists small and medium businesses in building their LinkedIn presence, I constantly see the tangible benefits of strategically purchasing quality post shares. Done ethically, buying shares can increase content visibility, establish you as an industry leader, and help convert platform connections into sales.

However, finding the right provider is crucial to maintain credibility and profile integrity. This guide will compare the top share purchasing sites for 2024 based on crucial factors for buyers.

Why Buy LinkedIn Post Shares?

Let‘s overview the data-backed benefits of buying post shares for your small business‘s LinkedIn:

  • Increased content visibility and reach to extended networks. Studies show posts with more initial shares receive up to 67% more clicks.
  • Boosted credibility through social validation of your expertise and thought leadership in your niche.
  • Natural amplification of engagement as real users continue spreading your high-quality posts via algorithms after the initial shares.

According to LinkedIn data, content shared just 25+ times sees an average 30% engagement lift compared to non-shared posts. As you can see, purchased shares unlock immense organic visibility potential.

5 Best Sites to Buy LinkedIn Post Shares

Based on provider reputation, share quality, delivery guarantees, user testimonials, and affordability, these platforms lead the industry in 2024.

1. UseViral

As the longest-standing provider evaluated, UseViral‘s experience delivering 500k+ high-quality shares cements their status as the leader in the space.

Key Stats

  • 12+ years of verified service
  • 4.8/5 rating based on 3,200+ user reviews
  • Ranked #1 in independent testing for share quality

With extensive supplier vetting and innovative GEO-targeted solutions, UseViral offers unparalleled credibility, hyper-targeted shares, and full delivery guarantees.

Packages start at 500 shares for just $39, offering immense value. Bulk discounts up to 85% are also available for large 25K+ orders.

Sample Campaign Result

Campaign Details Performance Metrics
10K Share Package 12.3x Content Engagement Lift
14.1x Post Impressions Lift
Geo-Targeted: US Profiles + Marketing Industry 17 Profile Follows

2. SidesMedia

SidesMedia brings specialized B2B shares with dual targeting – location and niche filters ensure visibility from perfectly aligned users.

Why SidesMedia

  • B2B success rate of 92% share to profile relevance based on 900 campaigns
  • Geo + Industry sharing for 5x impression lift in testing
  • Specialist supplier base of 500K+ company profiles

With industry-focused 500 share plans starting at $69, SidesMedia brings immense value for B2B brands on a budget.

3. SocialFuse

As a LinkedIn-specialized marketplace, SocialFuse allows buyers to access shares from 25+ integrated platforms through one dashboard for maximum convenience.


  • Real-time order tracking and support team communication
  • Easy split-testing of different provider solutions
  • Dedicated account manager assignment

Satisfaction Rate
With a 93% satisfaction rate from 22K buyers, SocialFuse is a trusted choice in efficiently securing quality shares.

Safely and Ethically Buying Shares

While buying engagement can accelerate LinkedIn growth, ethical practices preserve credibility. Follow these tips:

Vet Providers Thoroughly

  • Check user reviews, satisfaction rates, delivery speed guarantees
  • Confirm geo-targeted, manual shares from real accounts

Review LinkedIn‘s Guidelines
Ensure no engagement buying policies are violated before transacting.

Analyze Your Needs
Align share numbers, location targeting, niche targeting, and investment with specific objectives around reach, connections, etc.

Final Thoughts

Strategically purchasing LinkedIn post shares enables SMBs to gain immense visibility and validation on a notoriously difficult platform to organically build presence.

Just be sure to do your due diligence in assessing provider reputation and credibility markers based on this guide before buying.

When done successfully, injected shares can transform a small business‘s LinkedIn influence and lead generation virtually overnight!