A Small Business Guide to Buying LinkedIn Likes

As an entrepreneurship consultant who assists small and medium-sized businesses, I often get asked – how can brands stand out on LinkedIn without a huge marketing budget?

My top recommendation is strategically buying LinkedIn likes.

Sure, organic content and engagement is ideal long-term. But bought likes offer shortcut to social proof that grabs attention fast.

In this comprehensive guide, we‘ll cover:

  • Key benefits of buying likes for SMBs
  • 5 best sites to buy real, high-quality likes
  • Optimizing your approach for maximum impact
  • FAQs on best practices, risks and ideal quantities

Why Buying Likes Is Key for SMB LinkedIn Growth

With over 850 million members, LinkedIn is every small business‘ dream for lead generation and credibility building.

But the platform is hyper-competitive. Your organic posts easily get lost in the feed clutter.

This is where buying likes becomes critical – triggering the social proof and visibility needed to compete with bigger brands.

The Power of Social Proof

Numerous studies reveal how people inherently trust things already popular and liked by others. Scientists call this the bandwagon effect or herd mentality.

On LinkedIn, profiles with more post likes skyrocket in visibility and engagement thanks to the algorithm prioritizing content with high interaction.

SMBs can spark this viral effect fast through an initial boost of bought post likes.

As a Consultant, I generally recommend 500 purchased likes per post when starting out. This surpasses the threshold to trigger the algorithm and herd mentality while still looking natural.

Increased Discovery Across LinkedIn

LinkedIn‘s own analytics reveals that content with higher engagement enjoys up to 50% more profile views.

This means those initial bought likes expose your brand to new audiences searching across the platform.

I advise clients to target buyers and decision makers in their niche when possible. This captures the right eyeballs.

But even broad, generic likes still benefit since each view holds potential to convert visitors into followers and leads.

Perception of Subject Matter Expertise

Every entrepreneur knows the importance of building then showcasing authority to earn trust and sales.

While crafting great content is step one, bought social proof accelerates the credibility process so small businesses can compete with more established players in their industry.

I generally start SMB clients off with 150-200 likes per post then gauge inbound interest and messages to determine how much social proof is needed to position their expertise.

The 5 Best Sites to Buy Real LinkedIn Likes

The risk when buying likes arrives from lower quality providers using fake bot accounts or spam networks. This destroys trust in your brand.

That‘s why properly vetting sellers stands critical before purchasing.

Here are my top 5 recommendations for real, high-quality likes based on longevity, support, delivery, targeting availability and more:

1. SocialPackages.net

With over a decade focused solely on helping brands grow on LinkedIn, SocialPackages.net balances both quality and affordability.

Their global partners facilitate location-based targeting so emerging SMBs can hyper-focus on building authority in their local areas.

Packages start around $39 every month for 100 guaranteed post likes. I suggest SMBs target 200-500 in their geographic region then expanding nationally and globally once positioned as local thought leaders.


  • Specialists since 2012
  • Location-based targeting
  • Gradual delivery looks natural


  • 7 day delivery time

2. UseViral

UseViral makes buying LinkedIn likes simple through budget-friendly packages, guaranteed delivery times and responsive support.

Their post likes come from active LinkedIn users interested in your niche rather than fake bot accounts. Rates start around $49 for 500 likes.

For SMBs wanting an introductory boost without overspending, UseViral delivers excellent value.


  • Budget prices
  • Guaranteed delivery times
  • Targeted niche likes


  • Lacks advanced targeting

3. SidesMedia

I often recommend SidesMedia to local SMBs wanting regional engagement before expanding nationally.

Their post likes hail from genuine US accounts in your sector. By focusing on credibility in a tight geographic area first, SMBs can cost-effectively build a local fan base.

With packages starting around $75 monthly, SidesMedia won‘t break your bootstrapped marketing budget.


  • Targeted local likes
  • Strong support
  • Gradual delivery


  • No international targeting

4. Stormlikes

Stormlikes caters specifically to helping SMBs and personal brands accelerate their LinkedIn growth through likes, followers and more.

With prompt delivery and a solid loyalty program, they commit to 100% satisfaction. Their global partners facilitate international exposure once you achieve local authority.

Starting at $69 monthly for 100 likes, they offer premium quality without unrealistic minimums.


  • Specialized in LinkedIn
  • Global reach
  • Loyalty rewards program


  • On the pricier side

5. SocialFormula

SocialFormula fills a unique niche – helping solopreneurs, executives and thought leaders leverage LinkedIn.

Their white-glove approach includes 1-on-1 coaching to optimize your profile, content and engagement practices for influence status.

With tailored guidance from industry growth experts, SocialFormula accelerates organic credibility building for personal brands on LinkedIn.


  • Personalized coaching
  • Targeted growth strategies
  • Premium support


  • High minimum spends
  • Longer delivery times

Best Practices for Optimizing Bought Likes

While buying likes is relatively simple, maximizing their impact involves some strategy. Here are my top recommendations as a Consultant for optimizing bought LinkedIn likes:

Set Specific Goals

Define exactly what you want bought likes to achieve – whether increasing local visibility, elevating industry-specific credibility or driving inbound sales inquiries. Match quantities and targeting accordingly.

Choose Providers Carefully

Thoroughly vet sellers on factors like user reviews, delivery times, retention policies and support responsiveness. Prioritize specialists focusing solely on LinkedIn vs generic social media services.

Match Both Profile & Content Quality

Since bought likes come from real people, ensure your profile looks attractive and professional. Share truly useful industry insights as well that align with your ideal client‘s interests.

Start Slow & Monitor Results

Begin with introductory link quantities around 100-500 then track engagement metrics to compare pre and post buying. Scale quantities after confirming positive visibility and credibility momentum.

Mix Bought & Organic Likes

Blend purchased likes with continual organic content and engagement efforts for sustainable growth. Analyze top-performing posts to unlock what content resonates best with your unique audience.

Key Questions Around Buying LinkedIn Likes

As a Consultant, clients often ask various questions about the legitimacy, ethics risks and best practices around buying LinkedIn likes. Below I answer the most common queries:

Are bought likes real accounts or bots?

Top providers use likes from real humans – active LinkedIn users genuinely interested in your niche. But plenty of shady sellers still rely on bots so you must vet carefully.

Can bought likes damage your account reputation?

Generally no ill effects arise when purchasing from reputable sellers offering real human likes. Just avoid services flagged for Terms of Service violations by users. Also start with small teste quantities.

Is buying LinkedIn likes against Terms of Service?

No. LinkedIn‘s Terms cover fake engagement from bots or click farms. But they allow services facilitating real humans liking posts organically. Still practice responsible use without over-inflating numbers.

What quantity of likes should I buy initially?

I suggest 100-500 likes per post to start, then monitor how it impacts organic visibility and engagement before purchasing more. Too many too fast risks seeming fake. Let momentum build gradually.

How fast do I receive purchased LinkedIn likes?

Delivery times range based on the seller and ordered quantities but expect results from most top providers within 5-7 days. Faster supply often indicates bot networks so balance speed and authenticity when choosing.

Let‘s Discuss Your LinkedIn Growth Goals

To wrap up, buying LinkedIn likes serves as a strategic shortcut to gain visible social proof that attracts real engagement for SMBs seeking to get noticed despite limited resources.

Combined with strong content that nurtures relationships, purchased likes help entrepreneurs demonstrate expertise fast so they can compete for leads.

I‘d love to hear your specific goals for LinkedIn to advise how bought likes can accelerate your credibility in 2023. Simply schedule a quick call using the calendar link below.

Until next time!
Small Business LinkedIn Consultant