The 10 Best Sites to Buy LinkedIn Followers in 2023 for Small Business Owners

LinkedIn has become a go-to platform for small business owners aiming to establish thought leadership, connect with customers, and grow their network. With over 277 million monthly active users, LinkedIn offers immense potential to amplify your brand and expand your reach.

However, gaining a sizeable and engaged following organically can be challenging and time-consuming. This is where purchasing LinkedIn followers from reputable sites comes in handy.

As a small business owner myself, I understand the value of strategic social media growth. In this comprehensive guide, I will share my experiences, insights and in-depth analysis of the 10 best sites to buy real, high-quality LinkedIn followers.

Why Buy LinkedIn Followers for Your Small Business?

Before exploring the best sites, let‘s examine the benefits of buying followers on LinkedIn:

  • Improved Visibility: More followers signal authority and make your brand more discoverable in searches.
  • Enhanced Credibility: A larger follower base inspires trust and confidence in potential customers.
  • Increased Engagement: Followers may actively engage with your content, helping expand your reach.
  • Faster Growth: Buying followers helps kickstart growth that you can later sustain organically.
  • Competitive Edge: Having more followers than competitors can build perception of your brand‘s popularity.

However, balance is key. Excessive bought followers without meaningful content will seem inauthentic. My recommendation is to buy followers in moderation from reputable sites, and focus on posting quality content daily.

Now let‘s examine the best sites to buy real, active LinkedIn followers for small businesses in 2023:

1. UseViral

UseViral tops my list for providing the highest quality followers ideal for small business brands on LinkedIn. Their followers are:

  • Real profiles of active LinkedIn users relevant to your industry
  • Delivered naturally over time to appear organic
  • Engaged users that like and share your posts

I first used UseViral when starting my consulting business 3 years ago. Their 500 followers kickstarted growth, and now I have over 5000 organic followers too.

Their packages are priced reasonably starting at $89 for 500 followers. UseViral also offers advanced targeting like job title and geography to get very niche-specific followers.

Delivery is always on schedule, and their customer support resolves any issues promptly. I highly recommend UseViral for reliable LinkedIn growth.


  • Relevant, real & active profiles
  • Natural-looking growth
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Good targeting options
  • Reliable delivery & support


  • No pay-per-follower option
  • Follower growth is slower

2. SocialBoss

SocialBoss is another site I‘d recommend from my experience getting B2B leads on LinkedIn. Their follower quality is quite good, with above average engagement.

They offer precise targeting options to get followers in your exact industry and location. For my consulting business, I was able to get followers from my city working at SMEs in the tech space. This led to some leads!

SocialBoss pricing is affordable too, starting at $69 for 500 followers. They have good promotional discounts if buying followers in bulk.

The only downside is slightly slow delivery of followers. But the targeting accuracy makes it worthwhile.


  • Accurate industry/location targeting
  • Affordable pricing & bulk discounts
  • Great engagement on followers


  • Slow delivery of followers
  • No pay-per-follower option

3. SidesMedia

With advanced targeting and quick delivery, SidesMedia is another worthwhile option. You can target followers by job role, seniority, gender, location, and more.

Their Geo-targeting feature helped me get Los Angeles-based startup founders to follow my agency. This led to 3 new client consultations.

SidesMedia‘s starter package is $60 for 500 followers, very affordable. They deliver followers faster than other sites, within 6 days. Support is responsive in resolving order issues.

The only limitation is you can‘t buy smaller quantities. But for kickstarting growth and targeted outreach, SidesMedia delivers.


  • Precise advanced targeting
  • Fast 6-day delivery
  • Very affordable pricing
  • Responsive support


  • No smaller quantity options
  • Engagement rate is moderate

4. FollowerPackages

For small businesses on a tight budget, FollowerPackages is a cost-effective option. Starting at just $30 for 100 followers, their pricing is very affordable.

They also offer a nice range of packages, from 100 followers up to 5000 followers. I‘d recommend starting small.

The targeting options are limited, but you can screen followers effectively by niche hashtags. Use relevant #hashtags in your order for a targeted follower group.

My only complaint is slow delivery, taking 9-11 days typically. But FollowerPackages does provide a refill guarantee in case of drops.

For the price, they deliver decent quality followers worth trying out. Just set expectations on delivery time.


  • Extremely affordable pricing
  • Good range of packages
  • Refill guarantee


  • Slow delivery times
  • Limited targeting options

5. Buzzoid

Buzzoid is a popular general social media marketing agency that also provides LinkedIn services.

Their follower quality is quite decent, and pricing very reasonable starting at $49 for 100 followers. They have package sizes up to 10,000 followers.

While targeting options are limited, Buzzoid delivers followers with good account activity and engagement rates. On average my posts got 10-15 likes from my purchased followers.

My one complaint is delivery takes 10-14 days typically, which is slower than other options on this list. But the organic looking growth is ideal for small businesses.


  • Very affordable pricing
  • Good account activity
  • Natural looking growth


  • Slow delivery times
  • Targeting options are limited

6. SocialPackages

SocialPackages offers a nice balance of quality and affordability. Their starter package is 500 followers for $69.

The targeting is decent – you can screen followers by job title and industry hashtags. I managed to get SMB owners in my city to follow my page.

While pricier than some options, the followers are quite active. My content got solid engagement including some profile visits from my niche target audience.

My only gripe is SocialPackages lacks smaller quantity options, but otherwise a solid provider.


  • Good target by industry & job title
  • Active and engaging followers
  • Increased profile visits


  • Limited package sizes
  • Pricing slightly higher

7. GetAFollower

For an affordable option with good customer service, GetAFollower is worth exploring. Their starter package is only $9 for 100 followers – great value.

You don‘t get advanced targeting, but can use relevant hashtags in your order for better matching. The followers I received were moderately active, with a handful liking my content.

Delivery is quicker than most providers at 5-7 days typically. Their support team is very responsive in handling order issues.

The only limitation is followers are not highly targeted. But for an entry-level package to start growing, GetAFollower delivers good value.


  • Extremely affordable entry package
  • Quick 5-7 day delivery
  • Responsive customer service


  • No advanced targeting options
  • Moderate follower engagement

8. InstaFollowers

InstaFollowers provides LinkedIn services alongside other social platforms. Their entry package is 100 followers for $12.

Targeting is limited to hashtags and keywords. But I managed to get reasonably relevant startup founders in my city by using targeted hashtags.

Engagement from the followers is hit-or-miss. But for the price, getting some profile visits and a few content likes is decent.

Delivery is a bit slow at 10-14 days. But their support is very responsive if you face any issues.

For bootstrapped small business owners, InstaFollowers is worth considering to get started with LinkedIn growth.


  • Very affordable entry package
  • Some relevant followers with hashtags
  • Responsive support


  • Slow delivery times
  • Targeting options are basic
  • Engagement can be limited

9. Media Mister

Media Mister provides LinkedIn followers alongside other social media marketing services.

Their entry package is 200 followers for $35. Although pricier than some options, the targeting capabilities are pretty advanced.

You can target by location, job title, gender, interests and more. I managed to get startup employees at tech companies to follow me by leveraging their options.

Engagement can be hit or miss, but the niche targeting makes the followers relevant. Delivery times are a bit slow though at 10-15 days.

Overall Media Mister is cost-effective for targeted B2B follower growth on LinkedIn.


  • Advanced targeting options
  • Cost-effective for B2B growth
  • Followers are niche-relevant


  • Slow delivery times
  • Engagement rates vary

10. BuyRealMarketing

BuyRealMarketing focuses on delivering authentic, real followers for your brand. Their starter package is 100 followers for $24.95.

You don‘t get advanced targeting, which is a drawback. But by using relevant keywords and hashtags, you can get reasonably well-matched followers.

The followers I received were quite active, with solid profile visits and decent engagement on my content.

My main complaint is slower delivery at 10-15 days typically. But the organic looking growth is a plus for maintaining authenticity.

For the budget conscious, BuyRealMarketing delivers quality followers worth trying.


  • Real, active followers
  • Organic looking growth
  • Affordable entry package


  • No targeting options
  • Slow 10-15 day delivery

Key Factors to Consider

When buying LinkedIn followers, keep these factors in mind:

Relevancy: Niche targeting ensures followers that engage with your content. Review targeting options.

Delivery Times: Most sites take 10-15 days for natural growth. Faster delivery seems inorganic.

Activity Rate: Are the followers real professionals active on LinkedIn? This means better engagement.

Retention: Do followers stay connected to your brand long-term? Request retention data.

Customer Service: Responsive support indicates a reliable provider. Review sites carefully.

The Risks of Buying LinkedIn Followers

While buying followers has benefits, there are some risks to weigh:

  • Sudden spikes in followers may seem suspicious to LinkedIn‘s algorithm
  • Low-quality followers can seem fake and damage your brand image
  • Over reliance on bought followers hinders building organic relationships
  • Bought followers have lower engagement rates compared to organic followers

That‘s why it‘s important to buy followers slowly from reputable sites, and focus on content that nurtures real connections. Balance bought followers with authentic relationship building for long term success.

Wrapping Up

Gaining an initial boost of relevant, niche followers on LinkedIn can give your small business a headstart. Buy them slowly from reputable sites, focus on engaging content, and build relationships for sustained growth.

This list of the 10 best sites to buy LinkedIn followers provides quality options based on real user experiences. As your business grows, continually evaluate and optimize your LinkedIn strategy for measurable impact.

What has been your experience buying LinkedIn followers as a small business owner? I welcome your perspectives in the comments below!